Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How Pinteresting

Linking up again with Michelle at the Vintage Apple for another edition of it's Pinteresting

This seems to be how my week is going....

A little O-State pride...

OK State Pride!

You caught me...

You caught me


always a good plan

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A little reality TV


My thoughts EXACTLY

Just a few things that are really of no importance.
Like reality tv. I LOVE my reality tv.

I have not watched the Bachelor all season. Just wasn't really feeling the whole Ben as the Bachelor thing...and from the sound of it, I am not missing much except for that crazy Courtney chick, which watching her would drive me crazy anyway.

However, I am very excited to watch the Bachelorette with Emily. 

Loved her on Brad's season!

Another reality show that I like but didn't watch the last couple of times is Dancing with the Stars...this year though. I will be watching if only for the reason that Steve Urkel himself is going to be on the show.

Now if we could get Uncle Jesse from Full House and maybe Shawn Boy Meets World to join, then it's like a whole TGIF reunion.

Friday night TV was the

Oh those were the days of wholesome TV, where every Friday night episode taught you right from wrong.


Monday, February 27, 2012

This and That

Hello lovelies!

It's Monday...and my mind and body are still in my warm comfy, this post is all sorts of random.

Sometimes I feel like I am a bad doggy mom. I mean, I am gone for a good 8 or more hours Monday through Friday...just like most people, and when I get home, I get so caught up in eating dinner and doing other things that I feel like I neglect my dog babies. I am sure this feeling will be 100 times worse when I have I should work on this.

This weekend, I vowed to spend more time with my doggies and made sure to play with them. I even gave them baths. Have you ever given a basset hound a bath? 

It's not easy.

Here are my cute little clean fur babies...

I saw this the other day and it couldn't be more true

I love it

I just love those two dogs!

I have been a MAJOR slacker on working out. I was sick a couple of weeks ago and was out for like a week straight and couldn't work out. Well, I don't know about y'all but being sick and getting out of your work out routine sucks. It's SO hard to to get back into one.

But no excuses anymore, because I have like 80 something days until my trip and I want to look good in the swimsuit pictures. 

Operation get your butt in gear for Costa Rica

All my fitness ladies...what does a girl need to do to get in shape FAST. Like 80 something days fast. I need to drop some lbs and tone up. I got the diet down...but it's the fitness part. More cardio and strength training? What are some great ab exercises?

Help a sister out!



Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Friday

Happy Friday, y'all!

I couldn't be more excited that it's Friday, my favorite day of the week....the only thing more exciting then it being Friday, is

I'm going to 

That's were booked and us girls are taking a trip of a lifetime. SO EXCITED!!!

and Miss Football's friend Kristin

are taking a girls trip to COSTA RICA!

So...this means that I have a little less than 4 months to get my booty into shape.
Better put the Mocha Drizzle and cookie down and start Operation Costa Rica bikini body.

If you have been before, what are the "must see" places? We have some pretty cool things lined up already, zip-lining, touring the volcano and hot springs, para-sailing, but if there is more to do please let us know...we want to make the best of this trip and soak in all Costa Rica has to offer.

Have a great Friday and weekend!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bucket list

Hey girls!

It's been one of THOSE weeks. If I don't take a vacation soon, I may go crazy. Actually, I think planning a vacation is what is making me go crazy...but more on that little diddy later.

Like I said I am in the process of planning a pretty kick-ass trip with some potential of being able to cross some items off the ol' bucket list....

So, I thought I should  introduce to you, my bucket list.

Ride in a hot air balloon
Swim with dolphins
Got to Hawaii
Viva Las Vegas
Sky diving
Go to New York at Christmas time
Ice Skate in Rockafeller center
See a broadway show
Go wine tasting in Napa
Go to a luxurious spa with my mom and nana
Fall in love
Get married
Start a family
Go to Costa Rica
White water raft
Take a cooking class and learn to cook like the people on Top Chef...or at least try
Take a photography class
Take my children(when I have them) to Disney world and spin in the cups
Zip line
Take a romantic trip to Italy with my husband
Take my Nana to Greece, even though she won't get on a plane.
Go to a real Irish pub in Ireland
Read the entire Bible
Go to the Ellen show
Try out for Wheel of Fortune and Wipeout
Go Deep Sea Fishing
Kiss under the Eiffel Tower
Hang with the Kola's in Australia
and just
Be Happy

What are your items on your bucket list?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Oh, the things I say

I got a blonde joke for you.

I am actually telling on myself here, something I didn't want to do on this little ol' blog...but I thought that I am doing a disservice to y'all by not fully being my random thought saying self.

It's kinda embarrassing on my part, but's me.

So, today I give you words spoken by yours truly.

Patients husband: Do you know what Evian spelled backwards is?
Me: I don't even know how to spell it forwards.
(It's Naive btw)

Now, before you think I am crazy and don't know geography or sense of time...I had a brief moment of complete and total blondness and right after it came out of my mouth...I knew what I had said.

Last night I was telling my mom how I was emailing someone who lives in Sweden and that it was 3:00 in the afternoon here and he said he was going to bed. I told her it was like 10:45pm there.

My mom: Yes, so that's about a seven hour time difference.
Me: I know, can you believe it only takes seven hours to get there, you would think it would take longer.

And then my friends, my mom practically fell out of her chair from laughter. I realized what I had said and had tears rolling down my face.

It's nice to be able to laugh at your own stupidity sometimes, right?

If that's the case, I should be in Sweden by 6:00 pm tonight.

Better get to trucking.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Oh, hey

Gooood Morning y'all.

Hope every one's weekend was wonderful...I had a fun but relaxing weekend....first off, on Friday I went to see my future husband, Jake Owen. O.M.G....I knew he was hott, but in person he's like 10x as hott.

True. Story.

These pictures don't really do him justice and they are kinda blurry...because I like to dance and it's apparent dancing and trying to take pictures at the same time do not go hand in hand.

Saturday my mom and I had a spa day. I made us some homemade face masks from Avocado and honey...I think they were supposed to look like this

but ours looked nothing like that...I may have used to much honey and not enough avocado. All in all though it worked pretty well, our faces were very smooth afterwards. 

We dipped our hands in paraffin wax. That stuff is is a DIY recipe for it

  • 1 block paraffin wax (about 4 oz), you can find this in the canning sections of your local grocery store.
  • an ounce of oil
  • 20 drops of essential oil... lavender is rather nice
  • a few drops of olive oil or coconut oil (you will use this to coat your hands)
  • a casserole dish, greased with oil
  • plastic sandwich bags
I bought two new nail polish color's this weekend...I am in the springy color mood...

Essie, Cute as a button

Essie- Cute as a Button, coral peach pink nail polish

and then Essie's Turquoise and Caicos

Also got a new Keurig flavor this weekend...which is in the cup you see in the background, Caramel Drizzle...that stuff is the Seriously.

After I took this picture I then proceeded to knock my cup over and spilled half of it.
Which is nothing out of the ordinary for me, I spill everything.

Sunday my mom and I went and saw, "This means war"

Adorable movie...I loved it, I mean who doesn't love Reese Witherspoon? If I was dating two CIA agents who looked they did, I certainly wouldn't complain.

All in all, I would say I had a great weekend.

Also...a little breaking news...I have 100 FOLLOWERS!!!! 

Woo hoo!!

I think this calls for a giveaway, no?

I'll be thinking of some ideas.

Much love!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gentlemen behavior

A week or so ago when Miss Football was in Oklahoma, the one thing she insisted on doing was going dancing. Us girls like to two-step. Blame it on our fathers who taught us how to two-step when we were younger and all those good lookin' cowboys in college.

Either way, we like a country bar with some good music and cute cowboys.

We brought along with us Miss Football's best friend's little brother...who just so happens to be quite the two-stepper.

He's quite the gentlemen ladies. He opened doors for us, sometimes he would say yes ma'am...which is very polite don't get me wrong, but come on we are only 27 and 28..."ma'am" isn't really necessary. Through out the night we took it upon ourselves to teach this young man of 20, what girls look for in a guy. We want to make sure that when he dates someone that the girl treats him right and he treats her right as well.

With this we go on to tell him things of what we look for in a guy, not superficial things like tall, dark and handsome...but the little gestures that seem to be lost on so many guys these days. Gentlemanly things.

As we are talking, a 80 year old man approaches me and asks me to dance. How could I say no to this cute little old grandpa who was wearing his "best night on the town" outfit, complete with a cowboy hat. So, I go and dance with him. He's super sweet, and when the dance was over he walked me all the way back to my chair...pulled my chair out for me and kissed my hand...then he gave me a Worther's Original hard candy.

That a gentlemen.

Why can't a 27 year old guy act that way and walk me back to my chair?

What happen to the old fashion gentlemen? You know that one that is polite and opens doors for a lady...any lady, the ones that say yes ma'am and no sir. Take their hats off at the table. Respect their mom and in turn respect you. I just feel that maybe the act of being a gentlemen might have skipped a generation or something.

Yes, I do know that those gentlemen are out there but I think they are coming few and far between.

Tell, the sweet boy who came with us to dance, is just as gentlemanly. He brought up an interesting point, that I guess as a girl I don't see...maybe because once or twice in my life I may have acted like this, but he said..."Why act like a gentlemen when girls my age...all they want is that "bad" guy...the one that treats them like crap." He also pointed out that girls his age don't often act like a lady or act like that want to be treated well by a man at all.
Well...I don't just think it's the young girls that do this...I see it all the time, with all ages of girls. The girls that just seem to give themselves to anyone, anytime. Girls that don't act like they have much respect for why expect a guy to respect you when you aren't even doing the same for yourself?

The other day I saw this on pinterest....

need more gentlemen.

I never thought of it that way. But it's true.

I think the younger girls of our generation are getting bad examples thrown at them at how to act. When you have the snookie's and people called  the Situation out there as else do you think they will act?

We need more Audrey Hephrun's and Grace Kelly's and less Paris Hiltons and Snookie's...and in return maybe we will get more guys like Humphrey Bogart and George Clooney instead of people who deem themselves as a situation.


And that's the end of my soapbox.

Happy Thursday!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh, how power edition

Since I love Pinterest so much...I'm linking up again with Michelle at The Vintage Apple for another edition of 

This edition though is based on the fact that my beloved Alma mater...Oklahoma State University...released their football scheduled yesterday...and I am so READY for FOOTBALL season.


This needs to be in my now.


Go Cowboys

How to really be an OSU cowboy...also need this

I need this!

Go Pokes!

I wouldn't be a true cowboy fan without a toaster...

OH yeah!


Boots for tailgating...yes please

I NEED these!!

and because I'm the blonde Oklahoma girl...

oklahoma girl

and I saved my favorite OSU pin for last....

Orange is...

No words have ever been truer.

Alright....who's ready for some Football!!!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love day

Happy Love day my loves!

Normally, I am very anti-Valentines know because every single person needs a day to show them just how single they are, right? 

Funny Valentine's Day Ecard: Just remember that being alone on Valentine's Day is no different than any other day of your life.

This year is different....not different because I actually have a me if I did,. y'all would be the first to know.

Different, because I choose to not be bitter on this day and get all upset about the things I don't have. How I don't yet have a husband or a fiance....because I will, someday.

Today, though, I do have love....maybe not in the form of a boyfriend/valentine love...but love in general.

I have the love of friendship.
I have said it time and time and again, and I will continue to say it...I have the BEST friends ever. Hands down. No questions asked. 

Yesterday on a non-Valentine day the UPS man comes in my office with a huge 1-800 flower box. Like all men in brown, he tells me to sign for the package. I then proceed to tell him, he clearly has the wrong Lyndse and that he should go next door because the Lindsey there has a husband...because there is no reason that I should be getting flowers.

This argument between the UPS man and me went on for a good five minutes. Until finally he told me to just sign for the dang thing. I just couldn't understand who would send me flowers.

I was nervous, I thought maybe I had a stalker or something...but no stalker here...just the most awesome best friend ever...with a note that said...

"Every girl deserves flowers on Valentine's day! Especially when she's Hella 27! Have a great day!

And that ladies...would be, as y'all know her, Miss Football...just the bestest friend a girl could have.

That's what friends are for...made my day...and see she has good Karma because after I got my flowers...she got her very own roses from one of her best friends.

Until I find my one true Valentine...I will gladly celebrate this day with all those that I family, my best friends and all of you.

Happy Valentine's day!