Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm getting old...

In honor of birthday week, I thought I would list 27 reasons on why I am no longer a spring chicken.

1. I like to be in bed by 10:00pm...some nights earlier if I'm lucky
2. Last night on the first official day of my birthday week, I went for a run and then shampooed my carpets (how's that for exciting)
3. I'll take a hot bubble bath and a glass of wine over going out in the middle of the week.
4.I'll take wine any night of the week.
5. Speaking of Alcohol...I don't ever ever remember getting hungover after two or three drinks. WTH?
6.  For my birthday I want things like a vacuum cleaner that sucks up pet hair...again, WTF?
7. The first week of school is no longer about my friends going back to college in my news feeds, it's now said friend's kids starting school.
8.What happened to my metabolism?
9. I look forward to finding new recipes and then trying them out.
10. My little brother is a freshman in college. Enough said.
11. I am thoroughly exhausted after going out two nights in a row.
12. I am pretty sure I have cellulite.
13. And chicken wing arms.
14. Things like bills come before shopping spree's....well, sometimes.
15. Most 18-23 year old annoy me, all except my brother...and at times he does too.
16. I sound like a bitter old lady, don't I?
17. I pay attention to the stock market
18. I never used to do that.
19. I attend a baby shower, wedding shower, or some kind of shower at least once a month.
20. I enjoy buying stuff for my house sometimes more than I like buying clothes. Gasp!
21. I miss being 21, that was a good year.
22. The thought of turning 27 just freaked me out a little bit...not gonna lie.
23. On the bright side, 27 dresses is one of my favorite movies.
24. I no longer shop at stores like Abercrombie...mainly because I can't stand the strong cologne smell.
25. Good grief that made me sound real old.
26. I promise I am still a fun, young person...even though some of these reasons don't seem like it.
and the 27 reason why I am no longer a spring chicken is.....
actually I don't have one because after reading all these...I am refusing to become an old hen.

I am still a spring chicken, dang it!

Oh and as a second day of Birthday week present to myself...I just dowloaded the new Pistol Annies CD...you should too!



Anonymous said...

Love this post! Love!

Anonymous said...

You know another problem with stores like Abercrombie? The loud music. I can't even hear myself think with all that racket.

Great post - I very much enjoyed it.


Jodie said...

Love 20!! I still do both! ;)

Annie said...

Heard alot about you through Tiff's blog so thought I would follow you as well! Happy Birthday!
Annie B

PS I think Abercrombie smells like a whore in a hampster cage.. just sayin!