Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Meet me underneath the Oklahoma Sky

When I get frustrated with guys...which seems to be the norm here lately...when I think there isn't a single good guy left...even though I know there is...I just am not finding them....when I feel like giving up....when people tell ME that I am being too picky and I should just settle....when I think about guys of the past and wonder if maybe I had done things differently....then I say, "Lyndse, freaking wake up those past guys were clearly losers and you did the right thing!"....when I start to doubt myself and think maybe the things I am looking for in a future husband are probably a little ridiculous...I then look at this picture.

Blake Shelton watches while Miranda Lambert poses for photos as they arrive at the 45th Annual CMA Awards in Nashville on Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2011. (AP Photo/Evan Agostini)
and my hopeless romantic self is restored. This picture gives me hope, hope that I know someday I will find a guy who looks at me like that...it may not be on a red carpet (one could hope) but still....and I in turn will look at him like this...
How long has it taken ME to find YOU
Five hundred years, five hundred thousand miles
It don't matter now

LOVE'S always on time
Meet me underneath the
Oklahoma sky



Ash @ Sweet Tea In Sicily said...

So... Just found your blog through Steph @ Blonde Highlights... Love it! Sooo freaking cute. Anyhoo... just read this post and lady, DO NOT give up or EVERRRR settle. EVER! I may not know much, but I know a little about love... and it is worth the time and trouble that you have to go through to get there! I *promise* you that. Hang in there ;)

Tiffany said...

Love it. Love it Love it. My current favorite song and picture. Glad we both are looking at that for hope! :)

~Miss Football

Jodie said...

Love this!!! You have no idea how many people tell my I'm too picky or I need to lower my standards. I know the perfect guy is out there for me and YOU!!! Love ya girl!!!

Rach said...

I watched a special on Miranda last night and must admit, I cried when they got to the story of her and Blake. So perfect.

Ashleigh Nichole said...

I think we all would like the love of our life to look at us like that... You can see how much he truly loves her & that is what makes me hopeful for a better future :) Ps we are suppose to be picky with whom we choose & not just settle for anyone....

Tracy @ Honey and Nutmeg said...

I found your blog because I was looking for the candid picture of Blake and Miranda from last year's CMAs!