Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I am loving today

It's Wednesday(thank goodness) and I am linking up with Jamie for What I am loving, I haven't done one in a long time, so I thought it was time.

I'm loving all my followers, but I am sending out some extra love to all my new followers. Thank y'all so much, I truly love blogging and being involved in a blog community, if I haven't checked out your blogs yet, I will do so : )

I am loving that this Saturday is the first game of the season....GOOO POKES!!!

I am loving my new Pistol Annie's CD and especially this song, it's called "Boys from the South"...if y'all know of a good boy from the south, send him my way : )

I'm loving all my "Fall" finds on Pinterest...just like the everyone else who has seen over 100 degree days, I am SO ready for Fall!

Pumpkin Roll

Nothing says fall like Chi Tea

Fall Decor

Oh, how I can not wait to wear boots, scarves and drink my Chi Tea from Starbucks.

Have a great day everyone!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's that time of the year again...

that's right's FOOTBALL season...better yet COLLEGE football season and even better than that it's time for some OKLAHOMA STATE FOOTBALL.


Can you tell I am excited?!?

This Saturday is the first game of the season, I can not wait to sport my orange and black and venture to all the tailgates and cheer on my cowboys.

Man, I love those boys

Now...what to wear for game days...I have been looking and came across just a few ideas

How adorable are these?

Favorite Tee

OU Flashdance Dress

One Shoulder Dress

Ok, now I have to search for the closest store so I can buy these...GO POKES!!!



Monday, August 29, 2011

The time I turned 27

As I am trying to recover from a delicious late birthday lunch today, I thought I would post some pictures from my birthday weekend.

I had the best weekend spent in Kansas City with my momma, bestie and her mom. It was just a wonderful weekend and was great to get away for a few days.

Bestie and I before dinner

The mom's

Bestie and her momma

Me and my momma

All of us girls

The mom's

About to enjoy a fishbowl margarita...wouldn't be my birthday without one  : )

After the waterpark, before dinner

Bestie and I

The mom's enjoying their fishbowl margarita...who had more fun here?

It was a great weekend full of food,drinks, and a whole lot of fun. Who else could you do u-turns with in the middle of the highway, go to a mexican restaurant only to have them turn the closed sign on as you are walking in, spend all day at a waterpark, enjoy fishbowl margaritas, comedy club and late-night wal-mart runs for ice cream, pie and cookies?

Yes, my diet was officially broken...but you only turn 27 once.

I must say bestie and I have the best mom's out there...thank you all for the best birthday weekend!

Love y'all!


Friday, August 26, 2011

It's official...I am old

That's I am the big 27!!

Do I feel different, no. I take that back it was a little harder to get out of bed this morning, maybe it's the old age or maybe it's the fact I am so out of shape and all this running and working out is kicking my boo-tay!

Anyway, I hoped to have a mimosa this morning, as I hope to have every morning but none the less I don't have any champagne. So regular straight up OJ it is.

Well, I tried to do as the sign says...but no such luck.

As I celebrate being another year older I am off for a morning run with my new running gear courtesy of some bff's I have and then it's off to Kansas City for a birthday weekend of fun.

Peace out loves!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

All you need are friends,sweet friends.

"You know what? I am going to do something today. I'm not just going to sit around like some old lady. I'm going to get something pierced. Like my, uh... like my nose or my tongue or something." Rachel from "Friends" from the episode of "The one wthey all turn 30."

I've always said that you can relate everything in life to an episode of "Friends."

So, with that being said I am taking what Rachel said and going to do just that. The other day I was talking to Miss Football about my birthday and I was talking about how I just wasn't that into it this year. Mainly because a lot has happened in my life lately and I just don't feel like celebrating. She told me to look at it like starting a new year.

She's right. Why wait until Jan. 1 to change things, to set new goals, etc. If you think about it your birthday really is the true new year, right? Your turning a whole year older, so now is the perfect time to declare things you want to change, set goals to accomplish, etc.

I don't plan on getting anything pierced like the quote said, but I may get a new tattoo. Why not? Finally jump out of a plane...sure! One thing for certain that I am doing is getting in the best shape of my life. Let's face it...clearly I am not getting any younger here, I realize 27 isn't that old but it's on the...dare I say it...downside of twenties. I want to be completely healthily in not only my body, but my mind and soul too.

I have decided after watching Miss Football cross the finish line, when we were in San Fran, after completing her first half-marathon...that I want to accomplish something so beyond anything I have dreamed of doing.

I, too, am going to do a half-marathon.

It might not happen in six months, but it will happen.

My whole life I have set goals and for the most part I have accomplished them. It just feels like in the last couple of years I set out to do something and somehow along the way I got distracted or discouraged. Who knows why really, many differently things I am sure...but for whatever reason, I am not letting anything distract me this time.

Especially when I know I have the best support group behind me.

When I came home from work yesterday I had the best little birthday package waiting for me from two of my favorite people in the world, Miss Football and Honey. I was just looking forward to their cards, because they always send the best ones...little did I know they bought me something I had been wanting to get to help me with my running and they gave me a pink 13.1 sticker to place anywhere to keep me motivated.

What's important is not what they got me, they didn't have to get me anything, although I won't give it back because I love it! What matters and actually brought tears to my eyes is what they wrote and the fact that they believe in me and support me.

That's all that matters.

So, what I've learned in my 26 years...soon to be 27 is that your goals or dreams may not always come out the way you want them, but friends...really good friends are always always there for you; cheering you on, loving you and supporting you.

That's all I could really ask to receive on my birthday.

Good thing for me, I already got it.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I once was but a wee babe...way back in the day.

In continuing day three of birthday week, I had planned on showing  pics of little blonde okie through the years, birthday style.

Apparently, my mom didn't take any birthday pictures...if she did--which she swears up and down she did--I can't find them.

Your probably thinking, "Yes, I don't have to endure countless pictures of young Lyndse...I really lucked out there!"


Oh, I have pictures....lots of pictures!

I figured I would showcase my "diva" side, lol.

It started at a young age, apparently.

So without further blonde okie...who by the way is not happy, probably because my mom's hair is wack. Sorry mom.

Clearly a diva at a very young age, eating and getting my hair did

Multi-tasking started very young for me...talking on the phone while curling my hair. So talented.

Cooking just comes naturally...

Signature "Lyndse" look... cute pj's I must say.

So sweet, so innocent...

and for my favorite pictures of all...the pictures that say, I got moves...

and style...

with a little attitude.

I guess the secret is out that I am not a natural blonde okie...shhh...don't tell anyone!



Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm getting old...

In honor of birthday week, I thought I would list 27 reasons on why I am no longer a spring chicken.

1. I like to be in bed by 10:00pm...some nights earlier if I'm lucky
2. Last night on the first official day of my birthday week, I went for a run and then shampooed my carpets (how's that for exciting)
3. I'll take a hot bubble bath and a glass of wine over going out in the middle of the week.
4.I'll take wine any night of the week.
5. Speaking of Alcohol...I don't ever ever remember getting hungover after two or three drinks. WTH?
6.  For my birthday I want things like a vacuum cleaner that sucks up pet hair...again, WTF?
7. The first week of school is no longer about my friends going back to college in my news feeds, it's now said friend's kids starting school.
8.What happened to my metabolism?
9. I look forward to finding new recipes and then trying them out.
10. My little brother is a freshman in college. Enough said.
11. I am thoroughly exhausted after going out two nights in a row.
12. I am pretty sure I have cellulite.
13. And chicken wing arms.
14. Things like bills come before shopping spree's....well, sometimes.
15. Most 18-23 year old annoy me, all except my brother...and at times he does too.
16. I sound like a bitter old lady, don't I?
17. I pay attention to the stock market
18. I never used to do that.
19. I attend a baby shower, wedding shower, or some kind of shower at least once a month.
20. I enjoy buying stuff for my house sometimes more than I like buying clothes. Gasp!
21. I miss being 21, that was a good year.
22. The thought of turning 27 just freaked me out a little bit...not gonna lie.
23. On the bright side, 27 dresses is one of my favorite movies.
24. I no longer shop at stores like Abercrombie...mainly because I can't stand the strong cologne smell.
25. Good grief that made me sound real old.
26. I promise I am still a fun, young person...even though some of these reasons don't seem like it.
and the 27 reason why I am no longer a spring chicken is.....
actually I don't have one because after reading all these...I am refusing to become an old hen.

I am still a spring chicken, dang it!

Oh and as a second day of Birthday week present to myself...I just dowloaded the new Pistol Annies should too!


Monday, August 22, 2011

Birthday week

Today marks the start of what I like to call the best holiday birthday week!

That's right ladies, this blonde okie is turning the big 2-7 on Friday and I like to drag it out as long as possible.

So with that being said...Happy Birthday week to moi

Yesterday, and in honor of my birthday week, I went out and bought myself a present, plus I was having a very bad day and nothing makes me happier than buying make-up. In fact, if any of y'all would like to send me a gift card to Sephora...I wouldn't complain.

Just sayin'

I bought this amazing beauty product that every gal loves and uses all the time

I swear, it's the best eyeshadow palette ever.

I'm gonna try and dig up some childhood pictures of me from birthdays past...I bet y'all are excited about that one.

In honor of day one of my birthday week...I want all of y'all to go have a margarita or two : )



Sunday, August 21, 2011

Have you seen this man?

I know that title is a little strange, right?

You probably think I am missing someone...well, I kinda am. Turns out I just can't seem to find my future husband. Funny how that just keeps happening.

I thought maybe if I tell you what he looks like and the qualities that he posses...maybe you might be able to help me find him,eh?

Good...I thought so.

So, let's start with what he looks like...he's tall about 6'1 or taller, nice build, great arms...oh and he has a six pack like Ryan Gosling here...

Actually...Ryan Gosling himself wouldn't be so bad : )

He is a God fearing man, loves his Jesus, and wants to raise his family in church...speaking of family. He can't wait to start one. He is a family man. Super close with his own family. Loves college football, especially Oklahoma State...Go Pokes. Not necessarily a cowboy, but is a good ol' southern gentleman who wears square-toed boots.

Boots that are perfect for two-stepping at a red-dirt concert. Loves the outdoors and is a man's man, but also a real romantic and not afraid to show his true feelings.

Always opens doors for ladies, has great manners because his momma taught him those things.

Loves to go out and have a good time but also doesn't mind just hanging out at home kicked back watching a movie.

Do you think you have seen him? Maybe you know him? If so, please send him my way...I have been looking everywhere for him.

I would be ever so appreciative : )

A girl can dream right?


Thursday, August 18, 2011

The one time I was in a magazine

Here it is  August. The start of school for some. Oh, I how I miss the days of college. Where everything was easy, yet seemed so hard back then. I would give anything to go back. Who wouldn't, really?

I was organizing my room the other day and going through some boxes when I came across this magazine. It's called "The Strip" which is basically a magazine that chronicles the happenings in the social scene...aka, the bars guess it, "The Strip." Well you can guess that yours truly had her picture in that magazine a time or two...maybe I frequented the bars every now and then...sorry for the quality of photos, when I scanned them the colors kinda merged.

Le Magazine

Yours truly on the right with my good ol' buddy Mr. May.

Man those were the nights, just hanging out at my favorite bar, "The penny" drinking limies. Although I have no idea why I am not drinking one in this picture...hmm.

Thought I would share a few more photo's I came back in my skinny days--note to self, get back to those skinny days!

DonEtta, Bestie and I at a football game

I sure do miss waking up Bestie when it was cold outside and making her drive me to work or class. She did it to, every single time I asked...she drove. I miss taking naps during the day, when dressing up meant wearing a good pair of sweats and a nice hoodie to class, walking downstairs in the sorority house and having lots of sisters to watch the season finale of "Friends" with, college football games(even though we still go to those), late nights out at the penny with Miss football, Honey and Bestie as well as all our good ol' country boys, IHOP after said late nights at the penny, going to Wal-Mart at 2am and seeing pretty much everyone you know, back roading in DonEtta's truck, concerts all the time on the strip, calf fry and so much more.

Can we please just go back to college, just for a day?


Pinteresting thoughts

One more day until Friday...I think that calls for some recent pin's...yes, I joined Pinterest and I am seriously can follow  me : )

Happy Thursday loves!