Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend update

Goood Monday Morning.

I wish I had some fun exciting weekend events and past week events to blog about...but no such luck.

I mean, I'm having a GREAT time at my new's just keeps me so busy from being able to do any extracurricular activities.

My seventy year old grandparents have a better social life than I do.
They played domino's from 3 in the afternoon yesterday until almost 9 last night.
While I did laundry, showered and watched the Emmy's.
Mind you, I am recovering from being sick.
Who would have thought that working non-stop and running around would cause you to get sick...doesn't sickness know that "ain't nobody got time for that"

I did manage to squeeze in a little fun this weekend. The fair was in town and this was the last weekend for it,my friend and I went Saturday night to watch the Rodeo and Gary Allen concert...except it wasn't a rodeo it was Extreme Bulls. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind bull riding...but this girl likes a good Rodeo...oh and P.S. Gary Allen is getting on up there my friends.

Everywhere I go, I always end having extreme random conversations with for example. The old man sitting next to me at the bull riding. I was eating a pickle. He proceeded to tell me how much he loves pickles...and therefore a 20 minute conversation about the different types of pickles took place.

No one ever said that I wasn't a talker.

In other news...I found a stinging scorpion in my bed.
Yes...I freaking stinging Scorpion.  I screamed bloody murder and had a near panic attack at the fact that there was indeed a stinging scorpion where I sleep at night.

Scorpion is now gone...but don't think for a second I don't completely strip the sheets off my bed every night now before I go to sleep.

I might as well be sleeping outside.


Friday, September 21, 2012

I believe in

I couldn't pass up a great link-up...even if I'm a few days short...but here lately, I've been a few days short on everything, so that's ok.

I believe in Fridays

Pinned Image

I believe in pancakes on Saturday morning....with peanut butter.

I believe that calories don't count when eating pancakes w/peanut butter.

I believe front porches are a must

I believe in front porch swings...and sitting on them when I'm old with my husband

I believe in Jesus and his written word

I believe in family

I believe in love

I believe fairy tales can come true

I believe in following your dream...even if you have to move from everything you've ever known.

I believe in sleeping in...even if it rarely happens

I believe in friendships

I believe in trips

I believe in a life full of "oh wells" rather than "what ifs"

I believe in wine

I believe in car dancing and singing at the top of your lungs

I believe in two-stepping

I believe in Oklahoma State

I believe that animals can put a smile on anyone's face. Especially my two doggies.

I believe in sweatpants

I believe in Reality TV

I believe that every episode of FRIENDS can be related to life

I believe in Fall

I believe in Christmas

I believe in Summer...just not 115 degrees in summer

I believe in back roads

I believe in family dinners

I believe in retail therapy

I believe in getting dressed up

I believe that sitting down and thinking of things you believe in makes you happy


Monday, September 17, 2012

It's Monday

It's Monday....and you know how Monday's are.

Here are just a few things that annoy me today on this Monday.

1. When I'm trying to cancel my cable package...because let's face it, I had way to many channels and to many DVR's to watch. I do not need you, sales lady, to keep trying to get me to ADD more channels...when I'm trying to CANCEL channels. Nor do I need phone and or internet. I'M CANCELLING!!!!

2. When it's foggy outside, and you literally can not see 2 ft in front of you..I'm going to go under the speed limit...especially since I have a brand new freaking car. So, car that likes to ride my ass this better believe that if you were to have hit me, you would definitely be paying for it.

I guess those really are my only gripes for least so far. It is still morning.

Yay for Fall like weather...I mean, 88 degrees is probably not really fall like...but I've been waiting for months to break out my boots..and today, you better believe that I did...I mean, the pumpkin spice latte's are out, so technically it's fall.

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In getting ready for fall...I've gone from a blonde to a brunette. Well...maybe not a brunette to some people...but for this blonde...adding just a little bit of darker colors is pretty much brunette in my books.

Well...I think that is all for today.

Have a fabulous day loves!


Monday, September 10, 2012

A few things...

Hey loves.

I can't promise much...but I am going to try and get back into the swing of things in blog land.

New job, new location, new everything...makes for a busy life.

Let's catch up, shall we.

August 26. Turned a wopping 28 years old. Spent the day driving to my new home, Nana and Papa's home.

August 27. Started my dream job.
Drove home...might have accidently almost ended up in Texas.
Damn GPS

August 28. Successfully drove and didn't get lost anywhere.

August 30. Had a party at work that day. All day party. I may have the best job ever.

Sept. 1. OSU's first game of the season...we acutally won that one.

Sept. 2. Tried to explain to my Papa what a DVR is, and why it's not my fault if I'm not home during the day that he accidently starts recording everything and then gets upset that his tv isn't working...and spends the rest of the day outside.

Sept. 3.  Wanted to eat some pickles. Me: "Nana, what the heck is floating in this pickle jar?" Nana: "Oh, that's just a little fungus, it won't hurt you!" Me: "Seriously, will. You are not supposed to eat stuff that grows...I'm cleaning out your fridge!"

Sept. 4. It's chickens vs. flower beds. My papa loves chickens. My nana hates chickens. My nana loves to garden and has the best yard I've ever seen. My papa likes to annoy my nana...I guess this is what happens after 50+ years of marriage. Enter chickengate 2012. I come home one night from work. Papa is sitting outside trying to get the chickens back to their pen. Nana, is sitting inside. Refusing to let Papa inside, until the chickens are gone.

Sept. 5. I need a reality show.

There you have it...a quick run down of life lately.
Here are just a few pictures.

Have a great Monday!