Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Costa Rica Day 2...Keep your head above water.

Day 2...of the Costa Rica Adventure.

Before we get to the exciting part of day 2, I need to back up and show pictures from the first night...with all the airline fiasco and the four to five hour car drive to La Fortuna on yesterday's post...I forgot to mention that us three girls had a lovely first night dinner and enjoyed a few drinks and a dip in the hot springs while waiting for Sean join to us.

Now...on to day 2.
When we were planning this trip, we wanted to do more than just lay on a beach, don't get me wrong, the days we did get to lay out on the beach were well worth it (sunburn and all) however...we were all about crossing items off the bucket list and taking full advantage of all the things Costa Rica had to offer.

Whitewater rafting class IV rapids included.

Of the four of us, Miss Football was the only one who had been whitewater rafting before...Kristin and I have just done the usual floating down the river...you know where you float all day and a raft of beer follows you...the only thing you worry about is if you have enough drinks to last you the length of the river.

Things you have to worry about while whitewater rafting.
Falling over

Words can not even express how much fun this was. This has always always been something I have wanted to do, a bucket list item fo sho. To say that I got to whitewater raft class IV rapids in Costa Rica is crazy to me. I will say this, for those who haven't been before, it's not scary at all...even when you flip the raft over and are hanging on to it just by your leg...still not scary. When you "ride the bull", which is you sitting on the tip of the raft going head, feet, whole body first into the rapids...so not scary at all,  completely emerging the raft into the raging rapids, and losing a contact...definitely not scary.

Turning around only to see that your guide fell off the raft and is now in the rapids...not scary, realizing that you are the only one paying attention and try to help him back in to the raft...a little scary... but probably just for him.

However, realizing that Miss Football fell off the raft and is now stuck in a whirlpool...that's kinda scary...she blogs about that incident here. No worries, she is perfectly ok.

Sean, our fearless camera guy, brought along a waterproof camera...we do have video...which is priceless btw, but we are in the process of editing out over 4 hours of filming. I'm sure you don't want to hear him screaming at us girls to "Peddle" or all of us girls sometimes letting some four letter words slip...usually at him.

Hopefully these pictures can describe the experience better than I can. It seriously is one of those, "words can't describe" experiences.

After rafting, we were treated to one of the best lunches I had on the entire trip...we then went back to the resort, where it rained on us...it was the start of rainy season...then we got all dressed up and went to dinner.

Photo taken of me and Sean by Miss Football

The girls

and that ends days 2...next up...Day 3...where we find our inner Jane and Tarzan.

Pura Vida.



mom said...

when we go float the little Illinois river this summer, you will be bored. I'm jealous, i know you all had the time of your life on this trip. Memories last forever!!

Nikki said...

Oh my gosh this sounds like it was a BLAST! I want to do this one day! Question for you what resort did you stay at? Was it a all inclusive? Can you send me the website? Also, when is rainy season? I know you said it started while you were there but how long does it last?

Tiffany said...

Um....love it. Seriously, I look at these pictures and laugh every.single.time. Best Day EVER!

~Miss Football

Jodie said...

Rafting is on my bucket list, looks like a freaking blast!!!

Love that you are recapping, feels like I was there! :)

Sami said...

Omgosh so much fun! I am still so jealous! I have always wanted to go rafting :)

Megan G. said...

White water rafting looks like a lot of fun, but it seems so scary to me. Your pictures and post proved to me that I just need to go out and do it! Looks like an awesome time!

Also, I love the color of your swimsuit. Very pretty pink.

Ashleigh Nichole said...

so jealous! i so wish i had been there too bad i wasnt stuffed in the luggage...