Monday, June 4, 2012

Costa I lost a shoe and got to travel first class.


Day 1

The first day in Costa Rica mainly consisted of traveling...but the traveling part, is very say the least.

Little background on myself. I am never late to anything. Like never. In fact, I usually am thirty minutes early to any appointment. I got this from my mom....we are early birds. Especially when it comes to airports, I always like to get there a few hours before normal arrive time. 
You know, just to be on the safe side.

I must have already been on Costa Rica time or something, because I arrived for an international flight 20 minutes before my flight boarded.

Why that late?
No clue, I woke up early got around early...there wasn't traffic...I guess I was already in vacation mode or something.

Needless to say the check-in counter wouldn't let me check in. I start a slight  extreme freak out on how I've never flown internationally and didn't know I was supposed to be here so early and I have transportation picking me up in San Jose and I can't miss my flight...I about a hot mess.

The lady must have felt sorry for me, because she checked me in...and told me I had 10 minutes. Yes, 10 minutes to get upstairs through security and try to make it to my flight.

I've never ran so fast in my life...I've always wanted to do one of those "Home Alone" moments where they run through the airport...well, ladies...guess we can check that baby off the list.

I begged and pleaded with all the people in the security line and they let me pass by to the very front, made it through...took off running....lost a shoe...picked it up and proceeded to run barefoot to the terminal.

Saw people lined up for the flight...phew, didn't miss least that's what I thought...except I was standing in line to go to Denver...I was supposed to be going to Houston.

Turned around and my flight was closing up....saw a man standing at the counter, ambushed him and somehow by the grace of God and the awesome United Airline man, who told me to breathe....put me on my normally scheduled flight.

Crisis adverted...not so much.

Because the check-in counter lady didn't think I could sprint my way to the gate(proved her wrong) she completely changed all my now I am in Houston and I need to get back on my reguraly scheduled  flight to San Jose.
Enter slight panic attack number 2.

Again, another amazing United Airline worker put me on my correct flight and assured me my luggage would make it there on time.

After I reassured the luggage situation with yet another UA worker...Oscar...I felt a little better...however, if my luggage wasn't there...Oscar was going to get it.

We are finally on the plane...and if you know us girls at all...we are talkers...somehow or another us girls make friends with the flight attendant, Eddie, who loves us and decides to move all of us to first class...then proceeded to give us free drinks, free pie and mini bottles of alcohol to take with us on our trip to La Fortuna.

Have I said how much I love United Airlines.

So...moral of today's story. Don't be late for an international flight...if you are, prepare to run like someone is chasing you...don't wear shoes that can fall off while nice to the airline workers...first class is drinks are better.

Miss Football, Kristin and myself.

Next up, Day 2...Go big or go home...keep your head above water(sort of the theme for our trip).



Anonymous said...

Oooo, exciting! Thank goodness everything fell into place - even if your blood pressure was off the charts for a good portion of the day.


mom said...

LOL..early birds we are but not that morning. Not due to me :)

Kristin said...

This still makes me giggle thinking of that first day... what a trip!

Tiffany said...

Love it. Classic Lyndse moment!

Sami said...

Hahah this is too funny! Airport travel seriously stresses me out! I guess I should be nicer to Flight Attendants though ;) Can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip!!