Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blogging and a few things about me

Hi dolls.

Let's talk about blogging shall we?

Let's talk about how I have been blogging for over a year now and just now learned what Google reader is. I had no idea I could read your blogs through this...I have just been going blog by blog and reading them.

This Google reader thing is the shiznit.

How I did not know this existed all this time baffles me...actually no it doesn't, because A. I also for the longest time didn't realize I could just email you right back after you commented on my post(if you have your have email set up...if you don't, then I am so sorry I can't comment you back) and B. What the hell is HTML? Seriously, I have no clue what that is...I see you guys talk about it and stuff...and maybe I'm supposed to be using it or maybe I am using it, but honestly I have no clue.
(If someone would care to explain it to me that would be awesome...but good luck, because I googled it and I still didn't get it)


Of course,this is coming from the girl though who blew up spaghetti squash in her microwave.

To say I'm clueless about computers and or blogging is an understatement.

I LOVE blogging...and I think after a year or so of blogging, I'm finally getting the hang of it.

Better late than never,no?

I would like to give a shout out to my new peeps...Hola!! Thanks for stopping by!! It's so crazy how you can develop relationships with people you've never met....it's pretty dang awesome!!

Here are just a few things y'all should know if you are new to this here blog...and if your not, well maybe I never told you these things before...

Sometimes I don't think before I speak...ok, all the time. It's not that I say something inappropriate it's just that I say things that might be kinda random...ok, a lot random...but mostly funny, so that's good right?

I say the word shit a lot. Like all the time. It's a bad habit, I'm sure it's not lady like...but sometimes saying "Crap" or "Shoot" just doesn't cut it...a good, "aww shit" just seems to get the point across...know what I mean?

Tequila is my shot of choice.

It does not make my clothes come off, Joe Nichols, it does however make me loose a contact.
Never fails.

Speaking of Joe Nichols, I met him once. In a bar. After my 21st birthday. At the tumbleweed(in Stillwater)...we took shots together...tequila of course. I have the picture to prove it...well, I did until my computer decided to blow up. Now the world will never see it.

I would like to be a country music singer...but since I can't really belt out the tunes, I mean I can but only for Karaoke...if you know what I mean. By being a country singer, I really just want the tour bus.
I wouldn't mind marrying a country music singer...so you know of one, let a girl know.

While we are talking about country singers...here is just a little pic of Luke Bryan and I just hanging out...totally normal.

He called me 'baby'...I'm sure I'm the only one he calls baby.

My favorite colors are pink and turquoise. 


I have to eat my M&M's by color...first I organize them in their respected color and then I only eat that color before moving on to the next.
It's weird...I'm fully aware of this.

I also like even numbers...no odd ones.

I can touch my tongue to my nose. It's real talent people.

I would like to have a tea cup pig...like for real. I want a tea cup pig over having a mini horse...and I go LOOOVE mini horses.

Well...I think that about covers it, have to save some things for next time.




Veronica Lee Burns said...

my husband is always making fun of me for liking even numbers! I totally relate!

Stephen said...

"I also like even numbers...no odd ones".

If this gets you to prove Goldbach's conjecture, you're pretty well guaranteed a Nobel prize...

Nikki said...

I eat my M&M's the same way! Only I eat the color with the fewest first then so on and so forth! LOL!

Alana Christine said...

Girl, I have the same think before I speak problem--my mouth embarrasses me a lot. lol. I also laugh at awkward times.
So jealous of your brushes with fame! lol. Luke is definitely a hunk! I mean, I'd let him call me baby...
Those are my favorite colors, too!
Idk about teacup pigs, but I have two mini horses!

Steph@ Living The Young Life said...

I don't know what google reader is? WTH is that! at least your saying shit and not the f'bomb which... i'm a little jealous that you got so close to umm 2 hotties!! HAve a good day chica! oh and p.s. if i am ever your way which i hope i am coming next fall i'm coming to find you!

Tiffany said...

I did not know this about eating M&Ms. We've been friends for like 8 years, how has it never come up? And I'm glad that I now understand the random email in my inbox asking if I think you can keep a mini horse in the back yard. You threw me there for a minute.

~Miss Football

Megan G. said...

Yeeeeah there are still parts of the blogging world that I don't completely understand. Like I didn't know that you could just email a reply... now I'm going to have to look into that!

You met Joe Nichols at the Weed?! And you met Luke Bryan?! You are sooooo lucky!

Bethany Scruggs said...

i am the exact same way about numbers and ANY colored candy!!! i want to meet Luke Bryan.. although I am pretty sure nothing would stop me from kissing him right on the mouth.... except for maybe some security gaurds.. pshh - i'll take my chances!

Sami said...

Haha Lyndse this was great! That tequila thing? Not thanks! I'll stick to vodka ;) Is it bad that I don't know who Luke Bryan is? He's pretty cute though!

Wine and Summer said...

I do the same things with my M&M's,and skittles, and jelly beans. Any colored candy really!

Also, I had no idea what Google Reader was. Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

I am now going to start reading your blog religiously because of the use of the word shit. I also separate out my m&m's but I eat them from the smallest quantity to the largest :-)

-Momma Rock (Miss Football's friend)

Anne said...

Tequila shots at a bar called Tumbleweed--love. it.

We are SO Midwest gals!!

Carly Ann said...

I eat my M & Ms (and skittles, etc) by color also.

Jodie said...

Girl, I swear we are just twins!! I hate to admit this but Shit is my favorite word!! I say it so much myself! I hate odd numbers! It gets me off balance. I can touch m tongue to my nose, that's why I have men chasing me!! lol... not! This might be crazy, but I've probably only had 5 alcohol drinks ever! We need to have date and so I can try tequila with you!!! :)

Sorry long comment!

Crystal Clear As Mud said...

I eat my M&M's similarly. I have to eat one color at a time too, but two M&Ms at a time with one on each side of my mouth, haha!