Thursday, January 27, 2011

Remember the Ten

"We will never forget"
Remember The 10
10 years ago today on January 27, 2001, Oklahoma State University lost 10 members of our OSU family. The Oklahoma State Cowboy basketball team was flying home after playing a game in Colorado. One plane never made it home. Passengers on board were teammates, sons, fathers, brothers, grand-fathers, friends, husbands, all part of the OSU family. Ten years after the crash, OSU still mourns for their loss. With this we will always Remember the Ten and we will never forget.

I was just a junior in high school when the crash happened, off in my own little high school girl world, but I still felt the loss of the University. I have loved OSU since I was a little girl, so even though I wasn't yet a student there..I felt that loss. It wasn't until I stepped foot on campus as a student that I realized the true loyalty OSU has to those who lost their lives that day. Their memories live on, they truly are and never will be forgotten. OSU has changed a lot in these last 10 years, we have a new state of the art football stadium, new parking garage(that wasn't there when I was in school btw) new classrooms, you name it...its forever it should be. The one thing that won't ever change is tradition. One of those traditions is Remembering the Ten.

Later today at exactly 6:37 pm the time the plane when down that snowy day in Colorado; the OSU library bells will chime 10 times, to honor those 10 fallen OSU hero's, just like it has for the last nine years. 

OSU officials will return to the crash site in Colorado and lay flowers on the memorial...just like they have every year.

 Fans will observe a moment of silence at our home basketball game around the date of the crash...just like they have every year.

 Remembering the ten, has become a part of OSU culture...forever and always.

No matter if you are a freshman, graduated 4 years ago or 40 years will never forget. We are all connected and we all will bleed orange. I think our Alma Mater says it all...

Proud and Immortal
Bright shines your name
Oklahoma State
We herald your fame
Ever you'll find us
Loyal and True
To our Alma Mater

This is why I am proud to be a COWBOY and proud to bleed orange!!

Please have a moment of silence in remembrance of those who lost their lives that day.


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