Thursday, August 25, 2011

All you need are friends,sweet friends.

"You know what? I am going to do something today. I'm not just going to sit around like some old lady. I'm going to get something pierced. Like my, uh... like my nose or my tongue or something." Rachel from "Friends" from the episode of "The one wthey all turn 30."

I've always said that you can relate everything in life to an episode of "Friends."

So, with that being said I am taking what Rachel said and going to do just that. The other day I was talking to Miss Football about my birthday and I was talking about how I just wasn't that into it this year. Mainly because a lot has happened in my life lately and I just don't feel like celebrating. She told me to look at it like starting a new year.

She's right. Why wait until Jan. 1 to change things, to set new goals, etc. If you think about it your birthday really is the true new year, right? Your turning a whole year older, so now is the perfect time to declare things you want to change, set goals to accomplish, etc.

I don't plan on getting anything pierced like the quote said, but I may get a new tattoo. Why not? Finally jump out of a plane...sure! One thing for certain that I am doing is getting in the best shape of my life. Let's face it...clearly I am not getting any younger here, I realize 27 isn't that old but it's on the...dare I say it...downside of twenties. I want to be completely healthily in not only my body, but my mind and soul too.

I have decided after watching Miss Football cross the finish line, when we were in San Fran, after completing her first half-marathon...that I want to accomplish something so beyond anything I have dreamed of doing.

I, too, am going to do a half-marathon.

It might not happen in six months, but it will happen.

My whole life I have set goals and for the most part I have accomplished them. It just feels like in the last couple of years I set out to do something and somehow along the way I got distracted or discouraged. Who knows why really, many differently things I am sure...but for whatever reason, I am not letting anything distract me this time.

Especially when I know I have the best support group behind me.

When I came home from work yesterday I had the best little birthday package waiting for me from two of my favorite people in the world, Miss Football and Honey. I was just looking forward to their cards, because they always send the best ones...little did I know they bought me something I had been wanting to get to help me with my running and they gave me a pink 13.1 sticker to place anywhere to keep me motivated.

What's important is not what they got me, they didn't have to get me anything, although I won't give it back because I love it! What matters and actually brought tears to my eyes is what they wrote and the fact that they believe in me and support me.

That's all that matters.

So, what I've learned in my 26 years...soon to be 27 is that your goals or dreams may not always come out the way you want them, but friends...really good friends are always always there for you; cheering you on, loving you and supporting you.

That's all I could really ask to receive on my birthday.

Good thing for me, I already got it.



Anonymous said...

Yay!! Your phone call yesterday made my day. You are so sweet and wonderful and I absolutely adore you.

Happy-one-day-til-your-birthday day!


Tiffany said...

So glad you liked it! I can't wait to run your first half marathon with you! :)

~Miss Football