Monday, November 14, 2011

Little bit of this and that

Hey girls!

The weekends just are never long enough, are they? I sooo did not want to get out of bed this morning.

I don't really have a lot of interesting or entertaining things to say today, because I lead a rather boring life. This weekend I did a whole lotta nothing. I ran, did some arms/legs....every time I want to stop doing those damn lunges and squats, I must remember one thing err two things...

Carrie Underwood legs. It's my new mantra...Carrie's legs.

I also did a killer ab work out, and when I say killer I mean, it hurts to laugh, to move, to do anything really involving my abs. I did this video...let's hope I get a six-pack in six much as my abs hurt today, I might not be able to do another crunch again.

Let's talk football, shall we. My boys, are just kicking ass and taking names. I am always proud to be an Alum of Oklahoma State University, but OM double G, I have never been more proud of my boys than I am right now. Yes, they are doing extremely well and playing some mad football. We did roll over those Raiders this weekend 66-6 and this makes us 10-0. We have never in the history of OSU football been 10-0 and we are ranked #2 in the nation. NUMBER 2!!

And this week Brandon Weeden (our QB) is in the lead for the Heisman. Un-freaking-believable.

photo -

I don't know what is more unbelievable, OSU being ranked #2 or me knowing this much about football.

Ok, well...that's all for now ladies..I have to run because these guys in my clinic or talking football and I need to go offer my two cents.

Miss Football, you should be proud!




Tiffany said...

I am proud. Everytime you blog about football it just makes my heart happy. Look at you talking about BCS rankings and the Heisman trophy like a pro!

And seriously, Carrie's legs are unbelievable. Good mantra!

~Miss Football

The Miskell Family said...

Yayyyyyy for SEXY legs!!! Keep going:)