Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I love this idea of "What I'm Loving Wednesday brought to you by Jamie @

1. I am loving that a new episode of Modern Family comes on tonight. I absolutely love that show, I die laughing every time I watch it. I saw the previews for tonight's episode...and it is going to be hilarious!!

2. Ooh...also, TOP CHEF all stars is RESTAURANT WARS favorite!!

3. I love that when I call my Nana and Papa, my Papa always answers, " Hello, my #1 granddaughter!" It makes me smile, because he is my #1 Papa. Also, I love that when I talk to my Nana, her and I will talk for hours about nothing, mostly our conversation is just the two of us laughing, whether at something Papa did or just because we are both goof balls. I just LOVE them.

4. I love that my mom bought Just Dance 2, and that this weekend we plan on having a marathon  of dancing. My mom, little bro and I....I am so excited. Talk about a work out. If you haven't gotten Just Dance for the Wii...DO SO NOW. Its so much fun. I need to get a Wii of my own, so I can just dance whenever I want and don't have to go to my parents house...isn't that sad...haha.

5. I love that I am loved. I have a new follower. YAY...thank you new follower. It means so much to me : )

I love this idea, look for more "What I am loving Wednesdays"



~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

That is too sweet about your grandparents..

Anonymous said...

I love Modern Family too, it makes me look forward to Wednesday nights!

Lyndse said...

Thank you Jamie...I am truly blessed to have wonderful grandparents : )

Tiffany said...

stopping by from Jamie's page! You have a cute blog! Sweet comments about your grandparents. Have a wonderful Wed.

Lyndse said...

Tiffany...thank you for stopping by and for you sweet comment.

P.S. and for becoming a follower : )

star said...

I love Modern Family! I can't wait til it's on later!

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

Modern Family is SO funny...I hate I missed it last night!

Bracey Pate said...

I'm your newest follower! I found you through the Top 2 Tuesday link (even though I haven't linked up yet), but I also participate in the "What I'm Loving Wednesday" link-up.
I couldn't resist following when I saw your Top Chef comment! I LOVE that show!