Thursday, October 4, 2012


Yesterday was a CRAZY was crazy, people are freaking crazy...actually insane.
Thank goodness for my Nana...who also had a crazy day and the two of us went to dinner and a movie...where I had a pickle and a coke icee.

Sometimes a 28 year old needs to act like an 8 year old.

Here are just a few words of wisdom that I think we could all hear on those cray-cray days.

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Anonymous said...

You must be slammed! You haven't called, texted, or emailed me back in weeks. That's right - I'm calling you out in the blog comments. :) I miss talking to you! Call a honey back. And I hope the rest of your week is less crazy than yesterday.


Tiffany said...

1. Love that first quote. Love.

2. Yay for you blogging twice in one week. Gettin' back in the groove!

3. I agree with Honey. We used to talk 3 times a day and email like 30. I haven't heard from you in a week. Thumbs down.

~Miss Football