Thursday, June 7, 2012

Costa Rica...beach days

Happy I'm combining Day 4 and Day 5 in the CR re-cap.

Day 4 in Costa Rica is a little less exciting than the more adventorous days. We spent most of Day 4 traveling. We didn't want to just spend our time in one city in Costa Rica, we wanted to take full advantage of the country and go somewhere like La Fortuna, where we were able to do all of our excursions and then spend the rest of our vacation just laying out on the beach. 
We loaded up in the big bus(which was way better for Miss Football's motion sickness) with our new friends and a few other passengers and headed out on the four or five hour drive to Manuel Antonio. 

The beach with the monkeys.
The place where the Real Housewives of OC went....I know I keep mentioning this but it makes me happy knowing that I went to the same place they went.
I may be obsessed with the Housewives.
Just slightly.

We stopped at this popular rest stop with stores to buy fresh fruit and vegetables and home-made fudge and to see the crocodiles. Now, I watch Swamp People y'all...and these alligators or croc's or whatever they are called looked nothing like the ones on Swamp People. These looked almost Jarissac Park like.
They were freaky and there were like 10 all in a circle just waiting for someone to fall off the bridge or something. Someone threw meat and they went to that like no one's business.
So freaky.

When we finally made it to Manuel Antonio, Miss Football and I took to the beach while the others went for massages. We needed the fresh air and water after a long bus drive for the better part of the day. We got to the beach just in time for the sun to set.

Day 5...was an all day Beach Day, complete with sunburns and all.
Sean decided he would run the length of the beach...we just continued to sit under our cabana and watch him like the good friends we are. While he ran the beach, we enjoyed snowcones, nachos, drinks, dips in the ocean, reading and solving the worlds know, typical stuff you do while on the beach.

Fair warning to all you fair skin ladies like myself....forgetting to apply sunscreen multiple times a day while sunbathing in a country that is super close to the equator....equals major sunburn on the back of your legs/stomach/back/pretty much all over.
It's bad when the lady at the hotel can't understand your espanol but takes one look at you and runs into the room and comes back with Aloe Vera gel and a bag of ice.
To this day I am still paying for it.

After our wonderful, relaxing tad bit sunburned day at the beach...we got all dressed up and headed out to  one of the best seafood restaurants in Manuel Antonio, Kapi Kapi, where I had the chicken. Go figure.

I'd like to say we went out on the town and lived it up...but sadly we are old and apparently the town shuts down at 10 and so do we.

Next up...Para-sailing, monkey beaches and the end to the trip.



mom said...

When a body part normally doesn't see the light of day, usally gets burned. LOL.

Love the pics..makes you feel relaxed already this morning when you look at them. Then you are at work :(

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, what a relaxing environment!


Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

Loving your red maxi!!

Tiffany said...

Oh man....I forgot I had taken those sunset pictures! I love them! Will you email them to me??

~Miss Football

Jodie said...

Beach day sounds pretty good right about now!! So awesome you went the same place that the OC woman did!!!!!