Monday, January 17, 2011

Love it or Leave it

This weekend was full of beauty left and right, between the Miss America pageant and the Golden Globes, I have never wanted to go out and buy a ball gown more. I didn't watch the Golden Globes, but I do love me some red carpet events, now I am no Giuliana Rancic of Fashion Police, but I do like to offer my opinions. So here are my versions of Love it or Leave it:

Love it-Sofia Vergara from Modern Family, love the color and the fit...perfect for her!

Anne Hathaway--LOVE IT...Rachel Zoe dressed her, so of course she is going to look Fab, you can't see it from this angle but it has an open plunging back...couldn't you just it!

Leave it...Angelina Jolie, besides being a home are now a golden girl?? This looks like something you would see at a nursing home beauty pageant

Helena Bonham Carter...HATE IT...I think this lady has done lost her mind, check out the Christmas shoes...someone please tell her Christmas called and they want their shoes back and the birds also want their nest back...geez louis.

Leave it...Natalie Portman, I love her, love her little baby bump, but this dress with the big red flower is not doing it for me

Leave it...Michelle Williams, I love her, but this looks like my grandmas curtain.
Photo Gallery: Golden Globes Red Carpet Arrivals

I don't even have words, needless to say LEAVE IT
Photo Gallery: Golden Globes Red Carpet Arrivals

Absolutely LOVE IT...Claire Danes, love her...this color is beautiful, of course pink, salmon whatever it my favorite color, also she has amazing arms...I would kill for those arms.
Photo Gallery: Golden Globes Red Carpet Arrivals

Love it...Nichole Kidman...her hubs didn't look to shabby either
Photo Gallery: Golden Globes Red Carpet Arrivals

Lea Michele...I love the color, I love the turquoise accent ring...but I don't know if I am a fan of the actual dress
Photo Gallery: Golden Globes Red Carpet Arrivals

Love it-January Jones...this dress is so great with her rockin figure...I want this dress and that body. Please and Thank you
Photo Gallery: Golden Globes Red Carpet Arrivals

Love it...Eva Longora...Tony Parker eat your heart out
Photo Gallery: Golden Globes Red Carpet Arrivals

Love it- Jim Parson, not only is he hilarious, but its nice to see him in a suit and not his nerdy clothes on Big Bang
Photo Gallery: Golden Globes Red Carpet Arrivals

Now, that I have put my two sense in...what were your favorites??

Happy Monday loves!!



Anonymous said...

I'd say you would do just fine on Fashion Police! Very well done. My favorites were: Emma Stone (peachy, backless Calvin Klein Collection dress), Nicole Kidman (agreed), and Giuliana.

Let's buy gorgeous gowns and find an excuse to meet up and wear them!


Lyndse said...

I loved Giuliana and Emma Stone as well...I don't know how I left them out,lol.

Thats a brilliant idea honey : )

Tiffany said...

O.M.G. I just spit cereal on my computer screen when I read your Angelina analysis because I was laughing so hard. I'm going to have a "now eating while reading the RDG blog" policy!

Lyndse said...

hahaha...thats the G-rated version. I am definitely team Aniston for sure.

From now on, I will put a disclaimer..."No eating while reading1" lol

Anonymous said...

OMG love this post! Please Pleas Please make this a weekly post. Fashion Police Gone Tatum style! That's what I love! BTW your comments about Angelina is a total and no doubts about it total quote of the month!