Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just shoot me...

Say no to milk

Do you recall a post I did about how if only I could have an allergy to sugar, so I could stop eating it and how my mom...poor thing has a milk allergy and how I said and I quote

 " If I couldn't have cheese...like ever, I would literally go insane!"

Well...welcome to my insane world. I just found out that I quite possibly have a milk allergy and have to stop having dairy for one month. One whole freakin month. Yes, I know that doesn't seem that long, and for people like my mom who can't ever have dairy, it doesn't seem like anything at all.

But this is me, and I LOVE CHEESE and dairy. I can't even have yogurt. I also can't have anything that even contains just the slightest trace of dairy in it. All I have to say, is that this is going to be one difficult month, starting today. I am very glad I started this blog to chronicle my journey of basically going vegan for one month.

As I try and find out new ways to cook and substitute dairy, luckily I already drink soy milk and am pretty used to eating non-dairy due to my mom, I will post recipes that I try and let you know how I like them. No more easy peasy lean cuisine's that you just pop in the microwave when I work late and don't feel like cooking.

No more feta cheese on my salads
No more pasta, unless I find a pasta that doesn't contain milk...anyone know of anything??
No more pizza
No more Ice Cream
No more Cookies
No more Cheese...did I mention cheese?
No more of anything that is ooey, gooey and yummy.

This sucks.

I go back for a follow up appointment on Feb. 17th. Hopefully it will turn out I am not allergic to dairy and can have cheese again...but I wouldn't hold my breath. This just may be my life from now on. A cheese free life. FML

Oh and P.S. I also have Reflux Esophagitis and I am "encouraged" not to consume any of the following:

Spicy foods
Fatty Foods
Tomato products
Citrus foods

Like I said...someone just shoot me.

Please think of me when you are eating a nice yummy bowl of Fettuchini Alfredo,  Cesear salad, and drinking a glass of vino...because I will be eating my stale crackers and drinking good ol H2O



Anonymous said...

Oh darling, this is awful. Cruel, terrible, and so unfair. :( I'll do some research to try and find you a pasta that doesn't have milk. And other good substitutes for all the wonderful things you won't be consuming this month. I have my fingers crossed that Feb. 17 will be the day that Lyndse gets to eat deliciousness again.


Anonymous said...

I'm praying daily for you that it is not a milk alergy. I do know how much you truly love your dairy and feel terrible for you :(

Lyndse said...

Thanks guys! I can do it, if my mom can do it, then I can do it. I might have been a little dramatic in the writing,lol.

Anonymous said...

Lets see..no milk products, no egg products and no peanut products for mom. Actually, it's not that bad after the initial shock wears off. Yes, there is pasta that we can eat. You eat it at my house. Cookies--OREO's is my best friend (even though i'm tired of them right now. Cheese--that's another thing. I have two bags right now that i haven't even opened up. I'm waiting to try it i guess. So, put your big girl panties, YOU CAN DO IT!!

Tiffany said...

Let's just think about how skinny you're going to be on February 17! Holla! :)

Kristin said...

Wow... that's a lot to give up all at once. I've had to cut back on diary {be prepared for grumpiness} but I recently was in a our small grocery store (i.e. not Walmart) and was in the gluten free area to get something for my BIL and there was a ton of stuff for different allergies, including dairy. So maybe you can find something there that would let you fit in some stuff like pasta?

And I think you mentioned you like PW, and she also has a allergen area on her recipe blog so check that out too!


Just some thoughts! Good luck!

Britt @ The Adventures of Josh and Britt said...

oh no! You poor girl! Maybe I should try that diet, guaranteed I would lose a few lbs.. those are my favs!

PearlsAndGreenTea said...

ooh...wow! That would be tough! I love cheese too! Hopefully, that's not what it is...


Anonymous said...

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