Wednesday, June 13, 2012

That time my plane was almost hi-jacked.

If you have missed any of my Costa Rica re-caps...check them out starting here...especially that one, this way you may have a better understanding of how my flight situation was getting to Costa Rica.

Like I've travel to CR was a little rocky at first but got so much better along the way...we even had an upgrade to first class.

My travel leaving CR, well that is an entirely different story. See, I was a little apprehensive in the first place about flying out, having given the issues I had. I wasn't sure I was even going to have a ticket to leave the country...but alas, I did. I had no problems with customs or checking luggage even lost 2lbs. 

Not sure how that even happened.

We were even to the airport four hours before our flight was schedule to leave, which was a big improvement than my flights out of the US. As we are waiting to board, my name gets called over the intercom.
My first thought was,"What the hell?" "I better get to leave this country."

It was no big deal, I just was randomly selected, along with a couple other people, to get my carry on and myself re-checked. Whatever, as long as I am not being held in this country because of my ticket can frisk me all you want.

That didn't sound too good, but you get the idea.

I pass the extra security and get to go ahead and board before anyone else. I get on the plane, find my seat, get everything situated and as I'm putting my luggage into the carry-on, I hear all this commotion towards the front of the plane. I stop, walk up to the front, where the flight attendant stops me and says that there is someone that ran past the security and has proceeded to lock himself into the cockpit. 
She tells me not to worry but to sit back down, because we don't know if he has a gun or not.

Lady...I am not sure who you are talking to, but you can not tell this blonde Oklahoma girl not to worry...especially if someone is trying to take over my damn plane.
Needless to say I sort of "lose it" as in, I start to panic and am demanding to get off this plane. I know there is a backdoor so I suggest to the flight attendant to let us get off the plane, she says to me that the door is already closed for the food service. I then proceed to yell at her, "if this man flies this plane, no one on here will give two shits about the food on this plane"
(please excuse the profanity, but someone was taking over my plane and I felt as though I needed to use it)

Now, mind you...there are about five people on this plane. That's it. There are two big guys in the front trying to get the dude out of the cockpit...I don't really think they are doing that great of a job, so I just start to yell...
"Just shoot him...if you don't shoot him, I will...I'm from Oklahoma, I know how to shoot a gun"
That really didn't get me anywhere...because apparently you can't do that in Costa finally I start yelling just to knock him out, and drag him off the plane.

I mean the thoughts that run through your mind are crazy. I don't know planes very well, I don't know if there is like a key in the ignition and the plane is just ready to go, I had no idea if my plane was going to start moving...because believe me if that had happened, that food service door was going to be open for sure.

I thought about my friends, Miss Football and Kristin and how they saw me get on the plane and have no clue as to what's happening...and how is it possible that I am going to get hi-jacked without them...they are going to have to tell my mom.
It was the scariest moment of my life.
Hands down.
They finally got the dude under control and handcuffed him and got him off the plane. I finally get to get off the plane, and I am still freaking out. Hands shaking, I'm screaming at all the people on the runway, they don't understand me because I'm screaming in English.
It was madness.
This dude was screaming that he wanted to take the plane to Nicaragua, which is dumb, because if your going to go through all the trouble of taking a might as well go somewhere that isn't a two hour car drive away.

This could have ended way worse, but thank God that it didn't. I was slightly nervous to get back on the plane, but thanks to the guy sitting next to me, he made sure I had plenty of Bloody Mary's .

For Miss Football's version of what happened check here...she was not on the plane, but in the waiting all she saw was me get on the plane, and then the feds run onto the plane.
I think she thought I had smuggled something on.

Talk about a way to end the trip of a lifetime.



Nikki said...

Omg! Girl that's fricking crazy! I would have flipped the f*ck out Jersey style on his ass!

Anonymous said...

Haha! I love that Miss Football was afraid you'd smuggled something.

Glad it all worked out, darling. What a story!


ty said...

Oh. My. Gahhhh.

Yeah, though, I would have totally pulled the "give me the gun" routine. Born and raised in Arkansas/Oklahoma. I got this.

Sami said...

HOLY CRAP! That is insane! I'm glad they got that crazy off of the plane without anyone getting hurt!!

Anonymous said...

What a story, Lyndse! I laughed out loud. You are so funny! I love how you tell it like it is. So glad he tried his feat on the ground. Take good care of you.

Momma Sue

Megan G. said...

OH MY GOSH that is one of the scariest plane stories I have ever heard!! I would have definitely been freaking out too. I love your Oklahoma comment and knowing how to shoot a gun! Get it, girl! Glad you're safe and Got home alright!

Tiffany said...

Funniest blog you have ever written. My favorite part is the line about how you didnt' know if the "keys were in the ignition." Because that's how commercial airliners work! ;)

So glad dude didn't do this in the air. We would have killed him. I could have sat on him and you could have tased his ass!

~Miss Football

mom said...

ok, mom can laugh about this now, but not so much at the time. Great memories you will have to tell later on.