Friday, April 29, 2011

They say it's your birthday

Good Morning loves!

So, who got up early to watch the Royal Wedding? Not I...I did DVR it and watched a little bit of it this morning, I had to see the dress. I will blog more on this later, but today I am going to celebrate my Bestie's Birthday. Her birthday is actually Saturday, but I won't be around a computer and I know she won't read it on Saturday, so today it is.

Can I just say that I have been blessed in my life with a wonderful family and some pretty amazing friends. I know I have blogged about all of them before, but I just feel so lucky to have more than one best friend. Said best friend in particular, is known on this little blog as Bestie. Just a little background of S and L. We met in college at OSU, where I met those other bff's as well, we were both rushing the same sorority and we were being forced to partake in some sort of ridiculous game that you have to play to "get to know one another", you know those games. Neither one of us was wanting to participate, in fact we kinda of separate ourselves away from the crowd.  Needless to say, we were already like two peas in a pod.

Fast forward 7 years later...we still are pretty much two peas in a pod. Wow, I can't believe we have been friends for 7 years. It truly seems like we have known each other our whole lives and at the same time seems like we just met yesterday. I love this girl with my whole heart. When I think about all the people who do not truly have a best friend, my heart breaks for them. I mean who did they have to drive them to their 8:00am class when it was snowing outside or pouring down rain, who drove with you with the windows down, music blaring as you both sing at the top of your lungs to "Wild Wild West" or "Delta Dawn", who took you out for your 21st birthday-a very memorable 21st birthday for that matter, who was there for not only the good times in your life but the really hard times when most people just leave.

Bestie and I have had our share of some quite memorable experiences, I can't go into too much detail, for fear that my mom reads this blog. Hey momma! Actually, who am I kidding, my mom knows how we are and how we love our Margarita nights.

In all seriousness y'all this girl is my sister, we may not be blood related but we are sisters in every sense of the word. Without this girl, my life would be quite boring to say the least.


(I won't say how old you are, but let's just say next year when you are celebrating the big 30...we are hitting up Vegas)

Love you so much's to 50 more years of friendship and celebrations!!

Hope everyone has a blessed Friday!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

The one where my dogs get fed biscuits and gravy

I decided it's time to get back to Nutrition Thursday...except today is all about Doggie nutrition...kinda. See, I have mentioned before that my little doggies may be slightly over weight. If I outright say that one dog in particular, Bentley Sue,  is overweight, then her lawyer also known as Miss Football gets mad at me. It's really not their fault, nor mine. Maybe mine a little bit. I buy them the "Healthy" dog food. I don't give them treats that often, unless you count little bites of what ever I am eating. I know I am a bad mother. The real culprits of this doggie overweight debacle are my neighbors. Sammy and Ruthie. They are the sweetest most kindest elderly couple that live next door.  Anytime I am gone the dogs are outside in the backyard, I don't have a privacy fence, just a little fence that you can pet them through and they will sit their with their lawn chairs and pet the dogs. It really is quite adorable.

Well, one day I came home for lunch and I called for them to come into the house-they didn't come. First thought, was "Someone has stolen my dogs!" If you know me, you know that this is ONE of my biggest worries about my dogs. Call me crazy and paranoid, but for some reason my first thought always goes to someone stealing my dogs. Dog thieving happens people, it really does.

Now then, back to Sammy and Ruthie...see, the dogs weren't coming to me because they were being fed, not just your normal dog food...wait for it...roast, potatoes, gravy and biscuits. Yep...while I was eating freakin Tuna for lunch my dogs were getting the royal treatment over here. I have thought several times about just sitting outside by the fence to wait for Ruthie to feed me. Now, I thought..."Aww, this is so cute, she loves my dogs." Until one day, I looked out the window and they were getting breakfast fed to them. Biscuits and gravy...not just regular gravy, sausage gravy.

Are you starting to sense a pattern here?

I sure as heck don't even make myself biscuits and gravy, let alone for my doggies. I love them, but no.

The dogs started putting on a few lbs...I started cutting back their dog food, taking them for walks, nothing was changing. So, I had to have a little come to Jesus meeting with my neighbor. Sweet lil old Ruthie. I said, "Ruthie, I think we need to stop feeding the dogs so much food, they are starting to put on a few pounds and it's not healthy." As I am saying this, she is literally feeding them bread. She responds, "Well, this is low-fat bread." I couldn't help but laugh. Then she said the kicker, the melt-your-heart kicker.

"I used to have a dog, but I can't have one anymore, and when I come out here to sit with yours, they call my name.They say Ruffie, Ruffie."

After that I knew it was a lost cause. I could not tell her not to feed them anymore, it would break her heart. So, I thought of something else. I will ask her if she wants to walk the dogs with me. That worked for oh about once around the block. When we finished walking the dogs and I was hanging around talking to her husband, she came out of the house and fed the dogs a whole sleeve of crackers.

We haven't asked Ruthie to walk with us anymore. I realized I was fighting a losing battle.

I said of all of this because yesterday I was just surfing the net, and I came a cross an article on Yahoo. "Is your pooch too pudgy?" It's like the heavens opened and it was calling my name...why, yes, pooch is too pudgy. Both pooches in fact. Whatever will I do?

Dogs who are overweight, just like humans, will have a higher risk of arthritis, diabetes, kidney disease, etc. This chicka can't afford an overly priced vet bill just because the doggies are eating to many biscuits and gravy. I just might have to bill Ruthie and Sammy on that one.

The article then goes on to list the "Do's and Don'ts" of getting your dog to lose weight. Basically normal stuff you would do to lose weight yourself. Eat less/Exercise more. I just wish it told me what to do about sweet little neighbors who feed your animals. Build a bigger fence? Leave them inside? No and No. Plus, I just can't take them away from my neighbor's, they love them.

So...if you need me I will be trying to figure out a way to get my dogs skinny and to keep Ruthie from giving them food.

Wish me luck.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

All things I am loving

Hey y'all...Happy Wednesday! Want to know what I am loving today...oh, sure you do!

I am loving this movie and yes I realize I am probably one of the last bloggers to blog about this, but I am getting more and more excited because May 6th is next Friday and this movie comes out...I can't wait to watch it.

Also loving this movie that is coming has the lady in it from Gilmore Girls and now from Mike and Molly...loved her then and love her now.  I can't wait to watch both of these movies.

And because I apparently am on a YouTube kick today, I am loving Carrie Underwood's performance from the CBS show "Girls night out"...I knew that girl could sing, but dang...this song is always so great, but when she sang it, lets just say I got a little teary eyed. Great job Mrs. Fisher...way to do us fellow Blonde Okies proud

Might as well keep up with the them of YouTube videos going and tell you that I am in LOVE with this new song by Miranda Lambert's new little band, Pistol Annies. LOVE it...they sound amazing and can't wait until I can purchase it on itunes. It's not there yet, I have already freguently : )

I am loving that I get to relive a little bit of my college life this weekend. I am going to the annual Calf Fry in Stillwater this weekend. See, baby brother just turned 18 and can go...he is so excited. I am going with a different crowd this year, mom and baby brother, but I am oh so excited to go with them. Just wish my girls could be there too.

What are y'all loving today...go visit Jamie and link up.

Hope everyone has a great day : )


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm not your princess...this ain't a fairy tale

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday! For the first time in what seems like days, its is sunny and not rainy. Don't get me wrong, I love the rain, but I was starting to think I was going to need a boat to get home from work yesterday. Speaking of boats...I AM SO READY FOR SUMMER!!!

So, who else is tired of hearing about the Royal Wedding? Anyone? I mean, I love a wedding just as much as any gal, but seriously...this is getting old. It's all over the news, I think the news anchors actually forgot that there is real life stuff happening in the world, not just this wedding. For the first time ever....and this will be the only time I ever say this...but I am very glad I am not getting married, right now. At least not during the weekend of the Royal Wedding. Talk about someone stealing your thunder. Obviously, the same guests who are going to the Royal wedding wouldn't be coming to my wedding, but still...If I was having a wedding this weekend, I would still feel overlooked.

Also, I could care less what kind of freakin hat the Queen is going to wear. I don't care. She can go in a mad hatters hat with a bird sitting on the top, it won't matter to me. I also don't care about every other single little detail the news is dissecting about this wedding...Good Grief people! I think other stuff may be important. No? Do I sound bitter? Maybe, what little girl doesn't dream of becoming a princess.  I blame this make-believe, never ever going to happen dream on Disney. I was slightly obsessed with all the princess movies as a child, maybe I still am. Favorite movie's are Cinderella and Pretty Woman. One- my father didn't get run over by a stage coach of horses, and I don't have an evil step-mother and that scenario of me becoming a princess won't pan out and Two- I am not a prostitute waiting on Richard Gere to drive up in his Lotus and rescue me and then there was always the hope of marrying Prince William and now that is obviously not going to happen. Damn my luck.

With all this being said, am I going to watch the wedding? You may have guessed no. However, I set my DVR up to record it. I know, I know, I am crazy...because I did just do a whole tangent about the wedding being all anyone talks about. I just don't want to be the only person in the world that didn't watch it...and maybe...just maybe, I kinda want to know what hat the Queen will wear, and watch a normal,everyday girl walk down the aisle and marry a real-life prince...that kind of stuff only happens in the movie's you know.

So, Disney....if your listening...where the hell is my Prince Charming...I would even settle for a Richard Gere...since I'm asking, how about Matthew McConaughey?



Monday, April 25, 2011

When it rains...I don't mind being lonely...

Hello loves! I'm baaack....did you miss me? I missed you. However, I did have a great time at my Nana and Papa's. Thank you for all your prayers for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. Papa is doing great, and his surgeon said that on a scale of one to ten...Papa did about a 9.5! Yay!!

Oh, Happy belated Easter too. Hope everyone had a great Easter. If you live in N.E. Oklahoma, or any part of Oklahoma for that matter, there probably wasn't much Easter egg hunting going on, as we were in an all day thunderstorm. I kinda liked it though, because we so badly needed the rain. Plus,I kinda like lazy Sundays, listening to it rain outside, you can take some pretty good naps in that kind of weather, which I did....that is after I got home and changed into some dry warm clothes. See...this blonde okie accidentally may have locked her keys in her car. Which was outside. In the middle of a thunderstorm. Pouring down rain. Yep...that would be me.

I am blessed to have some great men in my life in the form of my baby brother, my dad and Pepaw(not to be confused with Papa. Papa lives in Southern Oklahoma and is recovering from heart surgery) Just had to make that clear. Don't want the doctor coming to get me for keeping my Papa outside in the cold pouring rain...probably wouldn't be good for his recovery. Anyway, back to the ordeal. It looked like the three stooges and a little lady. That should be a movie. Kinda like "Three men and a little lady" Except, this would be one old man with hearing aids and huge glasses(which are super cute btw), a middle aged man who is getting more and more gray by the hour and a teenage boy...who of course knows it all and then me, the only genius one of the bunch. That's right, I did say genius. It really is true, people underestimate my genius capabilities. While they are walking back and forth to the storage shed trying to get a longer part of a fishing pole, debating on if they duck tape a welding rod to the bottom of the pole for extra weight, they are ignoring my request to just take the hanger and try and pull the lever instead of trying to hit the unlock button(which was clearly not working) Finally the old man with hearing aids and big glasses(Pepaw)listened to me and what happened. My car became unlocked.

Yep...I tried to tell them from the beginning, but no they wouldn't listen to my genius ways.

Of course, if I really was a genius...I probably wouldn't have locked my keys in my car in the first place. : )

I love those men for standing out in the pouring rain trying to help me.

Hope everyone has a great Monday and an even better week.

P.S. Please say a little prayer for my mom today. Thank you : )


Monday, April 18, 2011

As I slowly come off my sugar high...

Morning Y'all...hope everyone had a great weekend! I am running on about oh 12 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours. This is definitely no bueno. Saturday night was our Relay for Life event...and I am on the Committee so I was super busy and was there from 2:30 Saturday afternoon until 7:00 Sunday Morning. I got to sleep for maybe two hours and then my mom and I headed to the ranch for eating and fishing. Needless to say I am just barely making it. I am slowly coming off my sugar high from Saturday night...I think I am starting to have withdraws or stay awake all night I consumed oh probably about 1,000 grams of sugar in the form of 5 cotton candy's, countless cupcakes, two mt. dews( I am not a pop drinker, so this seriously made my heart beat like a million times faster) a couple of donuts, and God knows what else I consumed. Talk about consuming a billion calories. I will definitely be detoxing my body this week and if I never look at a cupcake it will be too soon.

On another note, this will probably be the only post from me this week, as I am going to stay with my Nana and Papa. My papa is having heart surgery tomorrow, so my mom and I are going to be with him. Please keep my papa in your prayers for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

Hope everyone has a great week and I will be back soon. I promise : )

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Those were the good ol' days....

I have been in a blah mood as of lately...not necessarily sad about anything or upset about anything...just in a funk. Please tell me I am not the only one out there that ever gets this way? Right? A lot has been changing lately, and I think I don't really do well with change. My mom is probably nodding her head to this...she has known all along I don't do well with change.  I, however, always thought I adjust fairly easily. Ya...I am starting to realize not so much. Me no likey change.

This change probably has a lot to do with my baby brother turning 18, graduating from HS in about a month. Wow...I still can't believe that he really is graduating and going off to college. I don't know if its a combination of him getting older and going to college or this meaning that I am getting older and no longer of the "college age".  Either way...I am having a hard time adjusting to this.

Here lately I have been thinking a lot about my college days and how AWESOME they were. I LOVED every single second of it and right now would give anything to go back. Where my only worry was studying and deciding what to wear to the bar that night. I was watching Modern Family last night and Claire was talking to her oldest daughter about her days in college and how much fun she had and what not and then I started thinking about my college experience.

Everything seemed so easy and carefree...I do know at the time, I didn't think it was so easy. I was always worried about test, projects, sorority stuff, dumb boys, etc. I look back now and think to myself, "what worries did I have?" None. Those "worries" were nothing compared to the real world. So what if I didn't ace that sure as hell doesn't matter now.

Stillwater was the BEST college town ( in my opinion) there was always something going on.  Whether it be listening to one of my favorite Red dirt bands playing at the Tumbleweed or down on the strip, going to the Penny(our favorite bar), backroading with the best friends ever, or going to Wal-Mart at 1:00 in the morning, because you can and no one is there. I was never alone, there was always someone to just hang out with or go do something with. Never a dull moment and I loved it. We were all young and learning about life as we go and it was completely amazing.

As much as I hate the fact that my baby brother is no longer a baby and is going off to college, I am excited for him to experience the same things I did. College is where you find your best friends, discover who you are as a person, you make mistakes and you learn from them. I can't wait to hear all of his stories, maybe even get to go to a couple of concerts with him, you know if he lets his older, super awesome, sister tag along.

Sometimes you just need a blah day to sit back and reminisce about the good ol' days.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Good Morning loves!! Because I am sure everyone so wants to know what I am currently doing, reading, listening to, etc...I thought I would share.

Current book(s):
I should say that I am currently reading, "The Happiness Project" that Miss Football mailed to me, but sadly I am not. I have been crazy super duper busy with all things Relay for Life...however, this is coming to an end thank goodness on Friday. I shall get back to my regular scheduled programming of running and catching up on magazines that are piling up and books that Miss Football sends me.

Current play list:
Well, I am currently liking a variety of songs right now...they would be on my play list but somehow did not get transferred to my IPOD when I downloaded them...I experienced some technical difficulties...

But if they had made it on my IPOD, they would be:

Blake Shelton's "Honey Bee"...I seriously can not get enough of it right now
The Band Perry's "You lie"...favorite line..."I never liked the taste of crow, but baby I ate it." How true is that statement first of all..WE have all eaten some crow in our lifetime and it ain't pretty...glad someone put in a song.

Current color:'s springtime baby and the nails have been a pretty shade of pink

Current drink:
Just the best drink ever...Sonic's Strawberry Sparking Lemonade. If y'all do not have a Sonic...I feel bad for you.

Current food:
I'm not eating anything at the moment, but I could go for a subway sandwich.  That sounds so good right now for some reason

Current favorite show:
What I am about to say, you should in no way judge me for this. TV...ehh...make that reality TV is my WEAKNESS. I am not ashamed of it, really. It's ok. Here goes it...Housewives of OC, Housewives of NYC, Bethenny Ever After(love her btw), that new show Pregnancy in heels or something like that, Top Chef...I might as well just saw BRAVO. That would be easier. Army Wives,  The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family. I may or may not have a full DVR at all times.

Current wishlist:
A beach. Preferably with my favorite people. A swim up bar with my favorite drinks. A nice tan. And a Matthew McConaughey look-alike to sweep me off my feet.

Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Current needs:
See above for Current Wish.
Also, I am needing clothes...and money in my bank account to buy said clothes

Current triumphs:
Well, it was getting out and running...but I haven't done that in a week or so.

Current bane(s) of my existence:
Asshole guys. I. AM. OVER. THEM.

Current celebrity crush:
Matthew McConaughey

Current blessing:
My family and friends : )

Current indulgence:
Strawberry Sparkling Lemonade

Current outfit:
Work Clothes...

Current excitement:
Thinking about Girls Weekend in San Francisco...I am SO READY!!

Current mood:

Happy Wednesday y'all!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's a Tail Wagging kind of day

Because it's Tuesday and because it is supposed to be a beatiful day today and really just because I LOVE MY DOGS...I am linking up to a super awesome blog for Tail Wagging Tuesday.

Today's topic is "Your pet's favorite toy"

I have two fur babies...Bella and Bentley. Just a little background on the two. My mom gave me Bella as an early Christmas gift my last semester of college. She was adopted from the Humane Society and we have been inseparable ever since. I love her.

Bentley, the basset, was originally bought for baby brother. We bought her as a puppy and her and Bella immediately took to each other and are the best of friends, so therefore, Bentley had to move in with us and she has been my dog ever since. Baby brother claims her every now and then.

Here is Bentley with her favorite toy

Bella doesn't have a favorite toy, but I can't leave her out of this she is doing yoga

 This picture makes me laugh : )

Everyone be sure to check out C Mae at

Have a great day loves!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Vegas Showgirls and stripper poles, just another weekend

Good Morning lovelies!

As I am writing this I am watching House Hunters on HGTV. I love this show, mainly because I love being able to look into people's lives and see what kind of houses they like and which ones they choose. Maybe this is me being nosey, but who doesn't want to know how people live, right? I realize this has nothing to do with what I am going to talk about, but I just had to mention it.

I discovered this weekend that I am meant to be a country music star. It's true. I have always wanted my own tour bus, I have the big, teased, blonde hair....only problem is. Singing. Small minor detail. However, I can seriously rock a mean Karaoke. This just might  my hidden talent. Karaoke Super Star. Friday night a friend and I rocked some Country Sing star. It's a karaoke game for the PlayStation. I have never been real good at sharing, this event was no different. Poor girl, barely got to play her own game. I channeled my inner Carrie and Miranda and rocked it.

I also may or may not have sprained my ankle dancing to the kinect. I now can dance to Snoop's "Drop it like it's hot" but my clumsy self somehow landed wrong on my ankle and that thing swelled up like a freakin balloon. It's better now, but I didn't get to run all weekend like I had planned. : ( Leave it to me to get injured playing a freakin video game.

In other news, Saturday was baby brothers last prom : ( We tried to take pictures, but you know how teenage boys are...they HATE pictures. Of course, he was probably thinking about how last year at prom my mom and I each took over a hundred pictures of him. He didn't really go for that this year. Please excuse the wind blown look in the pictures. It is Oklahoma after all, and windy days are inevitable.

Baby Bro and I

Mom and Baby Bro

Baby bros's friend Kade, Me and Baby Bro

It wouldn't be a prom with out Vegas showgirls right?? Mom, pay close attention to the costume, because I am going to need you to make this for me for Halloween. Thanks.

Last year, we snuck into his prom to take pictures, this year we snuck on to his party bus. Direct quote from my mom, " Hey sis, get on that stripper pole and I'll take a picture."

 I am surprised baby bro still talks to us. Haha.

Hope everyone has a great day today!


Friday, April 8, 2011

Say What?

Happy Friday Everyone!! I am so thankful it is the weekend...I can't wait for five o'clock. Last night was my Relay for Life Survivor dinner. It was amazing. Everyone did such a great job and I am thankful for all the help. Next on the agenda is the actual Relay for Life event next Friday. As much as I love volunteering and taking on responsibility in the form of the Survivor chairwoman...I am ready for it to be over. Is that bad? It's just that I am exhausted. My house is a complete disaster. Clothes everywhere, dishes in the sink, dog toys all in the livingroom, I think at one point my house was T.P'd by my two sweet angel dogs : ) think all this mess is from one person(me) and two dogs. I need a maid. I haven't ran/workout at all this week. Ya, I am a slacker. Luckily for me this weekend is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL. I plan on taking full advantage and going for a run or two. I may clean my house also.

Earlier this weeke Miss Football posted this fun little post on her blog that she stole from another blog, so I thought I would do the same. Please fill free to take it from me to use, because it's fun to know how everyone says things differently. Here is my Oklahoma version for y'all.

What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house? T.P.'ing.
What is the bug that when you touch it, it curls into a ball? Rollie Pollie 
 What is the bubbly carbonated drink called?
Coke, this is how a conversation would go
"What do you want to drink?"
"Do you have coke?"
"Yes, we have Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, Sprit, Root beer, etc."
"I'll take a Sprit." matter what it is, here in OK (or at least to me) everything is coke
What do you call gym shoes? Tennis shoes.
What do you say to address a group of people? Y'all. It's a southern thing. Even, when I am speaking to a large group of people, like last night at the Survivor Dinner...I said y'all about five hundred times. I can't help it. It's just natural.
What do you call the kind of spider that has an oval-shaped body and extremely long legs? Daddy Long Legs.
What do you call your grandparents? Nana and Papa
What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket? Buggy
What do you call it when rain falls while the sun is shining? I don't believe I call it anything...but I am pretty sure this is when a rainbow happens.
 What is the thing you change the TV channel with? Remote
What is the large piece of furnature in a livingroom that multiple people at a time can sit on? Couch
If someone calls and asks what you are doing, and you are preparing to do something, what do you say to them? As redneck as it sounds...I will admit that I say "Fixin to" I know I need to stop this.
If you want to know what one person said to another person on the phone, what do you ask? Who was that, what did they want, where do they live, what's their favorite color, what do they do for a living...I don't just ask one thing, I ask a million things. I am nossy. It's not an Oklahoma's a Lyndse thing.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I can blog in color...yes, I can.

I just realized this the other day, that I can blog in color. Yes, I have been blogging since January and I am just now realizing this. I am not sure if you know this about me or not...but I don't really pay attention to most things.

This week has been crazy busy for me, I haven't been able to focus on anything but my Survivor dinner tonight. Thank goodness it is almost over. I just pray it goes well. 

As much as I pride myself for being a single independent gal, who can do things without the help of others...there comes a time when it would be nice to have someone there to help you. Examples as follows...

I have recently started using a self-tanner. LOVE the is seriously amazing. I look like I have been fake baking on an island. Problem being is that I only look that way from the front. See, when you live alone, you have no one to put that self-tanner on your back. I can only reach so far. So, you see...I got a nice little tan on the front, but than my back...just as pale as casper.

I was at work awhile back (by myself) went to the bathroom, and there I saw it. The biggest most gigantic spider I have ever seen just staring at me. I froze, like literally, I had no idea how I was ever going to get out of the bathroom. I was just going to have to sit there forever until someone came looking for me or the spider left. I started to throw things at it, but then I thought that might anger it and it might attack me...this thing was like Godzilla size spider. Not kidding. I think I stayed in there for a good 15 minutes having a staring match at this spider telling it to go away. Finally it moved and I ran out of that bathroom so fast. Then I found a boy to go in there and kill it. Boys kill spiders. I think that's the only thing they are good for.

The other day I was just chilling at home, it was in the evening time, I was catching up on my soaps that I DVR'd and drinking some water...and then I choked. On my water.  We are talking couldn't breathe, gasping for air kind of choking. I could have died. No one was there to save me. My dogs sure as hell aren't any help. Luckily I survived the deadly water. I could just see the headline now, "Single girl chokes on water. If only she had someone there to save her." It really is a dangerous thing to live alone.

See these are just prime examples on why sometimes it would just be nice to have someone there who's got your know to make sure your fake tan is on even and so you don't choke and die on water and to rescue you from spiders.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I am loving some new songs...courtesy of the ACM's. I love Alabama...who doesn't love some Dixieland Delight y'all. So, when I heard Brad Paisley's song with Alabama on the ACM's this last Sunday, I fell in love...

Also, I fell in love with Blake Shelton's new song "Honey Bee"...favorite be my Loretta and I'll be your Conway it!!

Speaking of the ACM's who wasn't in love with Miranda's shoes....umm, Miranda if you get tired of those shoes, I will gladly take them off your hand. Thank you. Also,  I absolutely loved her pink dresses..look closely you can see those sparkly shoes

Miranda Lambert

I am loving all the lovely people that are helping me with my American Cancer Society Survivor dinner. I am the Survivor Chairman for this years Relay for Life in my county and my survivor dinner is tomorrow night. I am loving all the hard work and dedication from everyone who is helping. Shout outs to my mom and Bestie. Love y'all.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

And the winner is....



That's right people...this gal (who is not really a "sporty" gal...picked the NCAA CHAMPION. HOLLA!!

I am sure most of you probably doubted my way of picking teams, saying that picking teams based on their mascot was ridiculous. Well, who is laughing now sucka's...not me...why, because I won.

Ok, I will stop bragging, for a little while that is. But lets get real. I have never been asked to participate in any kind of bracket, well Miss Football has asked me before, but I didn't get into it. I am changing my ways you know, I now know more about football, that the yellow line is only there on TV...not in person. Which it really should be, but that is just my opinion. I know quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, full backs, every other kind of back in football. I know things. Sporty things. So, I thought...why not partake in a little March Madness.

Who would have thought this girl would have won.

Thank you UCONN for winning and making my bracket look oh so good...and for proving my mascot theory to be right.

I have a total of 1120 points and a 99.04 percentage.

Ahh..sweet victory.

On another note...yesterday was little brothers b-day...I made it through the day only shedding a few tears...thank you very much. We celebrated by eating at a steak house and taking the baby bro to the Casino. Since he's 18 and all. Of course, he won some and didn't lose anything...he's a lucky duck. I think all and all he had a great day.

For me on the other hand, I realized that when he is 21,I will be turning 30...and that seriously depressed me.

Happy Tuesday loves


Monday, April 4, 2011

Lord help us...he's legal!

Today is my Baby Brother's 18th birthday. I can not even believe it. First, it doesn't seem possible for him to be 18 and graduating high school. Second, when did I get this old. Geez. Today I dedicate my post to the best present my parents have ever given me. I may not have asked for a baby brother, but I sure am glad I got one. I wouldn't trade anything in the entire world for him. I love him probably a little too much, if that is possible, I have never been more proud of him. He has grown up to be the best man. He loves his momma and sister more than anything, and for that I am truly blessed to call him my bubbas. I guess he loves that grumpy man we call dad too : )

I could have posted a hundred of pics of this kid, but I will only share a few...eventually he might read my blog and possibly hurt me, haha. When he was little, he would make me sing him a song or tell him a story before he went to bed. It's a good thing I have the worlds best imagination because this kid made me make-up stories of him and his horse at the time, gun smoke.  I would tell stories about how him and gun smoke were the greatest pair on earth, how they won every roping competition and received millions of awards and so forth. He loved it. I remind him of it now, and he just tells me, "Sister, how many times are you going to tell me this, I know." I just have to make sure he remembers how GREAT of a big sister I am. : )

Just a few pics of baby brother...

I need to stop myself with the pictures for your sanity and mine. I have already balled like a baby typing this up. Seriously, the day of his graduation I am going to need a sedative. Good Grief.

Happy 18th Birthday to my favorite boy with dimples! I love you so much bubbas!

Hope everyone has a great Monday. If you need me, I will be over in the corner crying like a baby.