Friday, January 14, 2011

It's finally FRIDAY!

T.G.I.F....can I get an AMEN...I don't know about you, but I am so happy its Friday and the weekend. I always look forward to Saturday because I know I can sleep in, except I hardly ever can sleep in. Don't you just hate that even when you don't set an alarm and you don't have to be up at a certain time, you always wake up at the butt crack of dawn and you can't go back to sleep for the life of you...or your mom calls you and wakes you up at like 7:00 in the morning and then asks, "Why are you still asleep?" umm...because its only 7:00 on a Saturday and most normal people sleep in.

I don't really have any one topic today...just a whole lot of randomness.

 Has anyone else heard about the new zodiac signs? I am not one of those, "Hey, what's your sign?" kind of people, but I do like to read my horoscope every now and then and if its a good one, I like to believe it. I have always come to like the fact that I am a Virgo, because I feel that all the characteristics ring true to me...well now the stars are in line and there is some new sun in retrograde and a whole lot of other crazy wack stuff that I don't understand, but basically it all sums up to we are not the sign we thought we were. Isn't that rude! I don't want to be a Leo. I will stay a Virgo with my August 26 birthday and the stars can suck it. I am not changing. I believe its because Virgos are stubborn...see I can't be a Leo, I just can't. Its not in my nature or stars or something like that.

I think I have a TV problem, not so much a TV problem as it is a DVR problem. I record EVERYTHING. I have literally like 20 or 30 shows to watch in my DVR que. Hi, my name is Lyndse and I am a DVR fanatic, as well as a sugar addict. I may need an intervention.

I finally got new glasses the other day. Why? You ask...well, these little precious angels decided they needed to read one day and when the realized they can't read, apparently they took out their frustration and ate my glasses. Aren't they lovely...

In other news, I fell in my kitchen. This is the second time. First time I thought I broke my knee, luckily this fall I landed on my rear end...this is the one and only time having a fat ass is good.

Ok, lovelies...enough of my rambling. Happy Friday everyone and enjoy your weekend!!



Anonymous said...

1st--if i have to get up at the butt crack of dawn to wake the boys(probably should say men here)so they can go to the ranch or duck hunt. I think it is my duty as a mom to call u at least by 7:00 or so, just cause i can. LOL

2nd--zodiac signs--people need to quit changing crap because they have nothing else to do. They should have left Pluto as a planet!!

3rd--Bentley and Bella really need to read the cover of the book before they decide to chew on it just in case it wasn't a good book.

4th--i'm still laughing about you falling in your kitchen again. Calling me the first time it happend and scared the shit out of me. Mom, i think i broke my knee. I come ove to your house, find you still setting in the floor with your wet ass and laughing.

Lyndse said...

I should clarify my ass was only wet because I slipped on water...just so everyone knows : )

Anonymous said...

First of all, thanks for clarifying the wet ass. Haha...

Second, I would like to set your mind at ease regarding the zodiac signs. When I heard about that nonsense a couple of days ago, I did some research. Apparently, there are two zodiacs. The Western world (aka: us) are familiar with and adhere to the tropical zodiac, which is based on the seasons, not the constellations. The other zodiac (I forget what it's called) is based on constellations and since the world is not aligned on the axis the way it was in 3000 BC when this zodiac system was first developed, they have realized that there is a new zodiac to be added (Opheceus or something like that). This doesn't affect us because the seasons haven't changed... therefore, the tropical zodiac is the same as it has always been. I'm a Capricorn. You're a Virgo. All is right with the world here in the tropical zodiac.


Lyndse said...

Thank you so much for clarifying that honey...I didn't want to be a Leo!