Friday, August 5, 2011

Picnic and farmer's market

Happy Friday!

I plan on doing nothing this weekend, but catching up on my sleep from my fabulous vacation, which we are re-capping.

So, on to day two of the BEST.TRIP.EVER.

Missed day one, the trip to Napa, Sonoma and Karaoke...go here.

If you would like to see another version of our trip, in better detail : ), visit Miss Football at her blog.

Saturday we got to sleep in. Thank goodness. This girl was tired. All day wine tasting the day before, all night Karaoke the night before...sleep was definitely a must.

So, after a yummy breakfast of waffles and orange juice us girls loaded up our stuff and headed into the city where would we change hotels.

On our way to see the city by the bay

We went to the part of the city were we would actually be doing our race on Sunday.

Picture with the Bay bridge

We tried on hats....

and masks...even though the sign clearly stated..."No trying on masks."

We're rebels like that.

This is where we went to the best farmers market I have ever been to. Hands down. Every single piece of fruit tasted amazing, there were fresh flowers all over. If I lived in San Francisco for any reason at all, it would be because of the farmer's market. Seriously.

We then went straight from the Farmer's market to pick up our registration packets for the big run on Sunday...that is the real reason why we were there after all.

After we bought all of our yummy goodies for a picnic we rode the street car down to the beach at the Wharf for a beach picnic...which was better said than done btw. No one wants sand on their food.

No one said the water in San Fran was warm....

In honor of our new moniker...the "Gossip Girls"

Picnic on the bench

Ghiradelli Square...home of the best chocolate

Attempting some "xoxo" pictures... some of us are better at it than others : )

We had plans of going to the nude beach and to Castro...but somehow time got away from us and that didn't happen. Oh well, gives us an excuse to go back another time, right?

This day was basically just spent relaxing and chilling before the big race the next day. In fact we went and had a lovely little Italian dinner and we were all in bed by 11:00.

Well some us, two of us were still feeling the Karaoke and decided to serenade the other's to sleep.

They appreciated it. They really did.

Next day we were up early headed towards the race...


Gossip Gal.



Anonymous said...

We did appreciate the bed time music! So much so it put us right to sleep :)
FYI no need to make fun of the ones who didn't realize having the X in front of her face would ruin the pic lol

Anonymous said...

"I'm hell on heels say what you will, I done made the devil a deal, he made me pretty, he made me smart and I'm gonna break me a million hearts." Lucky Bestie and Miss Football to have such soothing lullaby tunes to fall asleep to. Also. We should have bought those hats.

Love this recap! Oh and staying up late singing karaoke with you, darling, is in my top five favorite memories of the trip. :) xoxo


Tiffany said...

I had almost forgotten about the all night karaoke session. You forgot about how not 5 minutes earlier you were ranting about people next door playing music too loud. LOL. We showed them! :)

~Miss Football

Jesslyn Amber said...

Your trip looks so so fun! And I love the Farmer's Market! :)

Jodie said...

Love your shirt!! Pink looks great on you!!! :)