Thursday, November 15, 2012

Adventures in Duck Hunting

I'd like to think that I have accomplished a lot this morning...all before 7 am.

I have already had one cup of coffee, my banana and I am currently catching up on my dvr while checking email and going over my presentation that I have to present in a couple of hours.

Mulit-tasking at it's finest people.

I'm drinking coffee out of a Christmas tree mug...and this makes me happy, happy, happy...Jack.

If you didn't get that "happy, happy, happy" reference...than you must not watch Duck Dynasty...and in that case you are SOOOO missing out and the best show ever.
Like ever.

I like to think that I have helped that fun loving, beard wearing, frog gigging, duck call building family get their fame.
I have been buying their Duck Calls for years and didn't even realize it.
Thanks to the little brother, who loves to duck hunt, I have purchased several of those babies.

You are welcome Robertson family.

I have gone Duck Hunting once.

Notice I said once.

My mom and I went with little brother one day...we got all bundled up...because apparently the best duck hunting is when it's freezing ass cold and snowy. Which is not my cup of tea...but whatevs.
We, no lie, had to cross this creek...and the only way over the creek was to try to walk on this fence that was half out of the water.
So, imagine me...a girl who hates cold, has to walk over a creek, I have on like five layers of clothing, two sized to big hunting boots that keep falling off and I have a gun...which might be a dangerous thing...anyway we make it across...only for me to get to the bank and slip down a muddy hill.
Little bro comes to help me up...or so I thought, he just came to get his know,  because those things shouldn't get muddy.
Now, sisters on the other hand...I guess we are fine.
Here I am, trying to get out of the mud, minus a boot that got stuck, and I have five layers of clothing on.
All this for duck hunting.
Finally I get myself thanks to the other two who are laughing.
 We eventually get to our duck blinds and just sit there.
Waiting and calling, calling and waiting.
After a few hours we finally see a few ducks.
We get one.
We go to get it....we get and are taking it back with us...when all of a sudden, the dang duck comes back to freaking life and starts freaking out.
I scream...because this duck is already supposed to be dead...not half way dead and coming back to life.
Needless to say...after five hours...a fall in the mud, a duck that comes back to life.

And I haven't been duck hunting since.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012



First time to blog in oh, about two weeks...I think that might be some kind of record for know if there were records for a person who spaces out on blogging.

Oh...if I could go back to when things were simple and I had all the time in the world to blog and watch my dvr.

If I'm being honest here, I miss my tv shows.
Yes, I admit it. I had a tv addiction...clearly that addiction has subsided since I just don't have the time to watch all one hundred of my favorite shows.

Sorry honey boo boo, but you were one of the shows I had to cut.
Darn it.

That and my soaps.
Daytime drama at it's finest, y'all.

I haven't even been on pinterest.

Now...that is just a crying shame.
No pinning??

I know, I am just as baffled as you are.

In other news, I'm pretty sure I broke my leg...well, when I say broke...I mean, I pulled a muscle or something like that.

I wish I could say that I pulled it by running 5 miles or doing squats or lunges or something fitness related...but no, I pulled it getting into my car.
Clearly...I'm that out of shape.

Obviously this means I need to work out or something.

I'm in a red lipstick kick these days...I love it...and the nice security guy at the airport said he liked it too...he told me this as I was being asked to step aside because my carry-on was apparently beeping.

It's always something with me and airports.

I need some help...I'm in the market for a cute sparkly dress...and I need it in two weeks. Where can one buy cute sparkly dresses? I have looked online at my go to stores and I'm not liking anything so far.

Help a sister out,please :)

Now a must go...because a cute little baby boy just arrived at my office and I must go hold him.

Peace out loves