Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gentlemen behavior

A week or so ago when Miss Football was in Oklahoma, the one thing she insisted on doing was going dancing. Us girls like to two-step. Blame it on our fathers who taught us how to two-step when we were younger and all those good lookin' cowboys in college.

Either way, we like a country bar with some good music and cute cowboys.

We brought along with us Miss Football's best friend's little brother...who just so happens to be quite the two-stepper.

He's quite the gentlemen ladies. He opened doors for us, sometimes he would say yes ma'am...which is very polite don't get me wrong, but come on we are only 27 and 28..."ma'am" isn't really necessary. Through out the night we took it upon ourselves to teach this young man of 20, what girls look for in a guy. We want to make sure that when he dates someone that the girl treats him right and he treats her right as well.

With this we go on to tell him things of what we look for in a guy, not superficial things like tall, dark and handsome...but the little gestures that seem to be lost on so many guys these days. Gentlemanly things.

As we are talking, a 80 year old man approaches me and asks me to dance. How could I say no to this cute little old grandpa who was wearing his "best night on the town" outfit, complete with a cowboy hat. So, I go and dance with him. He's super sweet, and when the dance was over he walked me all the way back to my chair...pulled my chair out for me and kissed my hand...then he gave me a Worther's Original hard candy.

That a gentlemen.

Why can't a 27 year old guy act that way and walk me back to my chair?

What happen to the old fashion gentlemen? You know that one that is polite and opens doors for a lady...any lady, the ones that say yes ma'am and no sir. Take their hats off at the table. Respect their mom and in turn respect you. I just feel that maybe the act of being a gentlemen might have skipped a generation or something.

Yes, I do know that those gentlemen are out there but I think they are coming few and far between.

Tell, the sweet boy who came with us to dance, is just as gentlemanly. He brought up an interesting point, that I guess as a girl I don't see...maybe because once or twice in my life I may have acted like this, but he said..."Why act like a gentlemen when girls my age...all they want is that "bad" guy...the one that treats them like crap." He also pointed out that girls his age don't often act like a lady or act like that want to be treated well by a man at all.
Well...I don't just think it's the young girls that do this...I see it all the time, with all ages of girls. The girls that just seem to give themselves to anyone, anytime. Girls that don't act like they have much respect for why expect a guy to respect you when you aren't even doing the same for yourself?

The other day I saw this on pinterest....

need more gentlemen.

I never thought of it that way. But it's true.

I think the younger girls of our generation are getting bad examples thrown at them at how to act. When you have the snookie's and people called  the Situation out there as else do you think they will act?

We need more Audrey Hephrun's and Grace Kelly's and less Paris Hiltons and Snookie's...and in return maybe we will get more guys like Humphrey Bogart and George Clooney instead of people who deem themselves as a situation.


And that's the end of my soapbox.

Happy Thursday!



Tiffany said...

I love love love it. So perfect. I'll totally have to email it to Tell--he'll be excited to be the star on your blog. And Ryan Gossling---amen. Preach it!


Bethany said...

Best ride on a soapbox EVER. Thank God I married a true gentleman who still opens my car door (most of the time)... If I could only convince him that farting ins't funny... lol!

Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

Love the Ryan Gosling one- so true! Just wished he really said it. Or did he?


Anonymous said...

So so good! You are exactly right, darling. And it DOES start with women acting like ladies. Great post, dearest...great post.


Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you said! My best friend thinks I'm waiting for someone to treat me like my Dad treats my Mom...she's right!

Tiffany said...

Whoever the last anonymous post was on here....I like her! Amen, sister!

Oh, and I didn't sufficiently brag on Mr. Tell in my last comment--that kid's one of the good ones!

~Miss Football (again)

Cori H. said...

Love this and I totally agree!