Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Angels and a Basset

My morning started out with a 10 mile run, 500 crunches, 200 lunges...haha, who am I kidding...I barely rolled out of bed this morning, opted for the top-knot hairstyle instead of washing it(I know, LAZY) and I threw a hissy fit like a five year old in the middle of my closet. I swear my dogs looked at me like I was crazy. I could not find anything at all to wear, nothing fit right, I think the scale in the bathroom this morning lied to wants me to think I weigh that much.

Stupid lying scale.

I blame all of this on the Victoria Secret fashion show...of course, I don't blame it on the sweets I ate over Thanksgiving or the amazingly delicious Caramel Brulee coffee I had at Starbucks yesterday.

It's all their fault.

I would also like to note...and Santa, if you are listening, I would like to have a rock star boyfriend for Christmas...please and thank you.

(actually, Santa, a non-rocker guy would be ok too)

Seriously, how cute is Adam Levine and his VS angel girlfriend. So sweet!

I really have to get serious and in to the gym after watching that show. I saved it on my know for days I like to have pity parties...much like the one I had this morning.

On a totally different note. I am fighting probably a losing battle with a certain Basset hound. Every single time...and I mean every single time I get off my love seat..this dog, who will be laying on her bed in the floor, will no doubt move at like lightening speed and take my spot.

(said couch in question)
Every. Single. Time.

Somehow I am going to have to video tape this or something to show y'all. She could be in another room and I swear she knows the exact moment I get up to walk away.

And moving her from my's not easy. Have you ever tried to move a slightly overweight Basset hound? It doesn't happen.

 Why I don't opt to sit on the the other perfectly good the heck out of me.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's the hap-happiest season of all

I was going to wait until Dec. 1st to start blogging about Christmas, but I just can't withstand my love for all things Merry and Bright any longer.


Besides, Thanksgiving is over and now we can officially talk all things jolly.

Seeing how I spent WAY TOO MUCH money this last weekend on Christmas presents...I am pretty much complete in my Christmas spending. Which is a good thing, I just wish everything I ordered would hurry up and get here so I can wrap them and put them under my tree.

I have already watched my fair share of holiday movies, thanks to ABC's family channel and the Hallmark Channel...I am a sucker for a feel good Christmas movie. all time favorite movies that I will be watching, probably more than once, are...

Pinned Image

If I don't watch this movie at least a couple of times, my holiday season is not complete. Who didn't fall in love with this house?
Pinned Image

The ultimate Christmas movie
Pinned Image

One of my favorite's
Pinned Image

Hello, Jude Law!

Another favorite...

Pinned Image all I want to do is go home, make some hot chocolate and spend all day cozied up watching Christmas movies...until then, I will just listen to my NSYNC Christmas album...don't deny you don't listen to it too!


Monday, November 28, 2011

Turkey day, domino's and shopping...oh my!

Happy Monday Morning y'all!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I know I did. It's always nice to spend a few days with your family...just eating, drinking and playing domino's.

At least that is what went on at my house...oh and shopping. I did WAY TOO MUCH shopping and this morning my bank account made me well aware of it. So, so much for cyber Monday :(

Also, I am a little antsy this morning, I was going over my receipts, yes, I know this is something I should do after I purchase things. Well, one store charged me for something I didn't get. I am slightly freaking out because what if they don't return that money back to my card. I mean, I didn't buy it, but really I have no way of proving it. I just hope the believe that I am telling the truth. Fingers crossed they do!!

Back to Thanksgiving. Apparently,  my family is not good at the whole taking photos thing, because I have no photos of my family from the holidays. I know, it's sad really. I should work on this...maybe if I had a really great camera. It might make me more apt to take pictures. HINT HINT, SANTA.

I learned a few things from this Thanksgiving.

1. If you wake up at six on Thanksgiving morning, you can score some really awesome pre-black Friday deals. I saved a TON of money and have the majority of my shopping done, all before 9 that morning.

2. Mimosa's minus the orange juice are really strong and it's not usually a good idea to shop and drink..especially before 9 in the morning.

3. Pink Champagne is amazing.

4. It does sort of make me angry

5. I may or may not have threatened my dear sweet family, especially my Papa and my Mom while playing domino's.
I don't play well with others apparently and I like to win.

6. My little brother may think he's to cool for me when we go out, as in he told me,"Sis, please don't hang out with me and my friends, you go do your on thing." Yet, when my favorite song comes on, my sweet baby brother comes and finds me and asks me to two-step.

That's a sweet lil brother :)

7. I learned that chivalry isn't dead. Saturday night while out, I was asked to dance by a sweet lil ol' old I mean in over 60. For some reason, I am a hit with old men. Go figure. Anyway, when asked to dance, this is the line he used, "If you dance with me, I promise to not stick my hand on your ass."

Chivalry at it's finest ladies.

8. I didn't really learn this, I just can't end on an odd number. I know that after eating anything and everything and somewhat completely breaking my no sugar thing. I have to get serious this week. No excuses.

That's all for now...wish me luck as I go and call the store and hope to get my money back!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011


On this Thanksgiving eve day, I thought I would share with y'all what I am thankful for.
Pinned Image

I am thankful for my family. Yes, we may all get a little crazy at times...but I think when you truly love and care about the people in your life, it's perfectly normal for you all to act a little crazy. We may drive each other nuts, but we are always, always here for one another. I am thankful for my mom, most of all I am thankful for her loving, kind, generous spirit and her incredible strength. My family had a bit of a rough patch this year, and I really didn't know how I would feel about the holidays...but all in all, my family is here. We are all healthy and loved and at the end of the day...that is all that matters.

Pinned Image

I am thankful for my friends. I tell you, these ladies are hilarious, beautiful, intelligent, kind, generous, fun, I could go on and on about how much I love these ladies. Yes, I have other friends who I care about deeply and each friendship brings something different to the table. But these ladies...these are my forever friends. They are after all my cheese to my macaroni....

You are...

I am thankful for my health, my family and friends health. Where I work, I see lots of people struggling with everyday luxuries we take for granted. I am thankful my body lets me be able to do all the things it is I want to do...I am thankful I can wake up in the morning pain free.

Pinned Image

I am thankful for laughter. With out laughter this world would be a very sad place. Laughter is the best medicine after all

Pinned Image

I am thankful for having a job. It might not be the exact job I dreamed of, or that I would still like to have. But it's a job nonetheless, and I am fortunate to have one.

I am thankful for being able to volunteer for an organization that has my heart. The American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. This goes along with being thankful for my health, but I see people who are fighting for their lives and yet they are able to smile and have the faith that IT will get better. I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to say that I am playing a part....a very small helping them get to where they want to be...and that's to celebrate a world with more birthdays.

Pinned Image

I am thankful for you. Yes, YOU! I never knew how amazingly wonderful the blogging world could be. I am very lucky to be able to call you my friends...even though we have never met and may never meet. It's nice knowing that no matter where we are or what is going on in our own little world, there is always someone out there to offer a kind word and sometimes the smallest the biggest gift of all.

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If only I could wear a pink tutu and tiara

Woke up this morning and thought for a second I was back in San Francisco. Boy oh boy is it foggy today in Oklahoma.

I wouldn't mind having woken up in San Fran. I love it there.

Please tell me y'all have heard of Sophia Grace and Rosie. Those cute little girls with their adorable British accents,who wear tiaras and pink tutus. Girls after my own heart. If I could wear a pink tutu and a tiara everyday and people not think I was some crazy person...I totally would.

Anyway, they have become a staple on the Ellen show and yesterday they were on there talking about their time spent at the AMA awards show interviewing people. Y'all...these girls are pro's at the red carpet.

Favorite line..."He's got on Ellen knickers!"

Love this video

Favorite line..."I mean, Rosie is light...but I'm like a sack of potatoes!" hahaha LOVE these girls!

When I grow up, I want to be these girls. No lie.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's raining men

Let's talk boys..mmmk

Before you think I actually have a boy in my life...well don't get to excited because unfortunately I do not. Trust me, the minute I start dating, as in going out past two or so dates, y'all will be the first to know.


I am talking about this boy

Sexiest man alive...that is according to People and according to myself, not that anyone asked me or anything. Bradley Cooper.

Who is else is sexy according to moi...well, let me tell you. I have and will always love Matthew McConaughey...especially this ad for Stetson cologne. I guess it's the cowboy hat...I'm a sucker for cowboys.

What can I say.

He's not to shabby either...

Oh, Ryan Reynolds...I loved you on Two guys, a girl and a pizza look how far you've come.

I may have even had a crush on this guy, when he was on the Micky Mouse club

Well....back to work...just thought a nice little break in the day would be great...especially a break where you can look at very handsome men.

You're welcome!

Monday, November 21, 2011

It's only a game

"There's life and death. This is only football." OSU Football coach Mike Gundy

I'm sure you might be a little tired of reading about football and OSU, well bare with me because of all things I have to say about football and my Alma Mater, this might be the most important one yet.

It's quite obvious I don't know a ton about football, I don't really understand the BCS (who does really), I also still think it's a great idea to some how incorporate that yellow line on to the field.

One thing I am sure of, is that I went to a damn good university. I BLEED orange. I love my team when we are winning and when we are not winning. I love them through good and I love them through bad...bad such as tragedies of losing more of our OSU family to a fatal plane crash and to losing hope of a national championship game and a Heisman trophy winner.

I am sure most of the nation has heard by now,if you read my post on Friday you would know, that OSU suffered the unspeakable...yet again. Our women's basketball coach, Kurt Budke and assistant coach Miranda Serna, along with two others, lost their lives late last Thursday night in a plane crash. This is the second time my OSU family has suffered such a loss. Ten years ago, we lost members of our basketball team and OSU staff to a plane crash in Colorado.

Then Friday night happened. A team that hadn't seen a loss all season, a team that had chances at a National Championship title, a team that had a candidate for the Heisman trophy...a team that wanted to play for all of us, who wanted to play for Coach Budke and Coach Serna. A team that for the firs time saw all those hopes and dreams disappear. A team, I'll admit, didn't play to the best of our potential, but a team that I love nonetheless.

 I am truly proud to call my self an Oklahoma State alum, yes we lost a football game, yes there were mistakes, yes dreams have been crushed...but at the end of the's just a football game. When our boys flew home that night, they were greeted by 200 or so fans dressed in orange at two in the morning. It was a bittersweet moment. Even though we lost and there shouldn't have been any celebrating, fans were there, waiting for a safe return home of our boys. Greeting them at the gate, singing our Alma Mater.

Proud and immortal
Bright Shines Your Name
Oklahoma State
We Herald Your Fame
Ever You'll Find Us
Loyal and True
To Our Alma Mater


These are the reasons I love my school, these are the reasons that no matter how successful we are at a sport, I will always be a cowboy. Yes, it's great for everyone to jump on the school that's winning. Which this happens a lot in this state, people joining the band wagon, however that is another blog for another day.

I recently saw this floating around on facebook and when I read it, I thought no words have ever been more true.

Orange is that day that you moved into the dorms as a freshman w/ lines for the elevator. It’s meeting those friends that would stick with you for life. It’s remembering those dorm buildings, even though they may not be there anymore.It’s wearing orange the Friday before the first game & every Friday after that. It’s KUR...T BUDKE, MIRANDA SERNA, Barry Sanders, John Smith, Garth Brooks, Mike Gundy, ......Eddie Sutton… it’s you and me. Orange is putting your arm around the shoulder of the stranger next to you to sing the Alma Mater. It’s making the switch to saying “Power” instead of “Orange.” It’s remembering Lewis Field & admiring Boone Pickens Stadium. It’s knowing that it’s left hand up to make an “S.” Orange is when it’s good for a Cowboy First Down and Ten. Orange is Pistols Firing – Touchdown Oklahoma State. It’s “...O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A Oklahoma STATE” no matter where you are when the state song is played. It’s the big smile on your face when you walk past the orange fountain. It’s going back to the place you worked in college & remembering it as the best job you ever had even though it paid the least. It’s a cabinet full of Joe’s cups. Orange is knowing that it’s time to go home when you hear “New York, New York” or “Shoulda Been a Cowboy.” Orange is the one you tried to let down easy & the one you’ll never forget. Orange is wanting to get out of Stillwater after four years & spending the rest of your life wanting to go back.

I'm proud to be a cowboy...loyal and true.

P.S. So who wants to tell me how to re-tweet...I promise I am not ignoring you when you tweet me, I just apparently don't know what I am doing. Who knew tweeting would be so difficult.

Have a good Monday loves


Friday, November 18, 2011

Say a little prayer

Happy Friday y'all!

Normally I would be talking about how happy I am that it is Friday and how excited I am to watch my Cowboys play football tonight, but instead I would just like to ask y'all to please say a prayer for the OSU community today.

Tragically, we lost a great women's basketball coach, Kurt Budke and his assistant coach Miranda Serna last night in a plane crash. This makes the second plane crash that OSU has had.

You may remember me blogging about "Remember the Ten", ten years ago we lost players,staff and members of the Oklahoma State University family. We will never forget them and we will never forget Coach Budke and Coach Serna.

I know I say a lot on this blog about just how proud I am to have graduated from Oklahoma State University, but words just can not express my love for this school and the people who are a part of it. We all come together not only in good times, like celebrating being number 2 in the nation, but we are also joined together in times of tragedy. We never forget those who lost their lives and we always remember.

Please keep the families of Coach Budke and Coach Serna in your prayers today.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Because I already don't spend enough of my time on the internet

Well...I did something I said I would never do....

I joined Twitter.

Now I can tweet.

Even though I have no idea what that means or how to do it.

and what's a hash tag?

Seriously, what is it? And what's all this @soandsobusiness??

Clearly I am clueless...I did learn something though as I joined twitter, Demi and Ashton are getting a divorce...right off the bat this twitter thing is useful.

You can follow me here @blondeokiegirl

Feel free to help me out, as I am twitter illiterate


Just for laughs

I'm kinda having "one of those days" and since all I want to do is go home and put on my sweats and curl up in my favorite blanket and cuddle with my two favorite doggies...but can't because I have to be a big kid and work, I thought these will do until I can go home.

Who doesn't love Phil Dunphy from Modern Family

Pinned Image
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
True that!

Pinned Image
Pinned Image
Pinned Image

and because this is exactly how I am feeling today...
Pinned Image

Tomorrow is Friday...thank the good Lord!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just a little nutrition

Alright I know that myself and a few fellow bloggers are working our butts off (literally) trying to get rockin' pinterest's bodies...some of y'all already have lucky ladies you.

Pinned Image

Motivation at it's finest.

Anyway, I thought I would use my background in nutrition for good and not evil and just talk about some good foods to include in our daily diet that are full of the good know all that vitamin and mineral jazz.

I personally am a big fan of almonds. Love them. I try to have them within my grasp at all times while working...I always get hungry about 10 and 3, and almonds are great for those blood sugar lows in between meals.

12 Foods for a Flat Belly

Almonds are full of calcium and magnesium, which are good for building strong bones...which is especially good if you are being really active, they help build muscle and reduce cravings.


12 Foods for a Flat Belly

Legumes and beans are packed full of protein, which is a good source if you are strength training and trying to gain muscle. They help in the building of muscle, burning of fat and they aid in regulating digestion. Which is a dang good thing.

Soy beans...also known as edamame is a great source of protein and a really good snack. I love love edamame. I buy the frozen kind, put a cup or so in my little steam pot thingy and stick in the microwave for a few minutes and sprinkle some sea salt and mmm--good. One cup has about 17g of protein.

Let's talk salads...more importantly let's talk spinach leaves. I love spinach leaves. I rarely eat a salad that isn't made up of spinach leaves...I mean if you get a salad with iceberg lettuce you are getting no nutritional value whatsoever. Spinach leaves are chalk full of iron and fiber, vitamins A and C and it helps neutralize free radicals.
12 Foods for a Flat Belly

* Free radicals are very bad girls, they are what speeds up the aging process, and we don't want wrinkly skin...spinach leaves helps to stop that*

I notice that a lot of people tend to take fat out of their diet especially when they are trying to lose weight. Yes, taking the "bad" fats such as starchy, sugary, trans fatty foods out of your diet is a good thing. But you should leave the "good" fats such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in your diet. Examples of good fats are:

Olive oil will help lower your cholesterol and boosts your immune system. I pretty much only cook with olive oil.

Avocados...I love love love avocados. They provide at least 20 essential nutrients such as potassium, fiber, Vitamin E(is great with anti-aging), Vitamin B and Folic acid.

Other things that are really good to incorporate are just whole grains, no starchy or white breads, lots of fruits and veggies...can never have enough of those things. And water. Yes, water is so simple, and you would be surprised how many people simply do not get enough during the day. I have a 32 oz water bottle(pink of course) that I have with me everyday and I try to drink at least two full jugs, here lately though especially with working out I have been trying to drink three jugs.

Alright, well...that is my two cents on some good quality foods that I add to my diet, just thought I would share with the rest of y'all, What are some good healthy snacks or meals that you guys eat. I would love to know!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Meet me underneath the Oklahoma Sky

When I get frustrated with guys...which seems to be the norm here lately...when I think there isn't a single good guy left...even though I know there is...I just am not finding them....when I feel like giving up....when people tell ME that I am being too picky and I should just settle....when I think about guys of the past and wonder if maybe I had done things differently....then I say, "Lyndse, freaking wake up those past guys were clearly losers and you did the right thing!"....when I start to doubt myself and think maybe the things I am looking for in a future husband are probably a little ridiculous...I then look at this picture.

Blake Shelton watches while Miranda Lambert poses for photos as they arrive at the 45th Annual CMA Awards in Nashville on Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2011. (AP Photo/Evan Agostini)
and my hopeless romantic self is restored. This picture gives me hope, hope that I know someday I will find a guy who looks at me like may not be on a red carpet (one could hope) but still....and I in turn will look at him like this...
How long has it taken ME to find YOU
Five hundred years, five hundred thousand miles
It don't matter now

LOVE'S always on time
Meet me underneath the
Oklahoma sky