Friday, January 21, 2011

The good...the bad...and the ugly

Happy Friday Everyone...I hope wherever you may be that it is warm and sunny and you are on a beach with a margarita...because thats where I would rather be. It snowed here yesterday. I have come to find that as I get older, I don't care much for snow. Nope. Not at all. Its just an inconvenience more than it is pretty. That and I am not a cold weather person. Maybe I don't like snow, because as a grown-up, we don't get snow days...and really its just not fair. Can we please start a new law that it is now mandatory for all workplaces to have nap time and snow days. Please. Pretty please with a Cherry on Top.

I meant to do the Good, Bad and Ugly thing yesterday, but I am a lazy blogger and didn't get around to it, I know shame on me. Aly@ created this fun little here goes it.

The Good: Its FRIDAY and I am going out to eat with some girlfriends tonight
The Bad: We are going to an Italian restaurant

The Good: I got paid today
The Bad: I have bills to pay
The Ugly: I need groceries and have to pay bills : ( being an adult sucks.

The Good: I am finally caught up on my DVR
The Bad: I watch too much TV
The Ugly: I think this means I officially I have an old cat lady type of life...FML

The Good: My dogs are seriously adorable in the snow
The Bad: They track in snow
The Ugly: The snow is melting and now they track in muddy paw prints

I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend.


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Classy_Lassy said...

I'm totally feeling the nap time at work idea! :D