Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's raining men

Let's talk boys..mmmk

Before you think I actually have a boy in my life...well don't get to excited because unfortunately I do not. Trust me, the minute I start dating, as in going out past two or so dates, y'all will be the first to know.


I am talking about this boy

Sexiest man alive...that is according to People and according to myself, not that anyone asked me or anything. Bradley Cooper.

Who is else is sexy according to moi...well, let me tell you. I have and will always love Matthew McConaughey...especially this ad for Stetson cologne. I guess it's the cowboy hat...I'm a sucker for cowboys.

What can I say.

He's not to shabby either...

Oh, Ryan Reynolds...I loved you on Two guys, a girl and a pizza place...now look how far you've come.

I may have even had a crush on this guy, when he was on the Micky Mouse club

Well....back to work...just thought a nice little break in the day would be great...especially a break where you can look at very handsome men.

You're welcome!


Jodie said...

Love your list... but of course I have Justin Timberlake on my top list!! :)

I haven't seen you tweet yet... missy!! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mmm - Ryan Gosling. He's a favorite. But my heart will always belong to Matt Damon. <3