Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hump day ramblings

Yay...for Wednesdays...I have always liked Wednesdays because you are two days in the work week and two days out. I have nothing in particular to talk about today, so I figured I would just do a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Regis Philbin is retiring, I can't believe it. I love Regis. He's the reason I like Notre Dame, that and a boy from sixth grade. Oprah is also retiring...I realize this is old news, but with these two major talk show hosts retiring, I think its the Universe's way of telling me that it's time I have my own talk show, don't you think?
I need to see how I could make this happen, or I could just join Kelly and it be Live with Lyndse and Kelly...has a nice ring to it.

The Pioneer Woman is starting her book tour for her "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" love story. I am slightly obsessed with her and check her blog quite frequently through out the day...because you know, its not like I work or anything. My favorite thing about her is her love story between her and Marlboro Man, so when I first heard she was writing a book about it, I flipped out...I even pre-ordered it back in November. Even though we live in the same state...I have never seen her, I mean she does live on a ranch in the middle of nowhere and its quite big. The second stop on her book tour is in the "big city" she likes to call it and guess what?? I live right next to the big, who is going to be there, THIS GIRL...yep it starts at 6:30 I believe, I have taken the afternoon off work to go stand in line and meet her. I think 4 hours early is sufficient, right? I just hope I have my book by then so she can sign it!

I survived my first day without dairy!! Woo Woo. I seriously wanted to punch every person I saw eat cheese know what I realized, and yes you are probably thinking, "How did you not know this," is I can't have a grilled cheese sandwich

 I LOVE grilled cheese sandwiches!!

 Once again, this stupid no dairy thing pisses me off even more.

 While I am on the subject, my doctor who is telling me that I have to go off dairy for a month, is saying, " Oh, a month isn't that long, you can do won't be hard." and all I could think of is, "Why doesn't your fat ass go off of something for a month...because believe me honey, you need to." Not trying to be irritable or anything...but the dude was very overweight and he is telling me to go off something for a month and that it won't be hard, when clearly he hasn't EVER tried to go off of anything. I am sure if someone told him to lay off the donuts, he would be freaking out too. Just saying.

I googled dairy allergies. It said I would be irritable and grumpy...I think the previous paragraph proves that.

My dogs ate my chocolate chip cookies last night. Vegan (as in no dairy) chocolate chip cookies that my mom made, I could have eaten those. Damn dogs.

Happy Hump Day folks...may your day be filled with Grilled Cheeses, fried Cheese, Caffeine, Chocolate and everything else that I can not eat.

I will try and work on this irritable business...but I can't make any promises.



Anonymous said...

Lyndse's randomness = perfect Wednesday morning entertainment

:) Thanks for making me smile this morning.


Emily P. said...

good luck with the no dairy thing. It upsets my stomach but I just power through it for ice cream!

Tiffany said...

Oh I love you. This made my day.

Anonymous said...

You know since the "girls" ate my chocolate chip bars that i made, you would think they would loose some weight being vegan. LOL.

Yes, i love "hump day". It means 2 more days of work then off for 2. Yippeee... I still think we should only work 2-4 days a week and get paid the same. It only seems fair :)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure eveytime I read your blog I'm like this is my favorite! Dude you crack me up and yes, I think it is god's way of telling you that you need to host a talk show. I think I may have seen on TV that Oprah was doing a reality show to pick her replacement. If this si true you need to audition. Seriously!

RobynBeazley said...

I'm very envious that you're going to meet Ree!! Have a blast ;) I totally think you should have your own talk show Lyndse - attract exactly what you want out of life diva!!