Monday, January 10, 2011

Out with the old...well kinda!

Like many of us, when the new year happens we all want to "rid the clutter", for me this means cleaning out my closet, and spare bedroom, spare bedroom closet, hall closet...I am starting to sense a pattern here. I may be somewhat of a "pack rat". Its really not my fault, I just have emotional connections to pretty much everything I own. For example, I have collected every single birthday card, miss you card, just wanted to say hi card, etc. from my family and friends. I just can't get rid of them, I love stumbling across them and reading them from whatever birthday it was because most generally every person wrote some kind of special message in the card and it makes me remember back to that birthday year or that time when the card was sent and it makes me smile. Therefore, I can't ever throw any of those cards away. They really are a piece of me.

I also can't seem to get rid of clothes. Yes, I have those jeans that might be too small for me right now, but I paid good hard earn money for those jeans, and by golly I am going to fit my fat ass into those jeans again. I will. Watch me. I can't believe I just said " by golly", who says that?? I also have two dresses that I have only worn once and will probably never wear again, but I won't get rid of them. I just can't. One of the dresses is a really cute black and white polka dot dress that I wore for my 22nd birthday. It was a great night, so much fun and I got to spend it with some of my favorite people. One friend in particular, little did we know that would be the last night she would celebrate with any of us before she got sick. I can't seem to bring myself to get rid of that dress. It holds such a special meaning. The other dress, is the dress that I wore at said friends funeral just 18 months later. I will never wear it again, but I can't get rid of it. Call me sentimental or crazy but I just can't bring myself to do it.

DonEtta and 22nd bday
 Am I the only crazy one out there that has a special reason for everything I own? It should be so simple to get rid of clothes that you haven't ever worn or haven't worn in years. I have a t-shirt from a boy who I thought I could love...probably did love, it's a t-shirt from our favorite I wear it? No. Do I want to get rid of it? No. I am seriously probably certifiable crazy. In case you are wondering if I made any progress in getting rid of the clutter, I did put "a few" things in piles for my friends to go through and to give to goodwill. Just a few.  Dearest friends and family please go ahead and turn me over to hoarders...I think I might need it.



Anonymous said...

I personally think everyone should clean out the garbage (for say). It's good for the soul and makes you feel much better afterwards. Just don't do it when you are pissed off at someone, you will have to dig back through and recover a few items. LOL. Yes, you might be kin to your NANA.

ok mom

Tiffany said...

I think that it's okay to keep a few things for sentimental purposes.....that polka dot dress doesn't need to go anywhere!.....but I think if you are keeping things for "dumb" sentimental purposes, they can probably go. I am terrible about hoarding t-shirts. So to get over this, I had a bunch of them made into a quilt! That way they are out of my drawers, but my sentimental side can still stay sane! Just an idea...

Lyndse said...

Tiff- I mentioned that t-shirt quilt idea to my mom, she told me to make one...I don't have a sewing machine and I am pretty sure I don't know how to make one. Where's Sara when you need her?

Anonymous said...

OMG--you did take a sewing class in high school? you made a little rice bag thingy i think. You can use my sewing machine and nana did teach you a few years back when we was sewing your quilt. Remember we used papa's boxers on one of the squares.