Friday, March 30, 2012



that is all I have to say.

I have a feeling the days of blogging everyday for the next month are so are going to be few and far between...I apologize.

Relay For Life is fast approaching and it is all consuming.

Take a look at my April calender....oh and because I am leaving for vacation in oh,8's time to get REAL SERIOUS on working out...I need to step up my game on that one.

And finally...a Calender that is free of scheduled events. Except I took this picture yesterday and forgot to blog and already since then I have filled up the first two weekends with more Relay stuff.

In other news, I am quite proud of myself at one of my latest creations on Draw Something..the game that is highly addicting and drains my battery like no other....I give you Lady Gaga...

Beats the heck out of the stick figures I usually draw.

That's it for now...I actually have to day, I am off to do a little browsing for said trip that is coming up.

Have a good weekend!


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday thoughts

A few things....

Thought I would share a picture of my baby brother...doing what he does best...Team Roping. My little brother has always had a rope in his hand, I swear, when he was a baby and as soon as her learned to walk he was chasing me around with a rope, trying to rope my legs.

Stray cats didn't stay long at our house...because my brother would rope them, don't worry he didn't hurt them...basically anything that had roped.

Clearly all that roping must have paid off because he is now on a full rodeo scholarship in college an this picture was taken last weekend at a college rodeo....


I'm banking on this kid to take me to the NFR (National Finals Rodeo that is held in Las Vegas) know where all the cowboys are.

The other night I was making cinnamon rolls, and sometimes I get a little messy with the flour...well, little did I know that a certain little basset was underneath the table...proof that she was somewhere she was not supposed to be...

Look how skinny she looks, she has been working on her swimsuit figure.

In other news, I just purchased my ticket to the HUNGER GAMES...I have never been more excited about a movie in my entire life...if I didn't go to bed at 9:30, I would so be at the midnight movie...but alas, I am old and need my beauty I am going to a matinee instead. 


Just a few Hunger Games humor...

I wasn't in the Hunger Games? 

hunger games on friday! 


Hunger Games! cmchambe13 humor 

and my favorite...because I am Team Peeta

Spoiler Alert: Hunger Games-Real Love. 

Happy Thursday...and as always...

May the odds be ever in your favor.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I feel like I have been MIA from blogger land....probably because I have.

First...I would like to say thank you all for your kind words from my post last Thursday. It is always a hard day, but you all seemed to make it much better.

So, thank you!

Let's see...what's new.

I got my hair did. FINALLY

It's super blonde, I will try and take a picture.

My little brother is home for Spring Break...I have seen him maybe for a total of .2 seconds.

I'm officially addicted to Draw app ever!

Find me and let's draw LyndseOSU

Let's's a monsoon here in Oklahoma...I will probably need a boat to drive home

I am afraid my short to the ground basset hound might float away out of my backyard if the rain keeps up.

I am on a shopping budget....I think the stores know this because they keep tempting me with their discount coupons in the mail, and there emails for online discounts...but I haven't given in...not yet.

Did I tell y'all I attempted to make spaghetti squash the other day...and the recipe on Pinterest told me to stick it in the microwave to soften it up...well, the damn spaghetti squash apparently explodes in the in, door flies open and strings of spaghetti squash are everywhere and I am on the ground because I thought I had been shot.

Yes, this really happened.

I promise I am a good fact, tonight I am baking cinnamon rolls,homemade, for our patients tomorrow.

I think that is really all that has been happening lately...I lead such an exciting life, y'all...complete with exploding spaghetti squash and all.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Relay for....

"The reason it hurts so much to separate is because our souls are connected." Nicholas Sparks

March 15 isn't just another day on the calendar anymore.
It's the day I received a call that deep down I knew would be coming, but couldn't ever bring myself to the realization that it would actually happen.

It's the day that my heart will forever be broken
It's the day that a mother and father lost their daughter
a brother lost his sister
It's the day heaven got an angel
and it's the day I lost my best friend

You would think it get's easier...four years later...and it does to a degree, but no matter where I am or what I am doing...not a second of the day goes by that I don't think about her.

Last year on this day, I wrote a letter to heaven.

I've mentioned it on here before, DonEtta lost her battle to brain cancer exactly 18 months after she was diagnosed. She was only 23, a few months shy of her 24th birthday, when she heard the news...."You have cancer!"

No one ever deserves to hear those three words.
I didn't even want to hear those words when she called me. I didn't believe it...sometimes I still don't believe it. It's weird I know...thinking DonEtta is still here with us, maybe it's because I talk to her often.
Call me crazy.

I am actively involved with Relay For Life, this year I am the co-chair of my Relay.
It's stressful and time consuming and sometimes I lose sight of why I am actually doing this.

Then March 15th rolls around and I am strongly and emotionally reminded that for every phone call that I am making, every email that I am sending, every person that I am hounding for donations, for every story that I hear...and for all my time consumed....I am doing this for her.

I am doing this for the girl I met in college who had those hot pink boots and a swagger that couldn't be matched.
I am doing this for the girl who would become my big sis in the sorority...and in turn become the sister I never had.
I am doing this for all those times spent just driving in the truck, with the windows down, listening to music.
I am doing this for all those crazy days and nights I wish so strongly I could get back.
I am doing this for the struggles that I watched her go through.
I am doing this for the incredible fight that she had....
and for the day she could no longer fight back.

I Relay for her.

My best friend

So, when I am frustrated or just want to give up...because everything seems to be crazy...I remember who I am doing this for...and it's not just for her, it's for everyone who has ever heard those three words. 

I Relay for them and I would Relay for you.

Who do you Relay for?

Visit for more information on how you can get involved.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Girl Power songs

Hey y'all....what's happening??

I feel like everyday this week is like the movie Groundhog. Or everyday is Monday.

Damn Daylight savings time wrecking with my mojo.

I updated my running playlist over the weekend and added Kelly Clarkson's new song, "Stronger"...if y'all are looking for an awesome song to run to or just to rock out to, this is THE song.

LOVE the lyrics...especially this line, "Doesn't mean I am lonely when I'm alone"

Perfect line.

Break-up or no break-up....or just for the single gal like me, who may be alone...but I am certainly am not lonely.

Thank you Miss Clarkson for putting that in your song!

Now another song that I absolutely love that I have had in my itunes for awhile but didn't have in my running playlist is, Steel Magnolias, "Bullet Proof"

Talk about a song that makes you feel like you can do anything, it's for sure a kick ass and take names kind of song.

I love songs like that, I know they center around about being on your own after a break-up...but I think both of these songs are just all around good GIRL POWER songs.

For your listening pleasure...


Monday, March 12, 2012

Daylight Savings...and dating advice from my Nana

Can I just say that I do not appreciate losing an hour of sleep.

I need that extra hour....which is probably why I am grumpy this morning and dragging.

Grumpy and dragging...not a good combination.

And last night I had crazy I could not go to bed because my brain would not shut off...which is probably why I had the dreams I did.

See...that hour of sleep is critical.

OH...I know why I had weird dreams...I could not stop thinking about Mike dying on Desperate Housewives...I tell you, that through me for a loop. I loved him. weekend was very nice and relaxing. Went to bed Friday night at an old person, certainly not like a single women who should be out on the fact, when I talked to my Nana on the phone Saturday morning...and it was early Saturday morning...because when you go to bed at nine you wake up at 6:30. I thought, who can I talk to that is up this Nana.

I tell you, I love that lady. She was meant to be my grandma. I just adore her. She loves to give me dating advice...she is just ready for me to find "the one" and settle down, well, Nana...I am too!

Her past dating advice has consisted of me moving to Alaska...because apparently the ratio of men to women is like 10:1 or something in complete favor for us.

Two things: 1. I do not like cold weather
2. If I have a hard time adjusting to daylight savings time, it would be extremely difficult to adjust to complete darkness for part of the year.

Saturday my Nana informed me that Mr. Right is not going to come knock on my door and drag me out of the she thinks I should join a bowling league or something.

I like to bowl...I might consider it.

The best advice she gave me is when I do find the one and getting married is the next logical make sure that he is my best friend, because when it is all said and look past the superficial stuff...age fades away, but the ability to make each other laugh lasts forever.

Trust me...there is never a dull moment when I am with my Nana and Papa...they may argue, my Nana may change his diet from fried food to leafy greens...but all in all, at the end of the day...they laugh, they live...and most of all they love.

I just may have to listen to my Nana on that one.

Besides, if don't start doing something...I very well may get registered on a dating only saving grace is that Nana doesn't have the internet.


Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday thoughts

Helloooooo Friday....nice of you to join us!

Want to hear my exciting weekend plans? It's so outrageous it's crazy....

I will be cleaning my house
Organizing my closet
Running/working out

I may paint my nails.....I'm really living on the edge, aren't I?

So, I discovered the other day that I have back fat. Yes, I said it. I think I've had it for awhile now and have been in denial about the HELL do I get rid of it? I know cardio will do it, but what else...I know core stuff...but what kind of specific core a sister out, please...this stuff has GOT TO GO!

In order for a well balanced TV schedule, I like to throw in shows like Swamp People and Mud Cats in with my Real Housewives. I love me some gator hunting people, in fact, seeing those girls that gator hunt...makes me want to hunt a gator.

I'm pretty sure I can do it.

I just need a gun, some chickens for bait and a swamp boat thingy. Oh and my brother, because really, let's face soon as I see a gator I will scream like the little girl I am...and my brother, the hunter of all hunters, will have to take care of it.

The Mud Cat show is about those crazy noodlers in Oklahoma...I keep watching just to see if I see a family member or never know.

Oh, and noodling...even if someone paid me a million dollars to noodle, I would not do it. There is no way I am sticking my hand down a hole, where I have no idea if a snake or beaver or a giant catfish is just waiting to bite it.

No, thank you.

I'll stick to fishing the right way...with my pink fishing pole. 

I brought my lunch today, a Lean Cuisine...I know not quite the healthiest lunch, but it beats a cheeseburger. Anyway, one of our patients brought us some homemade chicken and dumplings'.  Not those noodle dumplings' that someone people try to pass off...but the real deal huge white, fluffy carb loaded dumplings'. I am a southern girl who can not pass up a chance for the real it's free and it's just plain rude to not eat what someone brings you.

My momma raised me right.

So, I ate them. All white carbs and everything. 

Hey, it's Friday...I gotta live a little.

Have a great weekend loves.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pinteresting...healthy edition

Hey hey...I am linking up again this Wednesday with Michelle from The Vintage Apple for, Oh How Pinteresting.

You know I love my fact just this week, I have converted TWO more people over to the pinterest world.

They will love me forever.

This week's version is all things Healthy/fitness inspired

Yogurt drops...since I am back on the getting in shape wagon..and I always want something cold and creamy...Rocky Road comes to mind, I thought this might be a healthier version. 

Frozen yogurt balls. I made some last night, and they were delish!

Yogurt Drops: Spoon flavored yogurt into a plastic bag. Squeeze dots onto cookie sheet and place in freezer. They'll be ready in about an hour! | Such a great healthy summertime snack.

How about some Healthy smoothies...I love a good smoothie

20 healthy smoothies.

A new treadmill workout that I will have to try

50 Minute Sweaty Treadmill Workout

jump rope circuit workout


and I know I could use the motivation


and humor...

hahah. first time actively trying to lose weight..

Hehe hell yeah!

and this has nothing to do with working out/eating better...but I am compeltly obessed with the Hunger Games...cannot wait until March I love Ryan Gossling.

Ryan Gosling:  hey girl, if they called your name, i'd volunteer as a tribute

Have a great day!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Super Tuesday

Hey y'all...happy Tuesday...or happy Super Tuesday.

I woke up this morning and realized that I have 77 days until I leave for my vacation...on a beach.

Operation get your butt in gear for Costa Rica

This body is not vacation ready.

That's enough to motivate you to pack your gym back and make yourself a delicious egg white omelet, with avocado and tomato...with a side of strawberries.

I am no food this picture doesn't do it justice, but it was amaze-balls.

And since I started out the morning eating right...I have already turned down the offer for a chocolate-chocolate cookie. 

Go me!

Speaking of cookies, OREO turns 100 today. I love Oreo' favorite are the peanut butter Oreo's. Chocolate on the outside, peanut butter on the inside.
I have seriously eaten a whole cartoon in one sitting. 
Not one of my proudest moments in life.

Now...I love Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert..I mean, this ol' blog title is from one of my favorite Miranda songs...however, I am SO not happy with Blake's choice on the Voice last night. I really think he should have kept Adley. She was so much better than Raelynn. Plus, Adley is from Oklahoma and a fellow OSU grad.

I may be bias.

As always, Adam Levine is hott...even with a beard.

Ok, I think that's enough random thoughts for today.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Car 101

There should be some things you should know about me.

Like how I can eat an entire jar of pickles for dinner and how clowns literally scare the bejesus out of me.

I just don't trust clowns.

You can't be that happy all the time.

Oh and people dressed in mascot costumes. 


There are things I am REALLY great at, that just come to poofing hair.

I hate flat hair, there isn't a day that I don't have a poof...ponytails with out a poof, I don't know what that is.

Also, Make-up...I know my shiz.

Now, here are things I am NOT good at.

Rolling those dang Pillsbury Crescent rolls

and anything and everything that has to do with my car.

For example. On Saturday I took my car to my local tire/oil changing place and had them check the air in my tires. First the guy asks me some questions like,"Do you know how much air is supposed to be in your tires?" and "Have you noticed your car driving any differently?"

First it written on the tire or something on how much air is supposed to be in them, because if not, I have no idea what it should be. Second, I haven't noticed my car acting funny since that one time I drove around for a week hearing this strange noise and thought it was my back window, only to find out that when I pulled into the Wal-Mart parking lot my tire was FLAT, like dangerously flat.

I know, I would think I would have noticed that...apparently I am oblivious.

Back to Saturday, the owner comes out to spray some stuff on my tire to see if there is a leak, and while she is doing this she asks me, "When was the last night you put air in your tires?" clue. I really should pay more attention. All in all, my tire is fine for now, but  I will need a new one.

The lady offered to teach me a thing or two about cars...and I offered to poof her hair.

I'd say it's a win win.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Being Single

 “I must learn to love the fool in me the one who feels too much, talks too much, takes too many chances, wins sometimes and loses often, lacks self-control, loves and hates, hurts and gets hurt, promises and breaks promises, laughs and cries.” ~Theodore Isaac Rubin

Do you guys follow The Single Woman? If not, you should because she is amazing. Think Carrie Bradshaw amazing. She has great advice for us single gals...actually she just has great advice in general. Whether you are single or not.

I saw this quote yesterday in her post, I just love it! Absolutely love it. I know I judge myself to harshly sometimes. I know I talk waytomuch or say things that don't make any sense...I cry at those dang Sara Mclaughlin commercials and that self-control thing...let's just say that Rocky Road ice cream didn't eat itself, okay!

All those things though...they make ME who I am.

And that's just that.

I don't know if it's because I live in the South, or because I ain't gettin' any younger or because everyone around me is either getting married or having babies...pretty sure it's all of the above, but I get asked DAILY and I mean DAILY, are you dating someone? Why aren't you dating someone?

I have blogged about it before. It's frustrating getting asked those questions. Trust me if I knew the answer, don't you think I would be dating someone and/or married.

Geez Louis.

Yesterday, a lady told me(and it's not just her, here lately I've been told this several times) dating at your age, it isn't easy.


When did I become the age where YOUR AGE was a factor.

I am 27. Is that really an age, where dating isn't easy??

It's not that I don't get asked out on dates, I mean...that eighty year old man who gave me the Worther's Original candy asked me on a date. See...I get asked. Might not be in my particular age range of dating, but still.

I was asked.

I will admit, her telling me that kinda of made me sad and discouraged me a little and made me wonder, maybe I am being too picky.

Then I saw this...and all hope was restored.

Amen. Give it all to God

God knows what he's doing. So, all the times that I questioned maybe if I did this differently or said this or actually went on a second date with that would have worked out and I wouldn't still be single....GOD knows, and he has the perfect man for me to marry. 

He won't be perfect, I'm not perfect...but he'll be perfect for me.