Monday, November 28, 2011

Turkey day, domino's and shopping...oh my!

Happy Monday Morning y'all!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I know I did. It's always nice to spend a few days with your family...just eating, drinking and playing domino's.

At least that is what went on at my house...oh and shopping. I did WAY TOO MUCH shopping and this morning my bank account made me well aware of it. So, so much for cyber Monday :(

Also, I am a little antsy this morning, I was going over my receipts, yes, I know this is something I should do after I purchase things. Well, one store charged me for something I didn't get. I am slightly freaking out because what if they don't return that money back to my card. I mean, I didn't buy it, but really I have no way of proving it. I just hope the believe that I am telling the truth. Fingers crossed they do!!

Back to Thanksgiving. Apparently,  my family is not good at the whole taking photos thing, because I have no photos of my family from the holidays. I know, it's sad really. I should work on this...maybe if I had a really great camera. It might make me more apt to take pictures. HINT HINT, SANTA.

I learned a few things from this Thanksgiving.

1. If you wake up at six on Thanksgiving morning, you can score some really awesome pre-black Friday deals. I saved a TON of money and have the majority of my shopping done, all before 9 that morning.

2. Mimosa's minus the orange juice are really strong and it's not usually a good idea to shop and drink..especially before 9 in the morning.

3. Pink Champagne is amazing.

4. It does sort of make me angry

5. I may or may not have threatened my dear sweet family, especially my Papa and my Mom while playing domino's.
I don't play well with others apparently and I like to win.

6. My little brother may think he's to cool for me when we go out, as in he told me,"Sis, please don't hang out with me and my friends, you go do your on thing." Yet, when my favorite song comes on, my sweet baby brother comes and finds me and asks me to two-step.

That's a sweet lil brother :)

7. I learned that chivalry isn't dead. Saturday night while out, I was asked to dance by a sweet lil ol' old I mean in over 60. For some reason, I am a hit with old men. Go figure. Anyway, when asked to dance, this is the line he used, "If you dance with me, I promise to not stick my hand on your ass."

Chivalry at it's finest ladies.

8. I didn't really learn this, I just can't end on an odd number. I know that after eating anything and everything and somewhat completely breaking my no sugar thing. I have to get serious this week. No excuses.

That's all for now...wish me luck as I go and call the store and hope to get my money back!



Jodie said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful holiday!! I did too, and now I'm broke! ha! Good thing I get paid today!

Cute picture of you and your brother!

Impulsive Addict said...

Hey! Another Oklahoma blogger!

Ok, now I'm craving a mimosa! I'm so jealous of your early morning deals. I didn't get any but today is Cyber Monday. I'm pretty sure I'm about to score big!

Glad you had a great Turkey Day!