Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I once was but a wee babe...way back in the day.

In continuing day three of birthday week, I had planned on showing  pics of little blonde okie through the years, birthday style.

Apparently, my mom didn't take any birthday pictures...if she did--which she swears up and down she did--I can't find them.

Your probably thinking, "Yes, I don't have to endure countless pictures of young Lyndse...I really lucked out there!"


Oh, I have pictures....lots of pictures!

I figured I would showcase my "diva" side, lol.

It started at a young age, apparently.

So without further blonde okie...who by the way is not happy, probably because my mom's hair is wack. Sorry mom.

Clearly a diva at a very young age, eating and getting my hair did

Multi-tasking started very young for me...talking on the phone while curling my hair. So talented.

Cooking just comes naturally...

Signature "Lyndse" look... cute pj's I must say.

So sweet, so innocent...

and for my favorite pictures of all...the pictures that say, I got moves...

and style...

with a little attitude.

I guess the secret is out that I am not a natural blonde okie...shhh...don't tell anyone!




bday mom said...

OMG...of all the pictures you could have used. Let me explain about the hair....they lady didn't know how the hell to cut hair..that's all i got to say on this subject.

yes, you had lots of bday pics. They are either in a box or still at nana's. sorry.

You were actually a very, very blonde hair baby infact so blonde that you couldn't see it. That is why i had to get your ears pierced. Papa said "that baby's ears are going to fall off when they get infected". LMAO..but they still called you a boy even in a frilly dress and hair bow. go figure.

i love the dance move pics. love you lots and happy bday week.

I personally can't wait until Thursday evening at's vacation time and headed north to have a so much needed good time with daughters and out KC :)

Anonymous said...

Oh you are so adorable! Love love love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.


Tiffany said...

LOVE it. Everything about it. The picture of you getting your hair curled is awesome. Classic Lyndse look!

~Miss Football

Jodie said...

awwww!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures!!! So darn cute!!! Your mom and you look so much a lot!! Love it!