Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Update

Hello loves...I'm linking up with my girl Sami today over at Sami's Shenanigans to talk about the weekend.

I didn't do much this weekend...just took it easy, which was a nice refresher considering I have been on the go since I got back from vacation.

I caught up on my DVR...watched Mob Wives Chicago. Which must say I do like, but I don't know if it will be as good as the original Mob Wives.

I am so freaking excited for Big Ang to get her own show...can't wait for that to come on.

The rest of the weekend I spent watching the little brother Team Rope.
*Team roping is a sport in which there is a header and a heeler and you rope a steer, the faster time wins. Team Ropings can be super long, because you can rope with a lot of people and switch up between heading and heeling*

Baby brother is on a college rodeo scholarship for he's pretty dang good.

To's not summer time yet, unless I am sitting outside burning and sweating my ass off while watching my brother rope.

Oh and not to mention I get caked in dirt because it's not normal for you to sit far away from the arena...but to sit right up close where the action in where all the dirt flies on you.

Shall we talk about how last night in the Thunder vs. Heat game that the refs were actually playing too?? I mean, come on. 

Dear Thunder... if you can hear me...THUNDER the eff UP!!
please and thank you.

XOXO loves



mom said...

ahh, love the 10 hour days of setting in the sun, lumps of dirt and poop flying at you, sweating and getting ur tan on...TEAM ROPING..The only thing better would be to have one near a lake or water park.

I wish he was able to ride Three Lips (Logan's main horse)in the pic but he has a little ankle issue at the time (blown tendon)

love the pics..

mom said...

Three lips has the best Halter ever(gee, I (we) buy him and his horses way to much stuff)..COWBOYS...rule!

Sami said...

You're such a good sister for sitting in the sun and getting caked with dirt for your brother :) Thanks for linking up!
Ps. I am so excited about the prospect of our meet-up this fall! I need to look at the schedule and get this planned soon :)

Anonymous said...

Relaxing and an opportunity to soak up some sun - a good weekend in my book!


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Totally with you on Mob Wives. Chicago is entertaining enough but it's not the original. At least Sunday nights I still have RHONJ ;)

And that's cool about your brother! Sounds like a great time!

Thanks for linking up with us!

Megan G. said...

Roping! So cool! Sounds like an awesome weekend with you supporting your little brother. :)

And yes -- THUNDER UP!!!!

Rachel said...

Ah! Your blog is so cute. So excited to keep reading! Happy Tuesday to you :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE that you wrote about the Thunder game! Your advice to them is right on THUNDER up!

You are such a great sister to go watch your bro. Love the pics :)


Dana @five30three said...

I am such a city girl. Not only did I not know that team roping exists, but one can get a scholarship for it?! Too cool!

Thanks for linking up with Sami, Leeann and me. Have a great week.