Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Introducing Baby Brother

I am gonna take a minute to talk about my baby brother. Isn't he handsome. You will probably be seeing a few ton of posts about him. One-because I adore him, he is my baby brother after all. Two- this is a big year for us...well, him. He is turning the big 18 in April...( insert extremely sad face here) and he is graduating in May...(insert me crying hysterically like a baby here).

I love love this kid. We are nine years apart and are very close. You might wonder how we are so close being as we are that far apart. I think its because our relationship is different then your typical brother/sister relationship. Yes, he still annoys me like brothers do and I am sure I annoy him ( I don't know why, because I am awesome) but we just share a special bond. There isn't that fighting for attention or trying to out do each other like I see in most sibling relationships. In fact this kid, probably reaps more rewards than I do from us being so far apart. I buy this kid pretty much whatever he wants, do anything for him...he might be somewhat spoiled. He is the baby after all...but I am more than happy to do it. In all fairness he is quite sweet to his big sister too, which is why I am doing this blog today...just to give you an inside glimpse into our lives.

Let me just start out by saying that even though he is the little brother, he is taller than I am...he would want me to make that very clear. He likes to refer to me as his "little sister" and he is very protective when he wants to be, definitely takes on the role of my protector, which in itself is quite adorable. I went on a date a few weeks back, and baby bro called me the next morning.

Baby Bro: "Hey Sis, how was your date?"
Me: "It was great, I had a lot of fun."
Baby Bro: "So, does he like to hunt and fish?"
Me: "Ya, I am pretty sure he does."
Baby Bro: "Does he drive a truck?"
Me: "Ya, its really nice, its a white 4 door ford"
Baby Bro: "Its not a dodge? Well...that's ok. I like him. When are you going out again?"

I don't remember what else was said, but that's the just of it. He only cares that the guy I date or marry likes two things: Hunting/fishing and Dodge trucks. Haha...gotta love him!

Baby bro lives and breathes and sleeps and eats hunting (literally on the eating part)...preferably duck hunting. Like, seriously! If he could make a living out of it, he would be a billionaire. This last weekend he went duck hunting and I guess he got a really great duck. This duck apparently is a really big deal. This is how he describe it to my mom...in Lyndse terms if you will:
Baby Bro and his "One-of-a-kind Free Coach purse duck"

"Me getting this duck, would be like if sis got a one-of-a-kind, special made Coach purse, that nobody else had and she got it for FREE!!"

BAHAHA...this boy knows me so well : )

I could go on and on about how much I love this boy...but we will save that for other posts...because you know there will be more.


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Anonymous said...

ahhh. I just have to say again, that i have the most sweet, loving and caring children any one could ever ask for. You two make me so proud to be your mom.

Yes, it is going to be a bitter sweet year. My baby is turning 18 and i know he can't wait. He can buy all the bullets he needs for duck hunting without me or his sister. I'm actually gonna miss that.

Yes, the graduation thing. I'm still ok with it for now, but believe me it will be a really emotional graduation for me and you.

love you guys lots and lots,