Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Angels and a Basset

My morning started out with a 10 mile run, 500 crunches, 200 lunges...haha, who am I kidding...I barely rolled out of bed this morning, opted for the top-knot hairstyle instead of washing it(I know, LAZY) and I threw a hissy fit like a five year old in the middle of my closet. I swear my dogs looked at me like I was crazy. I could not find anything at all to wear, nothing fit right, I think the scale in the bathroom this morning lied to wants me to think I weigh that much.

Stupid lying scale.

I blame all of this on the Victoria Secret fashion show...of course, I don't blame it on the sweets I ate over Thanksgiving or the amazingly delicious Caramel Brulee coffee I had at Starbucks yesterday.

It's all their fault.

I would also like to note...and Santa, if you are listening, I would like to have a rock star boyfriend for Christmas...please and thank you.

(actually, Santa, a non-rocker guy would be ok too)

Seriously, how cute is Adam Levine and his VS angel girlfriend. So sweet!

I really have to get serious and in to the gym after watching that show. I saved it on my know for days I like to have pity parties...much like the one I had this morning.

On a totally different note. I am fighting probably a losing battle with a certain Basset hound. Every single time...and I mean every single time I get off my love seat..this dog, who will be laying on her bed in the floor, will no doubt move at like lightening speed and take my spot.

(said couch in question)
Every. Single. Time.

Somehow I am going to have to video tape this or something to show y'all. She could be in another room and I swear she knows the exact moment I get up to walk away.

And moving her from my's not easy. Have you ever tried to move a slightly overweight Basset hound? It doesn't happen.

 Why I don't opt to sit on the the other perfectly good the heck out of me.



Anonymous said...

Love love loved Adam and the angel's romantic little walk down the runway! That was my favorite part of the show.


Jodie said...

I watched the Victoria's Secret fashion show in my sweats... while eating ice cream! What a loser I am but it was great! Adam.... sigh... so sweet.

Love the picture of Bentley!!! lol!

Tiffany said...

I missed the show. I know, I know. I'll see if I can see Adam and his girlfriend on Youtube though!

You leave Bentley alone. She's just trying to relax after a long day.

~Miss Football

Anonymous said...

Now Now Bentley is not overweight she is just very loved :)

I unfortunately missed the show :( But I did enjoy the recap you just gave :)