Thursday, August 18, 2011

The one time I was in a magazine

Here it is  August. The start of school for some. Oh, I how I miss the days of college. Where everything was easy, yet seemed so hard back then. I would give anything to go back. Who wouldn't, really?

I was organizing my room the other day and going through some boxes when I came across this magazine. It's called "The Strip" which is basically a magazine that chronicles the happenings in the social scene...aka, the bars guess it, "The Strip." Well you can guess that yours truly had her picture in that magazine a time or two...maybe I frequented the bars every now and then...sorry for the quality of photos, when I scanned them the colors kinda merged.

Le Magazine

Yours truly on the right with my good ol' buddy Mr. May.

Man those were the nights, just hanging out at my favorite bar, "The penny" drinking limies. Although I have no idea why I am not drinking one in this picture...hmm.

Thought I would share a few more photo's I came back in my skinny days--note to self, get back to those skinny days!

DonEtta, Bestie and I at a football game

I sure do miss waking up Bestie when it was cold outside and making her drive me to work or class. She did it to, every single time I asked...she drove. I miss taking naps during the day, when dressing up meant wearing a good pair of sweats and a nice hoodie to class, walking downstairs in the sorority house and having lots of sisters to watch the season finale of "Friends" with, college football games(even though we still go to those), late nights out at the penny with Miss football, Honey and Bestie as well as all our good ol' country boys, IHOP after said late nights at the penny, going to Wal-Mart at 2am and seeing pretty much everyone you know, back roading in DonEtta's truck, concerts all the time on the strip, calf fry and so much more.

Can we please just go back to college, just for a day?



Anonymous said...

Wow walk down memory lane for sure! Remember those boy's who sat in front of us at pictured football games? Poor guy's had no idea what there season was going to be like when they purchased those tix... I miss coming home in the wee morning time frame and waking you up :) This is why I always drove you. I think it only necessary if you let me have my fun and wake you up in my drunkin stuper!

Jodie said...

What sorority are you in? Love the memory lane!!

Tiffany said...

First off, why we I unaware of this Strip magazine? I feel left out and like me, College Roomie and the Animal House Boys shoud have made an apperance.

Let's go back. Right now. I'm in. I'll even go to freaking Ag Econ 101 again!

~Miss Football

Anonymous said...

I'd sit through Plant Science again to go back to OSU with you girls. And that's love, my friends. Remember when it was snowing and you came over to my apartment and we ate homemade chicken noodle soup and cheesy biscuits? Didn't we watch Pretty Woman or something as well?

Miss YOU! xoxo