Sunday, November 6, 2011

I feel the earth move under my feet

That's right ladies...I FELT the earth move under my feet for the first time ever last night. Scared me to death. Apparently, my little ol' state has been having earthquakes lately...actually, I guess we have them all the time but never are really able to feel them.

Well, let me tell you...last night, I felt it.

First things first lets start with the fact that my Cowboys nearly gave me a heart attack last night with that game. Holly freakin cow, we could not play defense for the life of me. I am thinking some of those players needed to read my Football 101 post.

Needless to say, K-State gave us a run for our money, but thankfully our boys pulled it off and we are still 9-0 baby. 9 and 0.

Afterwards, I was on the phone with Miss Football, discussing all things football and how we most definitely could have done a better job then some of our players and I was telling her about how earlier that morning we had an earthquake but I didn't feel it. And BAM just as I was saying I didn't feel whole house started shaking, it was so unreal. Nothing I have ever experienced. All the while my house is shaking, I just continue to sit on the couch talking on the phone...I live in Tornado country y'all...not earthquake country, I have no idea what to do when the ground freakin shakes.

I'm an okie girl..not a Cali girl.

So, not only do we have to worry about Tornadoes we now have Earthquakes. Thank goodness we aren't surrounded by an ocean.

In other news, I have decided to cut the crap out of my diet. Literally. Between Halloween and eating all those "fun size" candy bars...which in reality aren't that whole body is out of whack. I've been eating dairy(I'm not supposed to...I have a dairy allergy) and I have been getting headaches, so I am thinking it must have to do with what I have been eating.

Starting tomorrow, this girl enters a no nonsense approach to eating. Which means, tonight...I feast!

Yes, probably not the most conventional way of starting out a diet, but I have half a bottle of wine in the fridge, some apple pie left and I can't let those go to waste.

I'm trying to be cost effective here.

It's the right thing to do...because starting tomorrow, no more wine for this girl or chocolate or anything with sugar...sad, right? It's just for a little while me, I can't cut that stuff out for too long. I will add it back in with moderation of course.

Well, loves...between this daylight savings time change and the wine I'm drinking...this girl is tired. Hopefully I can get a good nights sleep...sans earthquakes.

Peace out lovies!



Rach said...

This made me laugh! We get earthquakes here all the time so they rarely bother me anymore. Once we had a pretty big one while I was in the shower! But when I visited Illinois I started freaking out every time there were summer storm clouds because I thought there was going to be a tornado :)

mom said...

the whole house shaking and Logan's truck moving in the driveway while i was setting outside thinking where is the train noise...nope just 45 seconds of the earth moving.

about the no sugar/wine/dairy can do it. I haven't had dairy/eggs or peanut products for 4 1/2 years and yes, i do feel better and no, if i see you cheating, i can slap you on the head :)

Anonymous said...

Earthquake = scary! At least, like you said, being a landlocked state will prevent you from dealing with hurricanes.... I'd say Oklahoma has enough to deal with.