Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday's letters

Thanks to the lovely Ashley, this is weekly favorite!!

Dear 106 degrees but really 116 with the heat index....I love summer, I really do, I don't mind 100 degree temps, I would prefer the 90s. However, I do not like sweating my make-up off when I walk outside or the frizzy hair. Hence why I have worn my hair in a messy bun every single day this week. Every day. It's also why I decided that ice cream was perfectly ok yesterday. Because it's hot. Ice cream is cold.  Dear Bravo...You really must stop making such good shows...I now am officially addicted to "Miss Advised" it's nice knowing I'm not the only screw up when it comes to dating. Thank you for that. My DVR however, probably doesn't like the fact that it constantly records shows on Bravo. Dear Bella...I'm so glad your hair is finally growing back, I can almost take you out in public without people thinking you are a possum. I love you so much even if you do look like one without hair on your tail. As promised, I will post no pictures of your hair until it is all grown back. I got your back.  Dear Magic Mike, aka Channing Tatum...There are not enough words to say how excited I am to see you this weekend.  Dear Lake...I also plan on seeing you this weekend. I need a tan, not a sunburn...but a tan. Dear Mom...Happy early birthday, I promise one of these days I will get your actual age right...instead of aging you by one year. Apparently I'm not good at math or remembering. I love you so much. Dear baby brother...I hope you find a good team roping partner...I am trying my best to find you one. Qualifications are: Tall, cute, around my age, single of course(gotta look out for myself here you know)...oh and they have to be a good roper so you can win. 

Have a great weekend loves!


Anonymous said...


Have a great weekend, darling. :)


Alana Christine said...

Ugh! I know! It's sooo hot here! I've had an updo most of this week. I've eaten ice cream almost every day. lol. I need to go see that movie!! I want to go to the lake and get a tan (jealous)! Hope you find him a good partner! My brother used to team rope a long time ago.

Alana Gilliam said...

I agree with the Dear Bravo. I have way too many shows on Bravo I watch. I feel your pain about the heat too!

Nicholl Vincent said...

I loved reading this!


have a great weekend!

Sami said...

I have Miss Advised saved on my DVR I will be catching up this weekend! I'm excited! Have a fab weekend lady!

Anne said...

Love that you are totally pimping out your baby brother.


Have a great weekend girlfrand!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I am the only person in the world who has not seen Magic Mike!! I hope it was fun :)

mom said...

Pimping out your "lil Brother" is funny. Just remember one thing, he does paybacks and there are awesome at times! Miss Bella Mae may be sporting a new Pink hairdo when she finally gets some hair on the bottom :)