Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday thoughts

Helloooooo Friday....nice of you to join us!

Want to hear my exciting weekend plans? It's so outrageous it's crazy....

I will be cleaning my house
Organizing my closet
Running/working out

I may paint my nails.....I'm really living on the edge, aren't I?

So, I discovered the other day that I have back fat. Yes, I said it. I think I've had it for awhile now and have been in denial about the HELL do I get rid of it? I know cardio will do it, but what else...I know core stuff...but what kind of specific core a sister out, please...this stuff has GOT TO GO!

In order for a well balanced TV schedule, I like to throw in shows like Swamp People and Mud Cats in with my Real Housewives. I love me some gator hunting people, in fact, seeing those girls that gator hunt...makes me want to hunt a gator.

I'm pretty sure I can do it.

I just need a gun, some chickens for bait and a swamp boat thingy. Oh and my brother, because really, let's face soon as I see a gator I will scream like the little girl I am...and my brother, the hunter of all hunters, will have to take care of it.

The Mud Cat show is about those crazy noodlers in Oklahoma...I keep watching just to see if I see a family member or never know.

Oh, and noodling...even if someone paid me a million dollars to noodle, I would not do it. There is no way I am sticking my hand down a hole, where I have no idea if a snake or beaver or a giant catfish is just waiting to bite it.

No, thank you.

I'll stick to fishing the right way...with my pink fishing pole. 

I brought my lunch today, a Lean Cuisine...I know not quite the healthiest lunch, but it beats a cheeseburger. Anyway, one of our patients brought us some homemade chicken and dumplings'.  Not those noodle dumplings' that someone people try to pass off...but the real deal huge white, fluffy carb loaded dumplings'. I am a southern girl who can not pass up a chance for the real it's free and it's just plain rude to not eat what someone brings you.

My momma raised me right.

So, I ate them. All white carbs and everything. 

Hey, it's Friday...I gotta live a little.

Have a great weekend loves.



Carly Ann said...

Oh Swamp People. I was reading in bed when the boyfriend came in and turned swamp people on. As much as those people make me cringe, I can't take my eyes off of it, lol.

Jenks Mom said...

I have a solution to the "back fat" and BTW... I never call it that... my word is "The Pepsi Roll" because that’s what it is! It is from drinking pop or sweet tea!! I stopped drinking Pop about 4 years ago and it slowly WENT AWAY! Of course it took working out and losing some weight as well... but a trainer told me it was my Pepsi Roll and that was all it took... for me it was Dr. Pepper... GONE!! Dr. P who?? I don’t touch the stuff... good luck girly!!! :-)