Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Costa Rica Adventure...the last days

Costa Rica Day 6...

Was pretty much another beach day...but it was also the last day for Sean and our new friends.

I originally had no intentions of para-sailing, I wanted to go snorkeling, but we had read some bad reviews about the snorkeling down there, so we decided against that. Miss Football and Sean had already decided early on in the planning of the trip that para-sailing was something they were going to do(well more so Miss Football...she made Sean do it with her...like the good cousin he is) I am starting to think she should have re-considered her partner, seeing how he tried to unhook her harness while in the sky.

Anyway, my sole purpose for being down on the beach that morning was to take pictures of them, but once I got there and saw how awesome it was, I was convinced I had to do it.
Y'all it was breathtaking. I have never done anything like that before, much like everything I did on this trip, I was a little nervous at first, because my entire ass was so sunburned from the day before and that harness hurt. But once I got up there and looked around and the beach and the ocean below and the waves...and how the ocean meets the sky.

It was perfect.

For fifteen minutes I was flying, for those fifteen minutes I had figured everything out, stuff I had been trying to decide on for months...it was like my mind was open...maybe it was because it was so serene, maybe it was because for once I was actually quite...able to listen to what God has been trying to tell me.

God's beauty is truly amazing.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous, because the thought of landing in the middle of the ocean kinda freaked me out. So, the lady who owns the business sent out one of her employees to wait for me to land. When the boat picked me up, he said,"How was everything, Princess"....I guess requesting a person to wait for you makes you a little high maintenance.

I just didn't want sharks to get me.

He also asked if I had a boyfriend in Oklahoma or a boyfriend in Costa Rica...and when I said no, he told me he would be my boyfriend in Costa Rica...on the boat ride back we jammed out to Michael Jackson.

I love Costa Rica.

After we para-sailed we dropped off Sean and picked up Kristin and the girls and our new friends went to Manuel Antonio National Park. You have to walk like 5 miles or something like that through this jungle but when you get there...
Oh. Em. Gee.
The beaches are white sand, the water is a pretty turquoise, the beach is private, and there are monkeys.
Lots and lots of monkeys.

Who will take your stuff and eat your Cheetos if your not careful.
This is also where the Real Housewives of OC went. This very beach.

After a couple hours of beach fun and pictures...because who doesn't love a good photo session. We all headed out to the last supper...it was the last night as a "Family Unit."  We had a wonderful dinner outside overlooking the ocean, and then we went to this quaint cafe and had the best dessert.

The next day...Kristin, Sean and I went and had coffee and bloody mary's before Sean had to leave us. It was so sad seeing him go. Us girls did some souvenir shopping and called it a day, which was good, considering a monsoon happened just as we got back to our room. It seriously rained for a good four hours. It is the rainy season after all.

Now, we were told that there were lots of monkeys at our hotel, lots of animals actually, because our hotel was kinda of in the jungle. For the last few days I had seen a sloth, porcupine and tons of iguanas, but not once did I see any of those damn monkeys.
After the rain, we stepped on our front patio...in the tree right next to us, were about 20 monkeys.
It was so awesome, it's not every day I can walk outside in my front yard and see a monkey, much less 20 or so jumping from the tree to the roof in a perfect line.

It was a fun experience to end our trip.

Next up, my flight home...if you thought my flight to Costa Rica was interesting...wait until you hear this story.



Anonymous said...

Love it!

"I just didn't want sharks to get me."

I understand.


Megan G. said...

Wow, I cannot stop gushing over how amazing Costa Rica looks. Para-sailing looks like so much fun! I would definitely be like you though, the idea of landing in the middle of the ocean does not sound exciting! :)

sophistifunk said...

it looks so beautiful! i've always wanted to go to costa rica :)