Thursday, November 15, 2012

Adventures in Duck Hunting

I'd like to think that I have accomplished a lot this morning...all before 7 am.

I have already had one cup of coffee, my banana and I am currently catching up on my dvr while checking email and going over my presentation that I have to present in a couple of hours.

Mulit-tasking at it's finest people.

I'm drinking coffee out of a Christmas tree mug...and this makes me happy, happy, happy...Jack.

If you didn't get that "happy, happy, happy" reference...than you must not watch Duck Dynasty...and in that case you are SOOOO missing out and the best show ever.
Like ever.

I like to think that I have helped that fun loving, beard wearing, frog gigging, duck call building family get their fame.
I have been buying their Duck Calls for years and didn't even realize it.
Thanks to the little brother, who loves to duck hunt, I have purchased several of those babies.

You are welcome Robertson family.

I have gone Duck Hunting once.

Notice I said once.

My mom and I went with little brother one day...we got all bundled up...because apparently the best duck hunting is when it's freezing ass cold and snowy. Which is not my cup of tea...but whatevs.
We, no lie, had to cross this creek...and the only way over the creek was to try to walk on this fence that was half out of the water.
So, imagine me...a girl who hates cold, has to walk over a creek, I have on like five layers of clothing, two sized to big hunting boots that keep falling off and I have a gun...which might be a dangerous thing...anyway we make it across...only for me to get to the bank and slip down a muddy hill.
Little bro comes to help me up...or so I thought, he just came to get his know,  because those things shouldn't get muddy.
Now, sisters on the other hand...I guess we are fine.
Here I am, trying to get out of the mud, minus a boot that got stuck, and I have five layers of clothing on.
All this for duck hunting.
Finally I get myself thanks to the other two who are laughing.
 We eventually get to our duck blinds and just sit there.
Waiting and calling, calling and waiting.
After a few hours we finally see a few ducks.
We get one.
We go to get it....we get and are taking it back with us...when all of a sudden, the dang duck comes back to freaking life and starts freaking out.
I scream...because this duck is already supposed to be dead...not half way dead and coming back to life.
Needless to say...after five hours...a fall in the mud, a duck that comes back to life.

And I haven't been duck hunting since.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012



First time to blog in oh, about two weeks...I think that might be some kind of record for know if there were records for a person who spaces out on blogging.

Oh...if I could go back to when things were simple and I had all the time in the world to blog and watch my dvr.

If I'm being honest here, I miss my tv shows.
Yes, I admit it. I had a tv addiction...clearly that addiction has subsided since I just don't have the time to watch all one hundred of my favorite shows.

Sorry honey boo boo, but you were one of the shows I had to cut.
Darn it.

That and my soaps.
Daytime drama at it's finest, y'all.

I haven't even been on pinterest.

Now...that is just a crying shame.
No pinning??

I know, I am just as baffled as you are.

In other news, I'm pretty sure I broke my leg...well, when I say broke...I mean, I pulled a muscle or something like that.

I wish I could say that I pulled it by running 5 miles or doing squats or lunges or something fitness related...but no, I pulled it getting into my car.
Clearly...I'm that out of shape.

Obviously this means I need to work out or something.

I'm in a red lipstick kick these days...I love it...and the nice security guy at the airport said he liked it too...he told me this as I was being asked to step aside because my carry-on was apparently beeping.

It's always something with me and airports.

I need some help...I'm in the market for a cute sparkly dress...and I need it in two weeks. Where can one buy cute sparkly dresses? I have looked online at my go to stores and I'm not liking anything so far.

Help a sister out,please :)

Now a must go...because a cute little baby boy just arrived at my office and I must go hold him.

Peace out loves


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Weekend

Hey y'all!!

I finally have a fun weekend that I need to blog what if it's Wednesday and I have needed a couple of days to catch up...I think this means that I am old.

I have been sick for the last couple of days and fortunately I have a job that allows me to work from home...except today I am working from the hospital room of my Papa. He is in here for some chest/stomach pains and they are running some tests, so if y'all would please say a prayer for him...I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks loves.

Let's talk about this weekend.
I went back home to the 918..aka Tulsa area.
It was a whirlwind of a weekend. I had a million things planned, people to see and I needed to pack up my house...or start packing up my house.
I may or may not have gotten anything packed.
Oh well....when fun is to be had, you have to let something go..and packing it was.

Saturday I was up bright and early, put on my orange and headed to the greatest place on earth.
Home of the limey, the cowboys, pistol pete and all my fond memories from college.
Bestie and I got to Stilly and started out morning out right with a bloody mary.
Sadly no picture.
Afterwards we grabbed some drinks to go and headed to tailgate and do some Arby's work.

Bestie does Marketing for Arby's and we do this tailgate for them...well, I may or may not have traded some Free Arby's Curly Fries cards for a couple of jello shots.
People love their Curly Fries...and I love me some jello shots on game day.

Now for the best part of the day, besides our win against TCU...I had my first blogger meet-up with none other than my fellow OSU alum and the sweetest, cutest, funniest, blonde-haired blogger, Sami from Sami's Shenanigans.
(I stole this picture from her, she is way better at taking pictures than I am)
She is exactly like she is on her blog, which is super sweet and hilarious, LOVE her. I could tell right off, that we would be great friends!! I wish we could have chatted longer, but it was so GREAT to see her.
Sami...we are so going to have to plan another blogger meet up!
Love ya girl!

I realized fast that I am no longer young and can't hang like I used to after tailgating all day, cheering on the cowboys, and going to a Halloween party afterwards...which I left early...and was in bed by ten.
It sucks getting old.

On Sunday, I went to this handsome man's first birthday party...Little Man style.
He is adorable, his sister is adorable...actually the whole family is adorable. I just adore them so much.
We had a great time and it was so nice to spend time celebrating a birthday...perfect way to end the weekend.

Anyway...that's the weekend and might be the only fun weekend for a little while. My work schedule is getting to be a little crazy for November.

Please keep both my grandparents in your prayers.
Thanks guys :)



Thursday, October 25, 2012

Red sparkly cape

I drove to work yesterday wearing a red sparkly cape and the Wonder Woman logo on my shirt.
I had a blue tutu sitting next to me in the passenger seat.
Do you know how hard it is to drive wearing a huge ass blue tutu.
Which is why it was sitting next to me while I was, do you know how ridiculous I would look to the people driving next to me.
I mean...the red sparkly cape I can see as being fine...but it might be overboard with the tutu.

It made me happy though knowing that I personally knew of nine more ladies who were also driving to work in costumes.
I just wonder what other people who were driving beside us thought about the girl who was dressed as a peacock.

I absolutely love my job and the ladies I work with.

Where else do you get to wear a costume to a work meeting?

I may work long, crazy random hours.

I may not get to talk to my friends as much.

I may drive all over the freaking country and get lost a time or two and find my way almost to Texas....but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Because yesterday I got to wear a red sparkly cape and a blue tutu to work.

Not going to lie...some days when I am at work and feeling the craziness of it all and wondering "what did I get myself into"

someone will walk in the office and tell me that last week they were diagnosed with cancer and they have no idea what happens, being her only hope at the point...I put on my invisible red sparkly cape and do whatever I can to help her.

It may not be much...but sometimes being someones all the hope they need.

and that makes my heart happy.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

That time I almost bought some cows

I know, I need to adjust your eyes...I am indeed blogging two days in a row!! out...I just might be back on the bloggy track.
For now anyway.

I was born and raised in the country, actually I think the only time I ever really lived in "town" has been went I went off to college and lived in Stillwater.
and after I graduated college, I have been living in town for like the last six years.
That is up until about two months ago when I re-located for my new job and have been staying with the Nana and Papa on their ol' farm.

Let me tell can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl.
I've always loved living in the's spacious, you actually have room to do things. My dogs get to run all over the place...and they LOVE it.

I love me some peace and quite.
No trains
No sirens
No crazy-ass stupid neighbors in a blue house with fifty cars and five hundred kids driving you batty.
Actually Nana and Papa do have one crazy-ass neighbor, who I have not quite figured out yet...but he is on my list.

I do however, feel as though Nana and Papa have all this land and nothing to occupy it.
Therefore, I almost bought some cows.

You heard me...I almost bought some cows.

Yes, I grew up in the country but I might be the most clueless country girl you have ever met when it comes to cattle.

Horses..I know a thing or two...but cattle...not so much.

There is this thing called RFDTV and my Papa is pretty much obsessed with it, that and the Newlywed Game on the Game show network.

Anyway back to the time I almost bought some cattle.
On RFDTV they do this auction where they are auctioning off cattle...I don't know about y'all but I love a good auction.

I'm pretty competitive and auctions are no different...I like to beat out everyone...sometimes I get so caught up in lifting that little paddle for the highest bid that I forget that you actually have to pay for this stuff.
And this auction is the best becuase you can bid on things from the comfort of your own your pj's.

Let's just say that I was thisclose to purchasing some cute little blonde calf's.
Basically I just wanted one...but they were selling 48 for 1500.00.
Well, that's a little out of my range.

One. I don't know what I'm going to do with ONE calf much less 48.
Two. I think I can find a better way to spend 1500 dollars.

See how cute these little blonde calf's are...they are Charolais (this isn't the actual cattle...I googled these)

Alas...the dream of outbidding some farmer and having my own cattle will have to wait another day.

Until then, I will just stick to what I know.

Reality shows, wine and shopping.


Monday, October 22, 2012

The Weekend

It seems these days I only tend to blog on Mondays.
I think like anything I's always easier to start on a Monday.
Diets, working out, blogging...I always start with good intentions...and then, well you don't see another blog until the following Monday.

I'll try and do better this week.

My mom came down for a visit this weekend

I tried to convince my Uncle to let me ride his bike this weekend.
He pretty much wasn't having it, so I just decided for now I will take pictures...I will work on him some more, surely he will let me ride it

You hit a few curbs and what not, and people think you can't drive a motorcycle...puhhlease.

My Nana and I decided to make some cookies yesterday.
She got out her cookbook, and I asked her which recipe we were doing, she told I proceeded to get the first couple of ingredients.
When I looked down at the bowl, I told Nana she forgot to add the brown sugar..she said,"We don't put brown sugar in this recipe."
I was like..."Yes we do, it says so right here!"

Well...apparently the two of us, we were looking at different recipes and we each were putting in our own ingredients into the bowl.

Needless to say, I walked out of the kitchen.
The cookies turned out pretty good though.
Considering they were from two different recipes.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Hello, Monday

Goooood Morning loves

It's a beautiful morning here in Oklahoma...well, I'm sure it's a beautiful morning...the sun hasn't come out yet...but the weather is the perfect fall temp.
I've already been outside this morning to referee dogs vs. cats round 634.
In case you are wondering the cats won...just like they win every time.
Little ol' Bentley just wants to be friends, but the cats think otherwise.

On a good note, I found my most favorite coffee ever...other than the pumpkin spice latte...nothing will touch that stuff. See...I don't have the keurig here at Nana and Papa's, I have just a regular ol' coffee maker. Therefore I haven' t been able to use one of my favorite k-cups, Caramel Drizzle.
Until today, or yesterday in fact, I was just a shopping away and there I saw it...Caramel Drizzle coffee grinds for the old school coffee pot. The heavens opened and the light was shining and I have never been more excited to wake up at the crack of dawn to drink me some Caramel Drizzle.
Now..that is a good morning....since I've had like two cups, I thought...why not's the only time in the day I seem to have to blog anyway.

How about this dude that freaking just skydived from space?? Holy crap. Did he just wake up one day and think..."Hmm...screw jumping out of a plane, I'm going to just jump from space."
Thank goodness he made it, it's pretty amazing

Who has been watching the Jersey Housewives reunion?
Talk about all kinds of cray cray.
I don't even have words...all I can say is,Andy are my favorite and I have never liked a reunion more that I liked those 3 episodes and Teresa is legit out of her mind.

Friday night, Nana and I went to have Margarita's.
I just love that little lady.
She had a long day and I needed to celebrate...I pretty much had a kick-ass,awesome work meeting that morning and it called for a celebratory Margarita.
When we were ordering Margarita's the waitress asked her what kind she wanted and my Nana said, "A large one!"
Once again I have no pictures to document...I always forget...hell, the other day I left for work and forgot to put pants on.
I have a lot to remember people.
In my defense, I had pajama pants on...I mean, almost every day last week I did wear leggings which are pretty much close to pj pants...but at least they look presentable.

Bentley loves it out here at Nana and Papa's farm.

Bentley and my Papa are like bff's.
They go everywhere together.
Yesterday, Pa comes in and says, "Bentley found some eggs!"
This is an unusual statement for multiple reasons.
1. Bentley has been a city dog, yes, she is a hound dog, but a city dog and she has never done hound dog stuff...make sense? So, her finding chicken pretty much awesome.
2. We didn't think we actually had hens...we thought we had all roosters. Well...unless a rooster can all of a sudden lay an egg...we do in fact have some hens.

So, since Bentley found some eggs...which were hidden in a corner on the ground, Papa thought I needed to get in the pens and gather some eggs.
I think he must be getting on up there, because he seems to have forgotten that I don't do chickens. Nor, do I like to get in there pen, disturb them and take their eggs from them.
See...when I was little, I loved gathering was my favorite thing to do...until one day a crazy ass hen decided to attack me and every since then I don't do chickens.
Unless they are battered and fried and come in strips.

Anyway, I proceed to get in the dang pen, and of course the chicken and I start battling. I'm screaming, the chicken keeps hitting it's head on top of top of the pen tyring to get out, I'm standing in there just going in circles...and I hear my Papa yell at me, "Grow some balls and get the chicken eggs!"
Hold up...did my 71 year old grandpa just tell me to "Grow some balls"
Where did he learn that from?
Anyway...I got the dang eggs and told him if he wants someone to gather him, he better train his new bff, bentley the basset hound, because this chick isn't doing it.

The other day I heard my Nana, my 71 year old grandma, refer to someone as a d-bag.

It's clear to me that I should probably say nicer things...because obviously their new sayings are coming from me.


Happy Monday loves


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Girl

Last week I participated in a health fair at one of the largest companies here in my new little town.

When I say largest company...I'm talking this one company has like five different locations spread out all over this town.

A town...that I am still trying to figure my way around btw.
I did manage to find all locations and didn't get lost...not once. I'm getting real good at all this East and West non sense. No one ever uses directions like, " go two blocks this way and then you make a right and then another right and then left...and it's on the right side."
I can follow that.
For some reason, when you replace left with west and east with right...I get confused.
I've never been good with directions.

However...I am getting SO much better...I even have started to tell people..." head north for about five miles then you turn east and it sits right there on the west side."
I'm so proud of myself.

Moving on to the real point of this post...if there ever is any point with me. I do tend to ramble about random things.

So, I was on my third day at this health fair and this lady that does marketing for the hospital here in town starting talking to me and introduced herself to me and she said, "I had heard people talking about the new girl in town who just starting working for (insert really big cancer organization here) and it's so good to meet you."

Hold girl in town??

She then went on to say that she was at her husbands work party the other day and there were people asking if they have met the "new girl" in town.

New girl = me.

I'm just as baffled as you are.

I thought I grew up in a rather small town...but apparently I didn't. I have been here for a little over a month and apparently I'm the new girl in town...don't know if this is a good thing or bad thing.

I feel like Zoe Hart off of Hart of Dixie...which by the way is my favorite show.

Now if only I could have a love triangle with my very own Wade and George...we would be set.

Shoot...I'd settle for just a love duo.

I must say though...I kinda like being known as the "New Girl" in town.


Monday, October 8, 2012

Oh Monday's definitely a Monday.
Why does I say this?

Let me tell you how my morning started,mmmkay.

I go to straighten my frizz ball of hair and my straightening Iron that I have had for like 10 precious pink CHI decided that it just doesn't want to work anymore. I should have expected this, I mean I am not sure what the shelf life on one of those babies is, but I think I got my money's worth for 10 years.
Why though of all days for it to not has to happen on a Monday morning.

I never realized how dependent I am on straightening my hair...after a slight freak out of banging the iron on the know trying to get it to come back on...and saying a few choice words...I decided to call it...and just curl my hair.

Which by the way pretty much just looks like a giant ball of curly mess...hello 80s prom hair.

After that little fiasco, I decided to leave for work early and go to Wal-Mart and buy some healthy snacks for the office.
I'm back on the wagon of doing myfitness pal and eating healthy(yes, I have said this like a million times...but I mean it for reals this time...and yes, I have said that too) anyway I'm at Wal-Mart in the water bottle isle...because I have seemed to misplace my ever so trusty water bottle that I carry around everyday. Who knows where it is.  As I'm looking at all the bottles...I take one bottle off the shelf and it's a like a domino effect as ALL the bottles fall off.


I pick them all up like the good Wal-Mart customer I am, somehow in the middle of all that I cut my finger. Don't ask how. This just happens to me. I am bleeding all over the freaking I go and get a band-aid.
The lady just insists that she put the germ-x on my open wound...which by the case you are wondering...stings like an SOB. Just a little FYI for you.
I get my band-aid, pay for my groceries and leave.
Get to my car...doing the whole searching in my giant purse for my keys, can't find them...surely they are in there, so I just punch the code into my door and get in the car and continue looking for my keys.
Can't find them
Go back in to Wal-Mart where the sweet little customer service lady has apparently been chasing me down...because I left my keys on the desk.

And that my friends was all before 7:30 this morning.

But...I know it's going to be a good day...because the radio played all my favorite songs this morning.

On that note..I'm off to finish my second cup of coffee and eat my breakfast.

Happy Monday y'all.


Thursday, October 4, 2012


Yesterday was a CRAZY was crazy, people are freaking crazy...actually insane.
Thank goodness for my Nana...who also had a crazy day and the two of us went to dinner and a movie...where I had a pickle and a coke icee.

Sometimes a 28 year old needs to act like an 8 year old.

Here are just a few words of wisdom that I think we could all hear on those cray-cray days.

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image


Monday, October 1, 2012

Awkward moments

There are a few awkward moments that happen when you move to a new city and start a new job.

Here are just a few of those moments.

When driving home from work one day and you are on the turnpike...not sure where your exit is. You go through the toll booth a second time and ask the lady, "Why do I have to pay the toll twice in like ten miles? We don't do this in Northeast Oklahoma." Toll booth lady,"Well...where are you going?" I tell her. Toll booth lady," Well...honey, you are on your way to Texas. The reason you are paying two tolls is because you missed your exit and there is no way for you to get off this turnpike!"

That was awkward.

When introducing yourself to the communities and meeting new people...the same question over and over that you get asked is not "where are you from?" it's "Are you married?"
Nope, not married...but if you have a son, grandson, brother, cousin, best friend...or know of a real cute guy who loves OSU football, is a good guy...not bad looking either...then here is my business card.

Hook a sister up.

When shopping in the one and only store that has adorable clothes and jewelry and is not 2 hours away(the closest target is like 2 hours away) you feel kinda awkward going in every other day...but the most awkward moment is asking the owner of the store if they want to hang out sometime....because you know no one in that town and you need to make some friends and have a social life.

Nope. Not awkward at all trying to get  someone to be your friend.

I feel like I should be saying, "Hi...I just moved here... and this is crazy, but I have no friends or social's my be my friend, maybe?"

However...the last 30 days or so living in the new city, starting the new job, turning a year older...have been GREAT. Crazy busy, I'm all over the place...but I wouldn't trade it.

Oh and just a few quotes from Nana and Papa.

While watching the Voice and the country music festival the other night, my Nana would change the channels back and forth.
Jake Own was signing on the Country Music festival

Papa: (Pointing to the TV) That guy, he's good...Blake will pick him.
Me: Laughing, Papa...that guy is already a country singer....this isn't The Voice.
Papa: Why did you change that on me, you know I don't pay attention.

While watching Dancing with the Stars...I came home and asked Nana what singers were on there.
Nana: That rapper called Mad Dog was on there earlier.
Me: Thinking for a mean "Pit Bull?"
Nana: Yes...that's what I said.

It's never a dull moment with those two and I love it!


Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend update

Goood Monday Morning.

I wish I had some fun exciting weekend events and past week events to blog about...but no such luck.

I mean, I'm having a GREAT time at my new's just keeps me so busy from being able to do any extracurricular activities.

My seventy year old grandparents have a better social life than I do.
They played domino's from 3 in the afternoon yesterday until almost 9 last night.
While I did laundry, showered and watched the Emmy's.
Mind you, I am recovering from being sick.
Who would have thought that working non-stop and running around would cause you to get sick...doesn't sickness know that "ain't nobody got time for that"

I did manage to squeeze in a little fun this weekend. The fair was in town and this was the last weekend for it,my friend and I went Saturday night to watch the Rodeo and Gary Allen concert...except it wasn't a rodeo it was Extreme Bulls. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind bull riding...but this girl likes a good Rodeo...oh and P.S. Gary Allen is getting on up there my friends.

Everywhere I go, I always end having extreme random conversations with for example. The old man sitting next to me at the bull riding. I was eating a pickle. He proceeded to tell me how much he loves pickles...and therefore a 20 minute conversation about the different types of pickles took place.

No one ever said that I wasn't a talker.

In other news...I found a stinging scorpion in my bed.
Yes...I freaking stinging Scorpion.  I screamed bloody murder and had a near panic attack at the fact that there was indeed a stinging scorpion where I sleep at night.

Scorpion is now gone...but don't think for a second I don't completely strip the sheets off my bed every night now before I go to sleep.

I might as well be sleeping outside.


Friday, September 21, 2012

I believe in

I couldn't pass up a great link-up...even if I'm a few days short...but here lately, I've been a few days short on everything, so that's ok.

I believe in Fridays

Pinned Image

I believe in pancakes on Saturday morning....with peanut butter.

I believe that calories don't count when eating pancakes w/peanut butter.

I believe front porches are a must

I believe in front porch swings...and sitting on them when I'm old with my husband

I believe in Jesus and his written word

I believe in family

I believe in love

I believe fairy tales can come true

I believe in following your dream...even if you have to move from everything you've ever known.

I believe in sleeping in...even if it rarely happens

I believe in friendships

I believe in trips

I believe in a life full of "oh wells" rather than "what ifs"

I believe in wine

I believe in car dancing and singing at the top of your lungs

I believe in two-stepping

I believe in Oklahoma State

I believe that animals can put a smile on anyone's face. Especially my two doggies.

I believe in sweatpants

I believe in Reality TV

I believe that every episode of FRIENDS can be related to life

I believe in Fall

I believe in Christmas

I believe in Summer...just not 115 degrees in summer

I believe in back roads

I believe in family dinners

I believe in retail therapy

I believe in getting dressed up

I believe that sitting down and thinking of things you believe in makes you happy


Monday, September 17, 2012

It's Monday

It's Monday....and you know how Monday's are.

Here are just a few things that annoy me today on this Monday.

1. When I'm trying to cancel my cable package...because let's face it, I had way to many channels and to many DVR's to watch. I do not need you, sales lady, to keep trying to get me to ADD more channels...when I'm trying to CANCEL channels. Nor do I need phone and or internet. I'M CANCELLING!!!!

2. When it's foggy outside, and you literally can not see 2 ft in front of you..I'm going to go under the speed limit...especially since I have a brand new freaking car. So, car that likes to ride my ass this better believe that if you were to have hit me, you would definitely be paying for it.

I guess those really are my only gripes for least so far. It is still morning.

Yay for Fall like weather...I mean, 88 degrees is probably not really fall like...but I've been waiting for months to break out my boots..and today, you better believe that I did...I mean, the pumpkin spice latte's are out, so technically it's fall.

Pinned Image

In getting ready for fall...I've gone from a blonde to a brunette. Well...maybe not a brunette to some people...but for this blonde...adding just a little bit of darker colors is pretty much brunette in my books.

Well...I think that is all for today.

Have a fabulous day loves!


Monday, September 10, 2012

A few things...

Hey loves.

I can't promise much...but I am going to try and get back into the swing of things in blog land.

New job, new location, new everything...makes for a busy life.

Let's catch up, shall we.

August 26. Turned a wopping 28 years old. Spent the day driving to my new home, Nana and Papa's home.

August 27. Started my dream job.
Drove home...might have accidently almost ended up in Texas.
Damn GPS

August 28. Successfully drove and didn't get lost anywhere.

August 30. Had a party at work that day. All day party. I may have the best job ever.

Sept. 1. OSU's first game of the season...we acutally won that one.

Sept. 2. Tried to explain to my Papa what a DVR is, and why it's not my fault if I'm not home during the day that he accidently starts recording everything and then gets upset that his tv isn't working...and spends the rest of the day outside.

Sept. 3.  Wanted to eat some pickles. Me: "Nana, what the heck is floating in this pickle jar?" Nana: "Oh, that's just a little fungus, it won't hurt you!" Me: "Seriously, will. You are not supposed to eat stuff that grows...I'm cleaning out your fridge!"

Sept. 4. It's chickens vs. flower beds. My papa loves chickens. My nana hates chickens. My nana loves to garden and has the best yard I've ever seen. My papa likes to annoy my nana...I guess this is what happens after 50+ years of marriage. Enter chickengate 2012. I come home one night from work. Papa is sitting outside trying to get the chickens back to their pen. Nana, is sitting inside. Refusing to let Papa inside, until the chickens are gone.

Sept. 5. I need a reality show.

There you have it...a quick run down of life lately.
Here are just a few pictures.

Have a great Monday!


Friday, August 31, 2012

Hey Y'all

Hey loves!!

Long blog.
Soooo sorry about that...but life has been a little crazy to say the least.

Since the last time I blogged...I turned another year older...hello, 28.
and...most importatnly on the day of my birthday, I packed up and moved to southern Oklahoma.

Where I started my new job on Monday.

To say that I have been so busy is somewhat of an understatement.

I promise as things start getting less crazy....if that is even remoltely possible. I will start blogging more regular.

Trust me I have got some great posts to share with y' the fact that since I got this job and had to re-locate so super fast. As in, I just packed up a suitcase full of clothes and I'm living with my Nana and Papa...I still have all my stuff back in my house which is in Northeast Oklahoma.

Yep...I pretty much went from one corner of the state to the other.

Anyway, living with your grandparents in quite entertaining...especially living with mine...who I adore so much!!

I'm so thankful I'm able to stay with them until I get my barrings straight.

As far as the new job goes.
It's going to be crazy at times and right now I feel a little overwhelmed...but at the end of the day, this is my dream job.

I haven't read any of y'alls blogs, so I feel like I have no idea what is going on...thank goodness for this three day weekend, because I plan on catching up on y'alls lives.

Hope everyone has a great three day weekend!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Hey loves.

I'm all out of words this much going on.

Last week at my current job...which I love so so so much...I have a boss that is more than just a boss, she has become my family. Never did I think leaving a job would be so hard.

I should probably start getting all my stuff together...considering I'm leaving on Sunday to a new town, to a new job, to a new adventure.

Not to mention on the day that I leave for said new adventure...I will be another year older.

It's quite fitting really, to have a birthday on the day you are packing up and leaving everything you've ever known to go to a place where your dream job lies...and maybe even a place you were meant to be, but never even considered it.

Not to mention I'm leaving my family and my friends.
That is the hardest part of all.

Luckily I'm a crazy person and I talk to my momma like a hundred times a day, so no worries there, right Mom?

So...I figured I would let other people do the talking for me today.




james 1:17

Audrey Hepburn

Have a great day...xoxo!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Life updates

“You can't know who might cross your path or who will take your breath away. You can't know what friends might actually become sisters because they stayed by your side. You can't know when there'll be an unexpected detour that'll take you to the place where you were always meant to be.” ~Holly C. Corbett

I saw this quote today that The Single Woman posted on facebook...and like most quotes when you are going through something in your life...they just sort of stand out.

The part that stands out the most for me right now is this, " can't know when there'll be an unexpected detour that'll take you to the place where you were always meant to be."

That line couldn't be more perfect for exactly what I've been going through the last few weeks. 

Remember when I wrote this post?

The 28 things I want to do in my 28th birthday year...which by the way is coming up on August 26th...just so you know, wink wink.

Pay attention to #4...Get dream job.

In my perfect 'Lyndse world' dream job would mean one thing for me...get paid for doing something I absolutely love and that I already do anyway.
Well...I knew I couldn't get paid for pinning things on I had to find something else

If you have been a regular follower of mine you know where my passion lies. You can check it out here and fact you may want to check those out if you want to know exactly what my dream job consists of.

Also...see that little "proud supporter of" icon on the right side of the blog...under my button. That is a big giveaway for where I will be working. you may now have guessed. After 4 years of college, job after job, I have FINALLY landed my dream job.
The road to getting there was not easy. 
But oh, so worth it.
Last week alone I had interview after interview for a position with the same organization but in my hometown location.
I didn't get any of those.
They asked me if I would be willing to re-locate...kind of a spur of the moment, "yes" some much needed prayers...and here we are.

Dream job here I come...except in order to do said dream job...I will be moving.
Not out of Oklahoma...just a little further down south.
So...southwestern I come.

God knows what he is doing, and I am so thankful that I kept on trying and trying even after I didn't get what I thought it was that I wanted.

So, you now see why I've been so MIA lately. For good reason. 
I start my new job the day after I turn 28.

Now...I need to really get to working on goal # 2 and 3.


Inspire Me: Guest post

Hellooooo...Sorry I've been so MIA much has been going on in my life the last few's been a crazy roller coaster. 
ALL GOOD THINGS, I promise...and I promise to blog about them soon.

This week for the link-up of
with Raven and Kristen

I am posting a great post from one of my newly favorite bloggers, Danielle...she blogs over at Butler, Party of 2. Where she talks about living a healthy lifestyle, her faith and about her life with her hubby. They are such a cute couple.
Punta Cana 060

I asked Danielle to do a guest post because I love that she makes living a healthy lifestyle a priority. Which is exactly what I, myself, have been striving to accomplish. She incorporates clean eating and working out.  Also, she loves Advocare products just as much as I do...and she is my go to gal for all Advocare questions. So...y'all go and check her out, she has great motivational posts, lots of work out ideas and food ideas and if you want to learn more about Advocare she has that too.

Now, speaking of clean eating...this is something I have been trying to do since I started the Inspire me link-up..however, like I said..I've had a crazy roller coaster couple of the clean eating and working out has sort of fallen by the wayside...but I will get back with it soon enough. So, no updates on my progress this week.

Without further adieu...I give you Danielle...

Healthy eating is a lifestyle, and it may not happen overnight. Baby steps are awesome, and you CAN do this!!! 
Disclaimer: Every family is different….this is just what works for us! I’m not claiming to be a nutritionist…I have just read a lot of clean eating books and done a lot of research, so this is a mini-compilation of what I’ve learned and what works for me.

Shop the perimeter!!! I only go down the center aisles for a few things (natural peanut butter, Olive oil, spices/ground pepper), and I typically only have to stock up on these things every few trips.
Learn to read labels. You want as few ingredients as possible, and hopefully you can recognize the majority of the ingredients. The first few ingredients make up the majority of the product, so if high fructose corn syrup or sugar is one of the first few ingredients, for example, try to stay away.
Avoid packages and boxes. I try to buy as many whole, real foods as possible. Obviously that’s not always possible. My chicken/fish, peanut butter, eggs, etc. are all in “packages,” but not like pop-tarts, chips, cookies, etc. Frozen entrees are the worst! Well, along with the junk foods, of course. Even deli meat is highly processed and has a lot of sodium.
When buying bread, pasta, or wraps, I ALWAYS buy Ezekial. Most “whole wheat” breads are made with enriched flour, are bleached, etc. Ezekial products are all natural and have no preservatives. I keep them in the freezer and put them in the refrigerator when I’m ready to eat them. (They last about 2 weeks in the frig- a week or less in the pantry because they don’t have preservatives.) I’m not sure if it’s an acquired taste, but Big Jon is now on board. And seriously, for one of life’s greatest indulgences, try some Naturally More almond butter on a slice of Ezekial Whole Grain Sprouted bread.!
Watch out for “healthy” foods. If something is fat-free, sugar free, or lowfat, that means they have used some other chemical to replace whatever they left out. Food companies are very sneaky and have a lot of leeway when it comes to how they market their products, so be cautious, and be a smart shopper. Even things we assume are healthy, like juice and soup, aren’t really that healthy. Don’t be fooled by food marketing slogans.
Eat the rainbow. Try to incorporate a variety of fruits/veggies…the more, the merrier.
I know organic is expensive, so if possible, focus on trying to buy organic with the “dirty dozen.”  Other than that, I think you’re good with the regular stuff.
Pinned Image
Here is my typical grocery list.
This is not exactly what you have to buy, but these are the foods we like and what works for us. Obviously I don’t have to buy all of these things all the time, but these are the main foods we have in our house:
Spinach, broccoli, bell peppers, kale, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, mushrooms, string beans, asparagus, apples, oranges, berries (usually frozen), sweet potatoes, brown rice, unsalted brown rice cakes, ground milled flaxseed, steel cut oats, local honey, almonds, walnuts, pecans, pistachios, sunflower seeds (all raw, unsalted), low sodium black beans & kidney beans, chickpeas, salsa, hummus, Lara Bars (check out the ingredient lists! awesome!), Ezekial bread and tortillas, Naturally More peanut butter and almond butter, lemon juice, Italian seasoning, olive oil (get a mister!), minced garlic, tilapia, salmon, hormone free & antibiotic free chicken breasts, canned tuna in water, plain Greek yogurt, chocolate milk (for Big Jon), 5 dozen eggs, green tea
And a list from good ole Dr. Oz…..
Pinned Image
And one more food list I like:
{I know it’s hard to see, so here is the link to the PDF version!!}
Other Great Links:
Pinned Image
A few of my older posts with some really good info:

**If you’re not already, USE THIS!!  
Pinned Image
A few other tips:
  • Try preparing food different ways to find how you like it. Jonathan loves when I practically burn the asparagus and make is super crispy. Hey, it’s better than mashed potatoes or mac-n-cheese, so I’ll make it if he likes it!
  • I put salsa on EVERYTHING. It’s an excellent choice as a condiment because it’s packed with veggies and is low in calories, yet adds an AWESOME kick (especially to protein).
  • Get an olive oil mister so you don’t overuse olive oil.
  • Use the stovetop rather than the microwave.
  • Try to eat as many veggies as possible. Fruits are great too, but have a lot of sugar. If you overeat fruit and don’t burn it off, it turns to glucose and is stored as fat. A banana, for example, has around 100+ calories. That doesn’t mean do'n’t eat fruit, just be aware of the sugar content. Veggies are more filling and super low in calories.
  • I cook ALL of my protein in olive oil, lemon juice, minced garlic, cracked black pepper, and Italian seasoning. It just works.
  • Have a good prep day! Boil eggs, cut up veggies, grill fish/chicken, separate foods into portion sizes, etc.
  • Drink 16 oz. of water (add lemon) FIRST thing when you wake up. Eat breakfast within 30 min of waking to jump start your metabolism. You’ve been sleeping for the last 8 hours, so you’re dehydrated and your body needs food to start burning fat and get your brain going.
  • Eat every few hours, small meals, to avoid spikes in blood sugar. Your goal is to keep your blood sugar as stable as possible throughout the day. I love to snack on raw nuts if I’m hungry or between meals. I also love boiled egg whites, and DUH, peanut butter.
I know I’m super weird, but I LOVE going to the grocery store! I seriously wish I could start a business and do people’s grocery shopping for them, buying them healthy foods. I just LOVE health/nutrition, and I know since there is SO MUCH info, people feel totally overwhelmed. Hopefully this post gave you a good starting place and wasn’t too all over the place.
Happy Shopping!!!!

See...I told you she is super awesome and has some GREAT tips when it comes to incorporating clean eating while grocery shopping. Be sure to check out her blog for more tips.

Have a great day loves!