Sunday, January 9, 2011

I want to undo na na na

"You had my heart, now I want it back, I'm starting to see everything you lack, Boy you blew put me through it...I want to undo it!" Carrie Underwood

As I am sitting here blogging and listing to my itunes on this cold and dreary day in Oklahoma, sitting in my comfy sweats and uggs...can we say LAZY DAYS!! Carrie Underwood's song came on in my shuffle. Obviously I busted out my very best Carrie Underwood voice at the top of my lungs because I LOVE this song....maybe even did a little seated dance to this song...why not...its practically mandatory to sing loudly and dance. I got to thinking, there isn't a single girl in the entire world that doesn't relate this song to some dumb boy in their life. We have all been there, had our heart broken by some boy, maybe not broken per say, but we have at least wanted to "undo it". I know I certainly do.  So, thank you Carrie Underwood, (who by the way is also from Oklahoma...can I say soul sister or what) for putting this song out there for all of us girls to jump up, shout at the top of our lungs and tell those dumb stupid boys that we would very much like to "undo it" if we could!! Take that suckas!!



Tiffany said...

I have to admit that the first time I heard this song, I hated it....but now I love it and totally do the belt it out and dance!

Anonymous said...

I missed the chair dance? How can that be? i was to busy making and baking you a Texas Sheet cake to eat.

Oklahoma mom

Lyndse said...

Mom-Logan walked in there, he just shook his head and asked if I was on, gotta love little brothers.