Friday, November 4, 2011

I've missed you Friday...I really have

My dearest Friday...THANK GOD you are here.

Seriously, this week has been all kinds of CRAY CRAY.

My boss is officially on maternity leave, which means I am completely in charge...and let's be real, I LOVE being in charge...however, OMG, running an entire clinic by yourself is not all fun and games people.

Everyday this week I have had to rely on my pumpkin spice lattes to get me through the week, little did I know just how much damn sugar is in those babies until I started entering my food again on my fitness pal. Good grief, I might as well suck down an entire cup of just sugar. At the risk of blowing my daily sugar intake, I just don't think it's beneficial for me or for the patients if I stop drinking them.

It's my daily crack..and I just need it. I do, I really really do.

It's not even the Starbucks kind, just the dunkin donuts kind I make in the Keurig. Which by the way is the greatest coffee maker in the world. Get one. You will thank me later.

Maybe if I do like a 100 extra squats or something it will justify how much sugar is in those lattes. Oh and by the way, apparently I have weak hips. WTF? I was doing lunges the other day and one of our therapists told me that I have a weak lower body. Umm...gee, thanks?? So, now Jillian Michael's and I have a standing date where she is going to literally kick my booty into shape. I have her latest video on the lower body. She better help me, because I'm going snow skiing over NYE and I don't want to tumble down a mountain because my lower body is weak.

That would be no bueno.

I had no intentions of making this a random Friday post, but it turns out that is what's happening.

When is too early to start listening to Christmas music? I may or may not have that playing on Pandora.

I just might even have to watch a few of my favorite Christmas movies, The Holiday and Love Actually this weekend...getting in the holiday spirit a little early.

Speaking of Pandora. I choose a station because I like that person and that type of music...if I wanted someone of the complete opposite genre to play during my current play list..I would have chosen that kind of music to begin with. I need them to stop adding people they think I might like, I like the people I am listening to Pandora. That's why I picked them.

Oh and one more thing...I recently just heard on the news that women who drink two glasses or more of wine each day increase their chances of breast cancer by 50%.

So does that mean if I drink the wine every other that better??

Please don't tell me I can't have chocolate now either...because that's just wrong.

Happy Friday my loves. Hope y'all have a great weekend!

P.S. Who doesn't love a little bling bling?? I know I do, in fact I was just talking about how I need a holiday party to go to because I want to buy a sparkly dress and shoes...well good news people. Miss Raven and the Blonde Bargainista Lindsey are hosting the best blog swap my opinion. How the Glitz stole Christmas. If you love bling as much as I do...then you must sign up for this swap. It will be so much fun!



Anonymous said...

Your randomness always makes my morning a little brighter.

Looooove Love Actually. I think I'm going to have to watch that this weekend. And which one is The Holiday? Is that the one that we saw together and you were like Cameron Diaz and I related to, the Titanic Kate? Shoot, what is her last name?


Jodie said...

Good luck with work! You will do great!! I'm sooooo in the Christmas spirit!1 I've been listening to Christmas music since Wednesday!! LOVE!! I'm so going to watch Love Actually now that you have said it!! :) Have a great weekend!!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

I just love all your randomness hehe too cute :) love the post girlie!

Anonymous said...

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