Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Girl Power songs

Hey y'all....what's happening??

I feel like everyday this week is like the movie Groundhog. Or everyday is Monday.

Damn Daylight savings time wrecking with my mojo.

I updated my running playlist over the weekend and added Kelly Clarkson's new song, "Stronger"...if y'all are looking for an awesome song to run to or just to rock out to, this is THE song.

LOVE the lyrics...especially this line, "Doesn't mean I am lonely when I'm alone"

Perfect line.

Break-up or no break-up....or just for the single gal like me, who may be alone...but I am certainly am not lonely.

Thank you Miss Clarkson for putting that in your song!

Now another song that I absolutely love that I have had in my itunes for awhile but didn't have in my running playlist is, Steel Magnolias, "Bullet Proof"

Talk about a song that makes you feel like you can do anything, it's for sure a kick ass and take names kind of song.

I love songs like that, I know they center around about being on your own after a break-up...but I think both of these songs are just all around good GIRL POWER songs.

For your listening pleasure...



Tiffany said...

I agree---that Kelly Clarkson is my current favorite running song! :)

~Miss Football

Ashley said...

Love this post. I need to check our Kelly's new song! I'm sure I have maybe heard it at work, but I'll look it up in case!


Carly Ann said...

Kelly Clarkson's song is one of my faves right now!