Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday thoughts

A few things....

Thought I would share a picture of my baby brother...doing what he does best...Team Roping. My little brother has always had a rope in his hand, I swear, when he was a baby and as soon as her learned to walk he was chasing me around with a rope, trying to rope my legs.

Stray cats didn't stay long at our house...because my brother would rope them, don't worry he didn't hurt them...basically anything that had roped.

Clearly all that roping must have paid off because he is now on a full rodeo scholarship in college an this picture was taken last weekend at a college rodeo....


I'm banking on this kid to take me to the NFR (National Finals Rodeo that is held in Las Vegas) know where all the cowboys are.

The other night I was making cinnamon rolls, and sometimes I get a little messy with the flour...well, little did I know that a certain little basset was underneath the table...proof that she was somewhere she was not supposed to be...

Look how skinny she looks, she has been working on her swimsuit figure.

In other news, I just purchased my ticket to the HUNGER GAMES...I have never been more excited about a movie in my entire life...if I didn't go to bed at 9:30, I would so be at the midnight movie...but alas, I am old and need my beauty I am going to a matinee instead. 


Just a few Hunger Games humor...

I wasn't in the Hunger Games? 

hunger games on friday! 


Hunger Games! cmchambe13 humor 

and my favorite...because I am Team Peeta

Spoiler Alert: Hunger Games-Real Love. 

Happy Thursday...and as always...

May the odds be ever in your favor.



Anonymous said...'!!! I just bought the tickets. Poor K is practically black and blue (that funny above about hitting out of excitement whenever the trailer comes on is sooooo true). Did you see the "Real or not real?" bracelet that I pinned? Don't you love it? I love it. You know one of the things that I'm the most excited about? Haymitch. I think Woody is going to be excellent in that role. Let's agree to analyze every little detail of the movie on Monday. Ok. Break.


Tiffany said...

Since you know I have not read the books, I have questions only about the very minimal parts I know from Amy.

1. Peeta is the guy who gave her bread and was the other person in the Hunger Games, right? Not the guy who she hunts with and tells to take care of her family? Why do we like Peeta over the other dude?

2. Explain the real or not real thing to me.

Thank the Lord for friends who can keep me up to date enough to not be totally out of the loop on pop culture. :)

~Miss Football

mom said...

you remember when he had his "pet" chickens and roosters. he would rope then and they would let him. LOL. The one rooster would set on his shoulder until he told him to fly away.