Friday, November 11, 2011

Real hero's don't wear capes...they wear dog tags

First and foremost, I wouldn't even be able to post a blog if it wasn't for our men and women who fight for our freedom everyday.

Thank you to all Veterans, past and present, who risk their lives day in and day out for my family, myself and others.

YOU are the real heros

"Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13

In other news it's FRIDAY...WOO to the HOO!!'s 11-11-11. If I was engaged...haha, I don't even have a boyfriend, I would so want to get married on a fun day like today, I knew several and when I say several, I mean more like a 100 people who got married on 7-7-7. I had so many wedding invitations they took up the whole front of my fridge. Needless to say,I am no superwomen so I didn't attend them all.
Maybe my luck will turn around, I mean...wouldn't you think 11-11-11 is a lucky day, and just maybe I will meet my future husband today and  then we can get married on 10-11-12.

A girl can dream,right?

In less than seven weeks, I, along with Miss Football...will be hitting the slops over EXCITED! Part of the reason I started a killer diet/exercise routine is to get in shape for the slopes. I don't want to fall down a mountain. Today, I came across an article from Shape magazine about exercises you need to do to get ready for some ski slope action.

So, Miss Football...listen up. You need to be doing these too...

  • If your gym has a BOSU, try using it for some very effective exercises: balance on one foot on the top of the BOSU while doing bicep curls, or start with both feet on the floor and alternate toe taps in quick succession, aiming for the top point of the BOSU.

  • All of these balance ball exercises are a great way to challenge yourself. My favorite is the Balance Challenge; it's an easy way to take notice of your progress, and it's fun to have a friendly competition with a gym buddy about who can stay on the longest.

  • Take a few minutes every day while you're brushing your teeth or watching TV to stand on one foot, with your other foot raised just barely above the ground. Sounds easy, but if you haven't been maintaining your balance it can be hard! Once you've mastered that, add some arm circles into the mix, and close your eyes.

  • Invest in a balance board. If you're serious about your balance, keep one of these around and pull it out when you have a few minutes for an effective lower-body muscle strengthening and balancing session.

  • Up your Pilate's or yoga routine. Yoga poses and Pilate's exercises are great for working on your balance and strengthening your core. We like the leg pull back from Pilate's mat class and the Warrior 3 pose.

  • Hope these are useful, I will be implementing them into my normal routine. Anyone else going snow skiing over the holidays, maybe we will be at the same place??

    Have a great Friday loves!



    Anonymous said...

    I will be attending a wedding on 8-10-12, speaking of awesome wedding date selections.

    Love the exercise ideas! Good luck in your preparation to ski the slopes. Just a couple of months!


    Tiffany said...

    If all goes well, Lyndse and I will be attending that wedding that Honey mentioned too!! :)

    Love that you totally called me out in your blog about exercising. Ha!

    ~Miss Football

    Jodie said...

    What a fun NYE by skiing!! Where are you guys going? Awesome!