Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday's letters

Thanks to the lovely Ashley, this is weekly favorite!!

Dear 106 degrees but really 116 with the heat index....I love summer, I really do, I don't mind 100 degree temps, I would prefer the 90s. However, I do not like sweating my make-up off when I walk outside or the frizzy hair. Hence why I have worn my hair in a messy bun every single day this week. Every day. It's also why I decided that ice cream was perfectly ok yesterday. Because it's hot. Ice cream is cold.  Dear Bravo...You really must stop making such good shows...I now am officially addicted to "Miss Advised" it's nice knowing I'm not the only screw up when it comes to dating. Thank you for that. My DVR however, probably doesn't like the fact that it constantly records shows on Bravo. Dear Bella...I'm so glad your hair is finally growing back, I can almost take you out in public without people thinking you are a possum. I love you so much even if you do look like one without hair on your tail. As promised, I will post no pictures of your hair until it is all grown back. I got your back.  Dear Magic Mike, aka Channing Tatum...There are not enough words to say how excited I am to see you this weekend.  Dear Lake...I also plan on seeing you this weekend. I need a tan, not a sunburn...but a tan. Dear Mom...Happy early birthday, I promise one of these days I will get your actual age right...instead of aging you by one year. Apparently I'm not good at math or remembering. I love you so much. Dear baby brother...I hope you find a good team roping partner...I am trying my best to find you one. Qualifications are: Tall, cute, around my age, single of course(gotta look out for myself here you know)...oh and they have to be a good roper so you can win. 

Have a great weekend loves!

Thursday, June 28, 2012


I've been struggling with some motivation.

Motivation to change my stick with a workout routine and to be overall healthy.

I have my moments, my weeks or months where I am full in 100% giving it all I have, and then life happens and I commit to things and by the time I'm done doing 101 things, I am too tired to do anything.
(I know, I know...excuses...but we ALL have them)
Whether it be to eat a healthy dinner or to go for a run.
I usually just succumb to ice cream and Bravo.

Motivation to get healthy...and I choose to use the word healthy...because to me healthy is not just about being's a lifestyle.

me too! :) great, great stuff

Here lately it seems I just couldn't find the motivation...yes, swimsuit pictures from my vacation should be a damn good reason enough to get my fat ass off the couch...but it still didn't stop me from eating those cookies.

Motivation can come from anywhere or my motivation is coming from someone.

I have a dear sweet friend, April, who is my inspiration to get healthy. I am so proud at the accomplishments that she has been making. Just in the past month since she has changed her eating habits and has worked out with a personal trainer every day...she has lost over15lbs.

15 freaking lbs.

But it's not just about the lbs...yes, obviously those are important...and what girl doesn't want to lose that much.

What's important is that she is doing it, that she has found her strength, her courage, and her  reason for living a healthy life.


Two years ago this coming friend went through something no parent should ever have to go through.  Her daughter passed away from a courageous fight against MS. The MS came on strong and just took over her sweet girls body.

As you know, time heals all wounds...and with time, my friend finds comfort and healing...and part of her healing is getting healthy. 
She is doing it for her daughter and more importantly she is doing it for herself.

No one said it would be easy...getting up at 4 or 5 every morning, saying no to all those things you love...but she loves her life more...and she wants to honor her daughters life. 

Every morning when she goes to the gym...she wears a bracelet in memory of her remind her that this may suck right now...but it does get better and that she will be better for it.

Her daughter is her inspiration.

She, my friend,is my motivation., being healthy...that is my goal.

What's your motivation?


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pinterest DIY ideas

You know what Wednesday means....another Pinterest inspired post.

Linking up with Michelle over at The Vintage Apple.

Today's pinterest will be a little different.
Monday will be my beautiful Momma's birthday...and I've already told her not to read this post, because I am blogging about what I should get/make her.

See my mom never wants or needs anything...she always likes anything you get her, but she would rather us spend our money on things we need or want.
She's a good momma like that. mom LOVES to make stuff, she's crafty, that one...and she has really been having the "Let's go to old antique stores that smell real bad and the floors creek and weird old creepy dolls just stare at you as you walk by and see if we can find something to makeover"

Don't get me wrong, I do love old things and making them into new things, but sometimes I'd rather go to Target or something where things are already in the state you want to purchase them.

Some of my mom's latest ideas have come from this show which she absolutely loves...Junk Gypsy. It's on HGTV..and it's pretty cool what these ladies come up with. They did Miranda and Blake's wedding reception and from the pictures and what I was amaze-balls. 

With all that being are some Pinterest finds, I think would be easy for Moi to make...and super cute.

These may be just more for me...I do always do that, buy my mom something...and get it for me too.

Redneck Wine Glasses
Mason Jar wine glasses

Picture frames...who couldn't use more picture frames, right?

DIY picture the prints and colors

I've pretty much decided that I'm making these buy the kit at Home Depot and you can paint them whatever color you mom is always looking for some fun outdoor chairs.

Ali Dee from Texas Women

Maybe a rustic book shelf...

Stylish rustic shelving unit... for everything!

My Mom loves her coffee...

31 insanely easy and clever DIY projects

I think these are a good start...what are some good ideas??


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blogging and a few things about me

Hi dolls.

Let's talk about blogging shall we?

Let's talk about how I have been blogging for over a year now and just now learned what Google reader is. I had no idea I could read your blogs through this...I have just been going blog by blog and reading them.

This Google reader thing is the shiznit.

How I did not know this existed all this time baffles me...actually no it doesn't, because A. I also for the longest time didn't realize I could just email you right back after you commented on my post(if you have your have email set up...if you don't, then I am so sorry I can't comment you back) and B. What the hell is HTML? Seriously, I have no clue what that is...I see you guys talk about it and stuff...and maybe I'm supposed to be using it or maybe I am using it, but honestly I have no clue.
(If someone would care to explain it to me that would be awesome...but good luck, because I googled it and I still didn't get it)


Of course,this is coming from the girl though who blew up spaghetti squash in her microwave.

To say I'm clueless about computers and or blogging is an understatement.

I LOVE blogging...and I think after a year or so of blogging, I'm finally getting the hang of it.

Better late than never,no?

I would like to give a shout out to my new peeps...Hola!! Thanks for stopping by!! It's so crazy how you can develop relationships with people you've never's pretty dang awesome!!

Here are just a few things y'all should know if you are new to this here blog...and if your not, well maybe I never told you these things before...

Sometimes I don't think before I speak...ok, all the time. It's not that I say something inappropriate it's just that I say things that might be kinda random...ok, a lot random...but mostly funny, so that's good right?

I say the word shit a lot. Like all the time. It's a bad habit, I'm sure it's not lady like...but sometimes saying "Crap" or "Shoot" just doesn't cut it...a good, "aww shit" just seems to get the point across...know what I mean?

Tequila is my shot of choice.

It does not make my clothes come off, Joe Nichols, it does however make me loose a contact.
Never fails.

Speaking of Joe Nichols, I met him once. In a bar. After my 21st birthday. At the tumbleweed(in Stillwater)...we took shots together...tequila of course. I have the picture to prove it...well, I did until my computer decided to blow up. Now the world will never see it.

I would like to be a country music singer...but since I can't really belt out the tunes, I mean I can but only for Karaoke...if you know what I mean. By being a country singer, I really just want the tour bus.
I wouldn't mind marrying a country music you know of one, let a girl know.

While we are talking about country is just a little pic of Luke Bryan and I just hanging out...totally normal.

He called me 'baby'...I'm sure I'm the only one he calls baby.

My favorite colors are pink and turquoise. 


I have to eat my M&M's by color...first I organize them in their respected color and then I only eat that color before moving on to the next.
It's weird...I'm fully aware of this.

I also like even odd ones.

I can touch my tongue to my nose. It's real talent people.

I would like to have a tea cup for real. I want a tea cup pig over having a mini horse...and I go LOOOVE mini horses.

Well...I think that about covers it, have to save some things for next time.



Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Update

Why does Monday come so soon?
and why does Monday have to come with 105 degree weather??
(Remind me of this 105 degree temps when there is a blizzard and I'm complaining because I don't like cold weather)

Doing a little weekend blog hopping today and linking up with Sami, Dana, and Leeann...

So, since it's summer time in Oklahoma...that means my Friday nights are spent watching a certain cowboy try and win some $$$$ at the Rodeo's...some day he's gonna be famous and make it to the NFR...where he will then take his sister.

I said to little brother the other day, "If you were a famous country singer like I don't know, Scotty McGreery, and you went to an awards show(Scotty took his sister)...who would you take as your date?"
Baby brother: "Megan Fox"
Me:"You can't take her she's married and way to old for you and not to mention pregnant. Besides your supposed to say you would take me, Scotty McGreery took his sister to an awards show."
Baby brother: "Good thing I'm not a country singer then."

See what I put up with.

Baby Brother

Mom and baby brother

Although he looked cute...he didn't win any money. 
He did however win some money at a different rodeo this weekend, but it's a HOT SOB out there...and since he hypothetically said he would take Megan Fox as his date to an award show...this sister didn't go watch him.

I showed him.

If I'm going to do this weekend wrap up, I really need to start taking more pictures of my weekend.

Saturday I got up early and cleaned my house(exciting I know) and then went and did a little shopping, picked up some make-up at sephora. I swear, I run out of every thing at the exact same time...nothing like dropping a hunk of change on make-up products.
I'm kinda of a brand snob, but thanks to my gal Lindsey over at The Bargain Blonde...she has  turned me on over to E.L.F...and I love that stuff. I normally use MAC foundation and powder but have recently changed my powder to the HD definition powder that E.L.F. has...and it's awesome, and at six bucks or can't beat that.

I also picked up some lip glosses for a dollar.
A freaking dollar.

So, with all that money saved I treated myself to a Cherry Limeade at Sonic.

I know...big spender I am.

I then made some Oreo Truffles for Bestie's bridal shower...need to take more pictures of this stuff.

Oh I almost forgot....I got a phone call one night at like 10 o'clock. I'm already in bed...because I'm cool like that...and it's a number I don't recognize so I don't answer it.
They don't leave a message.
They call back an hour later...this time they leave a message.

In a drunken guys voice he says,
"Nichole, why does your voice mail say Lyndse...that is not your name. Call me back!"

I laughed it off...then remembered that back in the day, when my friend and I would go out, we would give alias names and occupations. My alias name was Nichole, a pediatrician. She was Chloe, a helicopter pilot. 
*Note to a post about said nights out when we gave out fake alias*

So, this guy really could have been calling me, thinking my name was Nichole...or he really could have just been a drunken guy calling the wrong number.
Still, it made me laugh and reminded me that next time I give out my also give an alias number.

That is all folks!


Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Friday... I heart thee very much, I would heart thee much more if I was off work today. Dear weather man...Did I hear you correctly this morning, that it's going to be 120 degree's next week...or at least close to it?? Good grief, I am not ready. Hello Oklahoma summer!!Dear baby brother...If you dye my precious little Bella pink...I may have to hurt you. Yes, I like the color pink, but I like my white fluffy dog(when she has hair) to stay white. Please and thank you. While we are on the subject of baby brother...kick some major ass tonight at the rodeo. Dear Thunder...we will get them next year...hopefully "King" James and the ref's won't be as buddy buddy...and they will recognize a foul when they see one. Ahem. Dear College football...more importantly Oklahoma State....I'm ready for you. That. is. all! Dear fruity pebbles...stop being so's hard for me to resist you when I run out of stuff to make my green monster smoothies...which are soooo much better for me.

Dear sweet followers...have a wonderful weekend.



Thursday, June 21, 2012

Celebs and crazy dreams

Hello darlings.

Just a couple of things.
First thing...I like to think that I am pretty up to date on my celebratory news. I mean, people come to me and ask me what the latest is going on in Hollywood.
And by people I mean Miss Football.

However, something must have happened in the universe or maybe it's because I haven't read US weekly in like two weeks...but I had NO idea, NO idea that Guiliana and Bill announced they were having a baby boy.

In my mind Guiliana and Bill and I are like BFF's so I am sad I'm like the last to find this out.

I need to step up my game in celebratory gossip.

Speaking of sadness...I'm uber sad that Matthew McConaughey got married.
I kinda figured that once he had the kid with his gf, that he was prob off the market...and the second child pretty much sealed the deal, but there was still hope.
Not any more.
That Camille is a lucky lucky lady.

Guess I will just have to settle with watching him in Magic Mike.

I had a dream last night that I was getting would think I would be super stoked about this. However,I did not want to marry this mysterious dude.
I did not really like him very much, more or less love him enough to get married.
Someone was forcing me to marry him.
My ring was some sort of Star Wars ring, which is weird because I've never seen a Star Wars movie in my life...all I know about Star Wars is from the Big Bang Theory.

Such a weird dream....all you dream analyzers out there what does this mean??

While we are on the topic of dreams, I have this crazy re-occurring dream where I am back in college and it's my very last semester, getting ready to graduate and I find out that I was enrolled in this math class.
I start to freak the hell out, because I never once went to this math class...I seriously wake up in a sweat and panic and have to go look for my diploma just to make sure I really graduated.

It's the craziest thing.

This post just totally jumped from one subject to another.

One more thing before I go go...



Peace out.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pinteresting Wednesday

I can't believe it's Wednesday already...just two more work days after today peeps...and it's the freaking weekend.


Because I can't seem to go a day without pinning...I have lots of new pins to show today. 
My favorite link-up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple.

yess please!
and Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey and Blake Shelton...the list could go on.


Love Duck Dynasty!
If  you've ever seen Duck know exactly what this is. Good ol' Uncle Si.

If you haven' must watch it. It's seriously the funniest show ever.

french braid to bun.

bright colors


The Rock

and last but not least I have to end on a little bit of Okie love....



Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Everyone needs a little bit of randomness

I think Tuesdays are meant for random thoughts,no?

I found a new recipe that calls for spaghetti squash.
Last time I attempted using spaghetti squash, it blew up in the microwave.
Wish me luck.

I was digging through my purse the other day.
I pulled out a koozie and wine cork.
Apparently I like to be prepared for whatever life throws at me....
whether that be a beer or some wine.

I also have neosporin, band-aids, two pairs of earrings, bracelets, three lip glosses, two pairs of sunglasses.
Clearly, I'm ready to party.

I'm not really in to going to strip clubs or watching those chip in dales...however I am in to Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum...and if they are acting as chip or dale or whatever.

Magic Mike!

Hurry up June 29.

Magic Mike!

At lunch today I grabbed what I thought was a sprite can to take back to work as my afternoon snack...only to realize it was a Budlight.
Happy hour a little early today?
Good thing I have a koozie in my purse.

Who knew this post would turn into such a booze/ stripper fest.

Happy Tuesday loves.

P.S. I'm joining up with Shane over at Whispering Sweet Nothings...on Coast to Coast...where you can link up your blog and see if they are other bloggers around your location.

Whispering Sweet Nothings

I sense a lot of blates happening from this link up. your blog...make new friends in your neck of the woods.


Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Update

Hello loves...I'm linking up with my girl Sami today over at Sami's Shenanigans to talk about the weekend.

I didn't do much this weekend...just took it easy, which was a nice refresher considering I have been on the go since I got back from vacation.

I caught up on my DVR...watched Mob Wives Chicago. Which must say I do like, but I don't know if it will be as good as the original Mob Wives.

I am so freaking excited for Big Ang to get her own show...can't wait for that to come on.

The rest of the weekend I spent watching the little brother Team Rope.
*Team roping is a sport in which there is a header and a heeler and you rope a steer, the faster time wins. Team Ropings can be super long, because you can rope with a lot of people and switch up between heading and heeling*

Baby brother is on a college rodeo scholarship for he's pretty dang good.

To's not summer time yet, unless I am sitting outside burning and sweating my ass off while watching my brother rope.

Oh and not to mention I get caked in dirt because it's not normal for you to sit far away from the arena...but to sit right up close where the action in where all the dirt flies on you.

Shall we talk about how last night in the Thunder vs. Heat game that the refs were actually playing too?? I mean, come on. 

Dear Thunder... if you can hear me...THUNDER the eff UP!!
please and thank you.

XOXO loves


Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday's Letters

It's Friday...which means it's time to link up to one of my favorites Friday'sLetters


Dear green monster smoothies...even though you look completely disgusting, you sure are yummy...and good for me. Well, except for this morning when I accidently spilled the green drink all in my car. I'm not happy. My car isn't happy...and Eskimo Joe cups are not good smoothie cups.

Dear roots that are started to show your true are are SO getting highlighted this weekend and I couldn't be more happier. I am thinking about this color on Nancy O'dell...

and this hairstyle...mainly I like the bangs and of course the volume...some people may think that's too much of a poof...but oh, not for me.

Dear Tamara on the Real Housewives of OC...In previous seasons, Tamara, you were not my favorite...however, now that you have gotten rid of that crazy ex and starting dating Eddie...I like you a little better.

Dear Eddie...I think all future husbands are now required to propose in Bora Bora. Period. End.Of.Sentence.

Dear future husband....see statement above about Bora Bora.

Dear Baby Brother...I love you, but what did you mean when you said, "Since when did you start wearing skinny jeans?" 

Dear OKC Thunder...I'm gonna need you to Thunder up a little more next time. 
Thunder Up :)

Dear weekend...I sure have missed you.

Dear sweet followers...I love ya, and hope y'all have a great weekend.