Monday, March 12, 2012

Daylight Savings...and dating advice from my Nana

Can I just say that I do not appreciate losing an hour of sleep.

I need that extra hour....which is probably why I am grumpy this morning and dragging.

Grumpy and dragging...not a good combination.

And last night I had crazy I could not go to bed because my brain would not shut off...which is probably why I had the dreams I did.

See...that hour of sleep is critical.

OH...I know why I had weird dreams...I could not stop thinking about Mike dying on Desperate Housewives...I tell you, that through me for a loop. I loved him. weekend was very nice and relaxing. Went to bed Friday night at an old person, certainly not like a single women who should be out on the fact, when I talked to my Nana on the phone Saturday morning...and it was early Saturday morning...because when you go to bed at nine you wake up at 6:30. I thought, who can I talk to that is up this Nana.

I tell you, I love that lady. She was meant to be my grandma. I just adore her. She loves to give me dating advice...she is just ready for me to find "the one" and settle down, well, Nana...I am too!

Her past dating advice has consisted of me moving to Alaska...because apparently the ratio of men to women is like 10:1 or something in complete favor for us.

Two things: 1. I do not like cold weather
2. If I have a hard time adjusting to daylight savings time, it would be extremely difficult to adjust to complete darkness for part of the year.

Saturday my Nana informed me that Mr. Right is not going to come knock on my door and drag me out of the she thinks I should join a bowling league or something.

I like to bowl...I might consider it.

The best advice she gave me is when I do find the one and getting married is the next logical make sure that he is my best friend, because when it is all said and look past the superficial stuff...age fades away, but the ability to make each other laugh lasts forever.

Trust me...there is never a dull moment when I am with my Nana and Papa...they may argue, my Nana may change his diet from fried food to leafy greens...but all in all, at the end of the day...they laugh, they live...and most of all they love.

I just may have to listen to my Nana on that one.

Besides, if don't start doing something...I very well may get registered on a dating only saving grace is that Nana doesn't have the internet.



Jodie said...

haha!! How funny!!

Let's pack our bags and head to Alaska!! ;)

Tiffany said...

Ha! Love the line about your saving grace being that Nana doesn' thave the internet. :)

~Miss Football

Impulsive Addict said...

Nana's are awesome!!

Ok, so I've had 2 friends, an aunt and a cousin find their husbands through a dating website. Maybe it's worth a shot!

You would miss oklahoma if you moved to Alaska. We can't leave. It's in our blood. =) HA! Yeah, right!

Anonymous said...

Try the bowling league before packing your bags to relocate north. Brrrr....


Cori H. said...

I hate losing an hour of sleep! Daylight Savings is not my friend. Sounds like your Nana gives great advice! I think I may need to have a chat with her too, haha! :) I definitely agree on marrying someone who is your best friend. If you can't be best friends, it makes your relationship so much harder. Besides, who doesn't want to spend forever with their best friend?

Annie said...

Your Nana sounds awesome! Good luck with the bowling leage;)

Mrs. V said...

So cute! What great advice. I always tell my single girl friends to try new churches to meet guys. ;) That always sounds better in my head than it does when I say it out loud!

karensmith said...

It is always nice to fall in love to the right person at the right time. i enjoyed reading your post. It is very inspiring. :)

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