Friday, January 7, 2011

Why thank you for that lovely email, "The Nest"

"Some people are settling down, some people are settling and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies." - Sex in the City 

I am sure you have heard of a little website called The Knot, if you haven't its a website for newly engaged or newly married couples to start planning their wedding. There are tons of ideas on this site for basically any kind of wedding you could dream of having. It's quite useful, you know...if your engaged and what not. I, however, am not me if I was, there would be a giant billboard stating that fact. Anyway, there are two other sites that go along with The Knot, there is The Nest and The Bump. Clearly, I am not signing up for The Bump anytime soon, and we all know there isn't a billboard on the highway anywhere saying I am getting no page for me at the The Knot. However, The Nest is quite useful for this single 20-something gal. It has great ideas for decorating-which I need, cooking-a girls gotta eat, and budgeting-I should probably start one of those! I love this website, and just because I am not married and starting a little love nest, doesn't mean I can't reap the rewards of all these ideas too.

Well, the other day I receive an email from The Nest, telling me what days I would be ovulating and that those are prime time days for having a baby and joining The Bump. Umm...hello?? Excuse me while I choke on my water...what did I sign up for here? I just want to know what throw pillows I should use in my living room, or find some cute night stands for my bedroom, maybe even a good recipe or two. I, for sure DON"T want need to know when I am ovulating. Gross!!!!

For future reference, The Nest if you feel the need to send me any emails, please send me an email letting me know the prime time days for finding my future that is something I could definitely use!!



Anonymous said...

I do like your color them by the way! It goes really good with bentley sue :)

Anonymous said...

Bahahaha! I totally agree no need for a website to ever think it is okay to share ovulation information even if you are trying for a kid! Really!!

Lyndse said...

Mom- I like how its all about the dogs,lol

Sara- It really is a great website, you should still check it out.

Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh....I seriously just choked on my bagel! Are you freaking kidding me?? That's INSANE! I am already loving this blog, sister!

Kristin said...

On the day of my birthday (28th mind you) I got an email for planning for a funeral, a sample of wrinkle cream from Sephora, and got a magazine with the cover story being how your eggs shrivel up and die after 25. Awesome... not so much!

Tiffany said...

Oh, about making me shudder about my next birthday!!

laura said...

I was so excited to check out The Nest, and then the bomb came! WHY would they feel the need to cross that line??? TMI!

PS - I got here by way of Tiff's blog. Best wishes for 2011!

Lyndse said...

Laura--thanks for stopping by : )

I do love the nest, they have great tips...just watch out for the unnecessary information