Monday, November 7, 2011

Dear Monday

Dear Monday,

Please be good to me. Today is the first day of my no-nonsense diet...which means I did not start out my morning with my wonderfully delicious pumpkin spice latte that contains 35 grams of sugar. Instead, I opted for some organic green tea. It's good, yes...but I am thinking I need that jolt of 35 grams of completes me and it also contributes to my fat ass and flabby arms...which in the long run is the reason I DO NOT NEED that pumpkin spice latte.

Also, please help me to refrain from seriously punching someone in the face this morning...yes, it has been that kind of morning.

Thank you and I am really looking forward to Tuesday.

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

Be strong! You can resist the 35 grams of sugar. And you'll feel so much better for it. Gooood luck!


Jodie said...

You can do it!! :) Have a great Monday!

mom said...

add in the time change...this is going to be one long ass day :(

Crystal Cattle said...

Can you please come up with a no nonsense diet for me ! And look at the new blog redesign.

The Miskell Family said...

Girlllll, you can do it!!! I feel your pain...the pumpkin spice latte is my weakness too! I just started back HARD into the gym so I know its totally worth it. Good luck:)

Rach said...

Dude...props to you for starting a no nonsense diet before the holidays. I am waiting til after new years to join the gym...I keep telling myself it's because there will be a good discount...but really it's because I have no self control around holiday sweets!

Stephanie said...

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! LOVE IT! I started my diet this morning too... IT IS SO HARD!!!! Blech!

YAY that you are a fellow tri-delt... I love your blog - it's so cute!!!

Hope your day got better! XOXO