Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday's Letters

It's Friday...which means it's time to link up to one of my favorites Friday'sLetters


Dear green monster smoothies...even though you look completely disgusting, you sure are yummy...and good for me. Well, except for this morning when I accidently spilled the green drink all in my car. I'm not happy. My car isn't happy...and Eskimo Joe cups are not good smoothie cups.

Dear roots that are started to show your true are are SO getting highlighted this weekend and I couldn't be more happier. I am thinking about this color on Nancy O'dell...

and this hairstyle...mainly I like the bangs and of course the volume...some people may think that's too much of a poof...but oh, not for me.

Dear Tamara on the Real Housewives of OC...In previous seasons, Tamara, you were not my favorite...however, now that you have gotten rid of that crazy ex and starting dating Eddie...I like you a little better.

Dear Eddie...I think all future husbands are now required to propose in Bora Bora. Period. End.Of.Sentence.

Dear future husband....see statement above about Bora Bora.

Dear Baby Brother...I love you, but what did you mean when you said, "Since when did you start wearing skinny jeans?" 

Dear OKC Thunder...I'm gonna need you to Thunder up a little more next time. 
Thunder Up :)

Dear weekend...I sure have missed you.

Dear sweet followers...I love ya, and hope y'all have a great weekend. 



mom said...

TGIF...i thought it would never get here this week.

I love the hair pics...

Ahh, feel the love between you and Logan. Hehehe

Yes, please little there be an Eddie out there for me :)

Anonymous said...

That hair color and style will be terrific on you! Have fun getting it did this weekend.



Michelle said...

Theres nothing like a trip to the hairdresses to make you feel like new. Enjoy your weekend, and definately wear the skinny jeans, little brothers just dont want their older sisters to look hot!

Megan G. said...

AMEN to that Thunder comment!!!

Alana Gilliam said...

So I just randomly stumbled upon your blog, but I could not agree more about Tamara. I also told my husband that he should have proposed in Bora Bora, but I told him he can make it up to me with an anniversary trip.