Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend update

Goood Monday Morning.

I wish I had some fun exciting weekend events and past week events to blog about...but no such luck.

I mean, I'm having a GREAT time at my new's just keeps me so busy from being able to do any extracurricular activities.

My seventy year old grandparents have a better social life than I do.
They played domino's from 3 in the afternoon yesterday until almost 9 last night.
While I did laundry, showered and watched the Emmy's.
Mind you, I am recovering from being sick.
Who would have thought that working non-stop and running around would cause you to get sick...doesn't sickness know that "ain't nobody got time for that"

I did manage to squeeze in a little fun this weekend. The fair was in town and this was the last weekend for it,my friend and I went Saturday night to watch the Rodeo and Gary Allen concert...except it wasn't a rodeo it was Extreme Bulls. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind bull riding...but this girl likes a good Rodeo...oh and P.S. Gary Allen is getting on up there my friends.

Everywhere I go, I always end having extreme random conversations with for example. The old man sitting next to me at the bull riding. I was eating a pickle. He proceeded to tell me how much he loves pickles...and therefore a 20 minute conversation about the different types of pickles took place.

No one ever said that I wasn't a talker.

In other news...I found a stinging scorpion in my bed.
Yes...I freaking stinging Scorpion.  I screamed bloody murder and had a near panic attack at the fact that there was indeed a stinging scorpion where I sleep at night.

Scorpion is now gone...but don't think for a second I don't completely strip the sheets off my bed every night now before I go to sleep.

I might as well be sleeping outside.



Alana Christine said...

I was going to go to the fair if Eli Young Band came again...but they didn't, so I decided to keep myself away from all that delicious (I mean, unhealthy) fair food. Glad you were able to make a little time to go!

Jennifer said...

ugh i know how you feel about that scorpion! i found a big spider in my bed one night and now i check my sheets every night!!

Anonymous said...

I so can see your face with the scorpion!! I hope you are feeling better! Missssss youuuuuuu-Bri